Dutch ISPs Refuse To Block The Pirate Bay

Two large ISPs in the Netherlands have said they will not be blocking subscriber access to The Pirate Bay, as demanded by the Hollywood supported anti-piracy outfit BREIN. T-Mobile and KPN argue that blocking websites is a threat to the open Internet, and suggest that the entertainment industry focuses on new business models instead. BREIN is now expected to take the ISPs to court.

5 More Indian Websites Hacked By S1r-Wanted

Several Websites Hacked By Members of ISA

Members of ISA- Indian Stealth Army has been hacking several websites during the last few days..Some of these sites has already been restored at the time we are putting this here..

US-CERT Warns About Anonymous DDOS Attacks

Ever since the Megaupload closure, hackers part of the Anonymous collective have been launching distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks against government websites as a form of protest and now, the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) released an advisory to help site administrators deal with these campaigns.

#Blackday - Free Kashmir


" Indian Penal Code Act No. 45 of 1860) CHAPTER-II SEC 18: India.- India means the territory of India excluding the State of Jammu and Kashmir."

CHAPTER-II SEC 18: GENERAL EXPLANATIONS goes further to state that: • 18 ... "India" means the territory of India excluding the State of Jammu and Kashmir. .


ZCompany Hacking Crew Hacked more than 700 sites to Observe BLACKDAY on
26 Jan

[Go India Go Back]

Team Nuts Hits More Pakistani Websites

Anonymous: Occupy Chicago - May First

Citizens of the internet,

We are Anonymous.

May first, we will flock to Chicago to Occupy during the concurrent NATO and G8 summits. We will set up tents, peacful barricades, kitchens, and peacefully Occupy Chicago for one month. Adbusters has put out a call for 50,000 people to come to Chicago to occupy. Join us on May first.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Yash And Prateek from Team Nuts Hacked More Pakistani Website Including Govt Site

Brazil Under Siege by Anonymous and Others

In the past few days the Brazilian government and its institutions were highly targeted by hacktivists as part of different operations that were launched for diverse reasons. Since there were so many ops and so many sites were being defaced and hit with distributed denial of service attacks, we’ve decided to go down to the pits (IRC channels) to find out more.
 Wanting to sort out all the operations, we contacted two of the most active hackers. One of them is Havittaja, an independent hacker that “supports Anonymous anytime they request,” and the other one is S3rver.exe, the one who not long ago breached the website of Sony Pictures proving them vulnerable once again.

One of the main operations is Operation Brasilia, mainly run by Anonymous Brazil, but also benefitting from the support of other independent hackers who share the same beliefs.

As part of this op, the hackers defaced more than 100 commercial and government sites to reveal their protest messages against the government.

“We launched many DDOS attacks and defaced Brazilian sites because of the corruption in the capital of the country,” said Havittaja.

After they took down the major portal brasil.gov.br, SERPRO, a company under the Ministry of Finance, made some declarations that displeased the hackers.

“We also sent a DDoS attack on SERPRO due to untrue declarations about the attack on the portal brasil.gov,” he added.

The second operation, called OpPinheirinho, was launched as a protest against the fact that Police in Brazil evicted 6,000 residents of Pinheirinho, an illegal settlement in the state of São Paulo.

As part of OpPinheirinho, hackers DDOSed almost all the websites hosted on the state of São Paulo government domain, making them inaccessible to visitors.

“We are carrying out attacks on the portals of the city of Sao Paulo, due to the aggressiveness which occurred,” Havittaja explained.

The final op, OpParaiba, according to the hacktivist, represents a “raid on Paraiba due to the mass layoffs that occurred, almost 30 000 doctors.”

On the other hand, S3rver.exe isn’t officially taking part in the operations, but he’s lending a hand in support for the cause, launching DDoS attacks against targets, defacing them, and publishing sensitive data obtained from their servers.

“Anonymous has been the spark of revolutions, the light that guided the protesters and the airforce of the occupy movement,” S3rver.exe revealed.

