Anonymous OpJapan Launched

Just some times after Japan approved the anti-piracy bill, Anonymous hacktivist decided to launch the Operation Japan to protest against the way this bill was formulated.
According to the bill, internet users are not allow to download pirated music and videos. If caught downloading anything of these, a maximum of 2 years of imprisonment and/or a fine of up to ¥2 million will be the punishment. Below is an article published on Anonpr concerning this operation:
" #opJapan – Expect US

AmeriCash Advance Database Leaked by Rex Mundi

A group of hacker known as RexMundi has leaked the database of AmeriCash Advanced some days back. The reason behind this unlawful act was that the company refused to give them a sum of $20,000 for not publishing details of customers which they had.

"We offered AmeriCash Advance not to publish those records, for the applicants' sake,if they paid us USD $20,000. They didn't. Hence the fact that you are now reading this data" said the Hacker. Below is the link to the database leaked.

Several Websites Hacked By Sen HaXoR

" ====== H4ck3d by Sen HaXoR ======
>>>>PoRkieS YouR PaPA Got Y0uR AsS NAileD BitchZ _|_ <<<<<<<<
Porkies u r the biggest loosers i eva saw in ma life.
You BitchZ??u want cyber war?
Indians Fucking up Your Cyber Space Like Fucking Up a Low PAid Slut !
LOL Your Asses are Secure ??? ahahha
Stop hacking Chota Sites and SEcure your Ass First..
nxt time come prepared if u wana fight with us..
Dont Get Your Fucking Ass on Indian Cyber Space Again Or Your PEnis Will Be PAwn3D ...
GREETZ:CyberAce Legion <3 and All Indian Hackers
Long Live India !

More Pakistani Websites Hacked By Members of Indian Cyber Hunters

Some days back we posted an article about Indian Cyber Hunters hacking .pk and domain websites. It seems that members of this hacking group did not had enough. They have now hacked more Pakistani websites.According to the hackers of this group,this is a payback for the Indian website which were hacked by members of PCH (Pakistan Cyber Hunters)

Several .pk and Domains Hacked By Members of Indian Cyber Hunter

Members of Indian Cyber Hunter are back with a big boom.. They have been defacing several Pakistani websites as well as domain websites.Below is a list of mostly all the websites with .pk and websites the members have been defacing lately.Many of these websites have already been restored but you readers can still have a look at the mirrors.
Pastebin Link:

An Open Letter To Bloggers, Journalists From Anonymous India

Here is an Open Letter from Anonymous to Journalists, Reporters and Bloggers of India and the World regarding their movement in India.

Journalists of the World,
You were intrigued by us when we took on the financial sector by attacking
Visa, Mastercard and Paypal as part of Operation Payback. Many of you
became enamoured with us during various operations and applauded our Hacked by The Hackers Army

Message Posted On Hacked Website:
"Free Kashmir,Stop BSF Terrorism stay away from Bangladesh and Pakistan cyber space .. Freedom is our goal..// End the Occupation. . . . " Indian Penal Code(Act No. 45 of 1860) CHAPTER-II SEC 18: India.- India means the territory of India excluding the State of Jammu and Kashmir."

Indian Hacker Darkspirit Hacked One More Pakistani Website

Message Posted On Deface Website:
"[~] All Files & Data is Deleted || Nthg Is Safe When My Spirit is in Your Site [~]
Dont Kind On M3 its Your Fucking Lazy S3curity
[#] ..:: Always Remember M3 ReGards:-DarkSpirit ::.. [#]

[~]..:: Feel The POwer Of Darkness | I Am Marathi ::..[~]
[#] Gr33ts :- Sidlove ~ root codefire ~ Pr4sh nOobie ~ Prankstars ~ Marathi Cyber Army [#]
DarkSpirit Is Only For India India & India..

Opinion Factor of Pakistan Website Hacked By Nyro Hacker and Army Of Destruction

Message Posted On Website:
Hacked by AOD... Can't Protect your site..
Security sucks... Don't hate us.. Hate your security..
We r the Destruction boys... Keep Fucking you like this
your system fucked and defaced by AOD
Your all files have been deleted n destruction starts from here.....
keep away away from INDIA
greetz to:- N3rd, Th3 D3fac3r, Dark star Negative, Shorty 420, Yash, Code Injector, jaugar, darkspirit encoder, ashell, Silent hacker and all indian hackerz

Pakistani Websites Hacked By Silent Hacker of India

Indian Hacker Silent Hacker is back again. This time he defaced some pakistani websites.
Message Posted on these Pakistani Websites:
" Porkies u Have B33n ScreweD
( | ~ Some Porkies Lamers keep on defacing innocent sites ~ | )
( Where Is Your Security i Cant See it ? )
( POrkiEs Want KashMiR hahaha lolZ first build some good monuments in ur country first :P )
( Then beg for the other country for free space to spread your slum area's .
W3 ar3 :- Yash , CoDe-INject0r , Cod3d 32 , Nyro Hacker , ShortY 420 , Chacky , Hacker me_29 , Th3 d3fac3r ,

Several Websites Hacked By Members of Voice of Black Hat Hackers

Several websites were hacked lately by members of the hacking group Voice of Black Hat Hackers.By the time we are putting this on the press,many of them has already been restores by Indian Hackers known as Code Smasher and Code Injector. Code Injector has been very active in restoring defaced websites.


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