“They used to be just a petty little group of pranksters but have recently become a representative of free speech. It’s very possible that the most powerful people in the world are a large ‘movement’ of leaderless people. Anonymous is strong because ideas are bulletproof.”
Source: Softpedia

Anonymous: Corrupt Child Protection Agency Down, as Promised (Exclusive)

After having revealed their support for the protests currently taking place in Romania, hackers part of Anonymous Romania launch an operation against the local government and other organizations they consider to be corrupt.
 Last week they defaced the website of the Social Services and Child Protection Agency (DGASPCGR), located in Giurgiu, and threatened to completely remove it from the Internet. They’ve kept their word and completely deleted the site, the only thing remaining being a picture that shows their message to the authorities.

“According to our statistics, once again you failed us by not being able to help children with your corrupt organization and therefore we decided to seal down this site,” reads the message on the site.

We managed to contact the hacktivist collective to find out more about their intentions.

“At the institution in Giurgiu the level of corruption is much higher than in other regions so we decided to start there,” says one of the hackers. “Also, the site is unsecured, proving the lack of professionalism on the part of those who developed it.”

To our surprise, they have already revealed the name of another site suspected of corruption that was defaced as a consequence.

The Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IGIN HH) is accused by the AntiSec hackers of having made suspicious transactions in the past years. As a result, their website was overtaken and tons of valuable information, consisting of their financial situations, passwords, names and other personal data, was published on another site.

“In their database we’ve found a lot of discrepancies in the financial documents from 2008 throughout 2011. Whose money is that? How can three standard operating system licenses cost 2,000 EUR?”

When asked about other targets, the online activists reveal that they plan on taking down the official website of the Romanian Ministry of Administration and Interior (MAI), but the date for this operation is currently a secret.

“The government is corrupt and people aren’t aware of all the schemes and other [expletive] they’re doing, besides the ones we already know about,” he continues.

“The world has a right to know all their secrets and the authorities may see them as well, although there’s a lot of corruption among them.”
Source: Softpedia

More Pakistani Websites Hacked.This Time By MCA


To all Indians from MARATHI CYBER ARMY (INDIA)
Sun beta porkistan, tera baap HINDUSTAN

Doodh maanga toh kheer denge, Kashmir maanga toh Cheer denge

May GOD mercy my enemies coz we wont..


To all Pakistani hackers hacking innocent Indian sites for kashmir :
You wont get kashmir by hacking India sites. U wont even get our shit's. Kashmir belongs to India and no fucking asshole can separate it from us.



|| JAI HIND ||


SIDLOVE & PheoniX Encoder

Greets to :- Root Code_fire , Pr4sh ,PrankstArs , N MCA

Full List Of Websites:

More Websites Hacked By ISA to Celebrate Indian Republic Day

20 Pakistani Websites Hacked By Jaguar Hacker

Pakistani Websites Hacked by Prateek & Yash from Team Nuts


We Are Team Nuts
- Mayank yadav Aka Mac - Rahul Roshan Aka chipthehackboy - Underground devil - kinni -<="" b="">
You Forgot Us ? ur Dads are back again with a bang !
This Hack is A tribute to The Hero's of 26/11 Who Laid their precious life for the country people HeY ! PoRkIeZ 26/11 - SoMe pAkIsTaNI Dogs,PiGs AttAcKed TaJ Hotel Now we are back with your D grade Sites.... Revenge is Revenge ..... We were quiet not defacing site soMe motherfucking LAME pakistani ooops Porkistani made us to do this mishap Why dont you Guys Understnd y0ur Countries FutuRe is in trouble aNd Bc0z of some Idiot Pakistanis whole Pakistan is being given Bad words.....

Several Indian Sites HackeD bY BLACK BURN (BBHH)

US Govt Security Website Hacked

Hacktivist group Anonymous has claimed responsibility for taking down a website operated by US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that offers Internet security advice to consumers.

The hit on OnGuardOnline.gov appears to go beyond the usual denial of service attack. The Pastebin post claiming responsibility for attack purports to show a log of the intrusion in progress, with the hacker gaining complete access to the site’s back-end MySQL database and posting links to a full copy of its copied structure.

The post also warns of further action if any of the anti-piracy bills – the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), Protect IP Act (PIPA) in the US and the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) in Europe – pass, promising to destroy “dozens upon dozens of government and company websites”. Anonymous affiliate group AntiSec also to have take control of “hundreds of rooted servers”, as well as passwords, bank accounts and online dating details.

Hacking affiliated to the Anonymous movement continues around the world, with activists in Brazil launching denial of service attacks on the main Brazilian government website, brazil.gov.br, as well as other governement websites.

A seperate Anonymous-affiliated hacking group recently brought down multiple Polish government websites in protest of the Polish government’s support for ACTA.

The @WikipediaAnon twitter account which claimed responsibility for the attack tweeted: “Dear Polish government, we will continue to disrupt and interfere with your government official websites until the 26th. Do not pass ACTA.”

“We have dox files and leaked documentations on many Poland officials, if ACTA is passed, we will release these documents,” the account tweeted later.

According to the BBC, government spokesperson Pawel Gras initially claimed the website was down due to “huge interest in the sites of the prime minister and parliament”. 
Source: IT-Networks

ANONYMOUS - #OpBlackMarch

Thursday, March 1st 2012 - Saturday, March 31st 2012

Citizens of the World.
We Are Anonymous . . .
We have been watching recent events as they have slowly but surely unfolded, from the distortion and destruction of the first amendment to legalize and justify political bribery, to the dawn of a new political struggle consisting of millions of citizens crying out in indignation at this misappropriation of the judicial system, and to the very proposal of the so called, “Stop Online Piracy Act”, SOPA, without any concern to ethicality, morality, or responsibility. We have witnessed the recent actions this ‘Corporatocratic’ government has taken the means by which it has justified shutting down megaupload.com, a site that served, and continues to serve, as a very legitimate means of transferring information.

Anonymous Official Channels Say Anonyupload Is Fake

Since Megaupload was shut down, Anonymous hackers and their supporters began launching all sorts of attacks and protests against the US government and authorities. In the past few days, rumors started circulating about a file-sharing site run by Anonymous, raising controversy, but also the curiosity of many.
 The site in question, Anonyupload, claims to offer “100% free” and “100% anonymous” file hosting and file-sharing services.

Even though it’s free and anonymous, Anonyupload advises customers not to use only their services for several reasons.

“Anonyupload.com is a centralized service, when you upload files, they are stored in our hard drives, at a single location. And this is not good!,” reads the site’s description.

“There are many reasons why this is not good, the first is that some of you store personal information and files on machines which are not belonging to you, and that you do not have any control on.

“The second is that you are always going through the same wires, it means that someone could spy on it, monitors your activities, or decides to cut it off as it happened with megaupload.com.”

Users are recommended to use Anonyupload because “it is fun and technically interesting,” but at the same time its owners state that it doesn’t target to be a replacement to Megaupload. The donations they request are allegedly needed to buy disk space and to ensure quality and user safety.

After the news started spreading, many internauts began asking questions on official Anonymous Twitter channels regarding the site’s legitimacy.

“FYI: We have NO affiliation with this site, and by the looks of it, this is a SCAM,” reads a message on YourAnonNews.

AnonymousPress wrote, “Your Questions Answered: Do not know anything about Anonyupload except its existance, no clue who is collecting donations.”

“Anonyupload is fake, was created by some loser who is trying to profit from the idea of Anonymous. Stay tuned,” Anonymous Brazil wrote.

The Dominican and Chilean factions of Anonymous warn supporters to treat the site with maximum suspicion to avoid phishing scams.

Several UK Sites HackeD bY BLACK BURN


Stop Nato Attacks on Pakistan!
We can see that you are trying to free us from the tyrannical regime of dictators where we have freedom, and are replacing it with a so called democracy where the political parties are just legalized form of street gangs, You killed our children in the name of revolution, You bombed and destroyed our homes in the name of collateral damage and left many of us disabled. Your soldiers raped our sisters and ruined their life and Ann Coulter says it was worth it.. However, all your efforts failed to bring us freedom, ofcourse because we didn't cooperated enough despite keeping our country's security and integrity at stake.. Now you see we are very ungrateful people who condemn the people trying to free us, we think you have pretty much reason to get the hell out of our countries or InshAllah we will make you ! 

Anonymous Blamed for Twitter Shutdown, Hackers Deny

After on January 19 they released a video statement to reveal their intentions of going after some major websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, United Nations and Capital One Bank if Megaupload were not “reinstated to the Internet,” when Twitter went offline a few hours ago, everyone thought that Anonymous must be behind the shutdown.

Anonymous Hacks Romanian Child Protection Agency Naming It Corrupt

Anonymous hackers, as part of operation AntiSec, breached and defaced the website of Romanian Social Services and Child protection Agency (DGASPCGR), located in Giurgiu county, calling it a corrupt organization and threatening to shut it down completely in the next days.
 “Dear Romanian Government. Once again you failed us by not being able to help childrens with your fake organization, an organization that is using people money for support…but we wonder where all that money goes?!” the hackers wrote on the defaced webpage.

“Therefore, as this fake organization has become useless, we decided that it’s website can no longer be a part of the internet, so expect a shutdown in the next 2 days (sic).”

This is not the first time when the institution’s website is defaced. Back in October 2011, hackers proved that they had complete control over it.

At the time, they posted a similar message addressed to the Romanian Police, appointing the law enforcement organization as being corrupt.

One month later, since the website’s administrators failed to secure it, they posted the picture of a student, along with alleged evidence to prove that he deals illegal drugs in education institutions.

Hackers operating under the Anonymous name have been very busy lately in Romania. After street protests against the political class started, they released a video statement to reveal their full support for the movements that take place.

Since the beginning of 2012, a lot of government websites worldwide proved themselves to be highly vulnerable, giving hacktivists the opportunity to breach them with the purpose of making their messages heard.

Many security experts named 2011 the year of the hacktivist, but judging by the first weeks of 2012, the upcoming months will be marked even more by hacking operations, especially ones that target state institutions and major organizations.

Source: Softpedia

Team Grey Hat Exposed???

We received an anonymous mail today in which the sender asked us to publish it for the sake of all hackers.Well,quite curious about what this was,we just click on the link(provided below),and here's the message:
Title : Team Grey Hat Exposed
What was In?
Lamers[TGH] Exposed !! sO called Lamers group is now Exposed !.. now i will show you the reality behind the so called Hackers Team Grey (gay:P) Hat . So what exactly is this team ? nothing but just an IIS Exploit team :P haha yeah !.. this team is all about IIS Exploit & Story makers :D (good3y :P) .
so first let me tell you that how united they were fucked :D . i mean Hacked . Their Forum was hacked by Hunt008 team member of TGH . hahaha avik sarkar posted a news saying how hunt fooled them :P but my dear avik hacking is hacking you were social engineered by him ..its also a part of hacking buddy ! .

Wo0o0o0O0O0opss....Just read whats written in the image by avik sarkar - " One of the Most popular Hacker Group " hahahaha avik bro are you sure about this?? fuck yeah ! "TGH is Regarded as one of the most dangerous Black Hat Team if we dig in History " No need to dig deep in the History Avik !! Dont Froget Its a New Team Brother ! .. Just watch the present :D How your Forum was Fucked easily without any Hardwork' & How your Good3y Exploit was Exposed :D :* !

So now i would likle to talk about the good3y Exploit which Hacked HCF :D haha . Formed a new team ? Not getting Traffic ? Not much Popular ? yeah then got an !dea !! to fool us ? made a Fake Exploit & spreaded it among the people ? hah atlast you were cought lamers :P A fucking Fake Exploit caught by a member of HCF :P .
Yeah so now i would speak about The TGH Lamers2 that is Skywalker :* . Hhahaha he himself claims to be a Dangerous hacker :p haha but its not like that . He is just a No0b Hacker who knows "IIS EXPLOIT" . I will show you some Picz showing the Hacks done By The No0B master Skywalker !.
Team Grey Hat is just about popularity .. Hhahah see this too :p they hacked "one" site with IIS Eploit :P & they want this to be posted as news in many sites .
O0o0o0o00opss....It seems Skywalker doesn't know how to Upload his Deface in a Hacked Site :p Dont worry my dear Skywalker I wil teach you .. Just Contact me - Yourteam@Exposed :D Hey By the way how you Hacked that site :/ ... ummm let me tell all that this fucking site is hacked by a fucking perason with a fucking upload vulnerability :D ... good it reflects your Hacking Skills :) :P See teh Image Guys!
Avik Buddy Very strange You hack websites & post it in your own website :P ( Apni Tarif Khud hi ?? ) hahah lolx .. See TGH the so called Dangerous Hacker group :P Hacked 200+ China Sites :o .. Dear Avik even a small kid can hack 1000+ china sites by that Fucking IIS Exploit :D !! .
YEah Avik sarkar when your Good3y Exploit was caught then everyone was blaming you :p Then you said to some HCF Members & Other person that you dont belong to TGH ..according to you VOGH has no relation with TGH .... haha so wtf is this image saying :/ ... Izzat bachane ke liye kitna jhute bolega re :P
There is much to Expose but i dont have much time so i would just expose some of the members of TGH :D
Rj Raja HaXor:- Well i dont think you know him :p he is a member of TGH With lots of hacking Skills :D i will show you wait just see the Pic Below .. Even Google says about his Hacking !!! hahah ..

Abdullah Khwaja:- He is again a lamer of TGH who loves to Hack sites to IIS Exploit & Making Cyber army :D yeah !! haha ye is also the Founder of Kashmir Cyber Army :P haha No0b first learn Hacking Then Make your Fucking Hacking Cyber Groups :p here are some Beautiful Hacks by him ..
P4k-Commander:- He claims to be Commander of Pakistan hahahahhahaha Fucker Lamer you are one of the big no0b i have seen haha you too a IIS Cyber Army member :p OMG !! you hacked this many sites :p haha but with IIS :P 7 you wany people to find you hehe ....guys see this pic you will come to know..that how lame he & TGH is :P
OK mY Time is Up !! :D Jai Hind !
Link to the page: http://www.zone-h.org/mirror/id/16736617

P.S : We are here just to publish important news related to IT Security, Hacking, News and we are not responsible for what is written in this article. We have consulted many other people before putting down this on the blog and we received positive respond to go along with the publishing because it was an issue which concern hackers society, security administrators, etc ... So,no member of Maurihackers shall be blamed for what's there in this article..

10 Websites Hacked by Orionshunter of BBHH

Members Of ISA Hits more Websites

Anonymous - Operation Revenge


Greetings, Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Government, We are Anonymous.

On Janurary, 19, 2012.
It has come to the attention of Anonymous that you have decided to buckle to the pressure of the entertainment industry and arrest 7 members of staff of [file-share site] Megaupload along with closing their website down.

Megaupload has been shutdown by you, that hosted files, movies, backups and much more. You have caused a major error in your action. You have ruined not just the users of megaupload, you have ruined companies and businesses. By doing this, you have made people angry.

And you have made us angry. Our anger shall be redirected at you.

People from around the world will be joining forces. And will be launching one of the largest cyber attacks in the history of mankind. We will be united in our common interests and we will once again be fighting for our freedom, You will not escape the wrath of our Redemption and you will not destroy anymore websites that promote free speech.

We are The redemption users.
We will not go quitely into the night.
We will not vanish without a fight.
We're going to survive.
And we will not obey you.
So, expect our brothers, sisters, and the world.

Operation Revenge, engaged.

We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We are divided by zero and many.
We do not forgive internet censorship.
We do not forget your actions.
To the United States Government, you should have expected us.

SidLove & PhoenixEncoder Hit Again


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