Indian ISPs Forced to Block File-Sharing Sites SOPA-Style

Wanting to stop Internet users from pirating their latest movie, Indian movie company Reliance Entertainment managed to obtain a court order which forces the country’s Internet services providers (ISPs) to block some of the largest international file-sharing sites, including Megaupload.
 According to TorrentFreak, all the major file-sharing websites are restricted, the first to implement the blockades being Reliance Communications.

“All websites like Megaupload and Filesonic are located out of India and such sites rampantly promote online piracy. In fact, steps such as the John Doe order are the only step that we copyright owners are left with,” Reliance spokesman Sanjay Tandon told Times of India.

Much to the dismay of their customers, who rely on file-sharing sites for other tasks than to commit piracy acts, Reliance believes that this is the only way they can protect their latest motion picture, Don 2, from being illegally downloaded.

While legal experts argue about the legitimacy of blockades ordered at ISP level, Megaupload representatives state that this is a great opportunity for them to analyze the situation, especially since they believe these issues get resolved fairly quick.

“For us the India block is a great opportunity to see how users respond. In India we have one of the highest installation rates of our Megakey application. It gives users direct access to our servers. The Megakey instantly cures any kind of ISP or DNS blockade and always finds the fastest route to our servers,” Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom told TorrentFreak.

Anyway, denying account holder’s access to file-sharing websites didn’t prevent them from pirating the movie, the figures showing that the movie has been downloaded 150,000 on BitTorrent alone.

This aside, it’s interesting how the debates that take place around the controversial SOPA give others ideas for protecting their copyrighted works. While we wait for the vote on SOPA that’s planned for January next year, we can sit back and observe others being inspired by it.
Source: Softpedia

Microsoft Releases December Security Updates, Fix for Duqu Vulnerability Included

The much awaited December security update released by Microsoft comes with 13 security bulletins that fix three critical security flaws, including the one utilized by the now infamous Duqu malware.

 The manner in which TrueType fonts were handled in Windows kernel-mode drivers allowed for Duqu to make its way onto a system, permitting its master to take control of the infected device.

Another critical hole that could allow the execution of arbitrary code refers to an ActiveX issue. ActiveX kill bits are included to make sure maliciously crafted webpages and specific binary behaviors in Internet explorer will not affect users.

Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center were also found to be vulnerable. An attacker could have taken over a machine if he managed to persuade an individual into opening a malevolent file.

The remaining 10 weaknesses, rated as important, were found in Microsoft Office, OLE, Active Directory, Windows client/server run-time subsystem, and in the Windows kernel.

The flaws found in the Office products involved some social engineering since in order for the attacker to take total control of the device he would need to convince the victim to run specially crafted Word, Excel, Publisher or PowerPoint files.

Users whose accounts were set to have fewer rights were not so exposed as of those who operated their devices with full administrative permissions.

If the latest patches are not deployed, a remote code execution is possible if an individual opens an OLE object that was created by a hacker with the intention of taking over a system.

Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) and Active Directory Lightweight Directory Service (AD LDS) were both susceptible to an attack if a cybercriminal managed to log on to an AD domain and run a malicious element.

Finally, a cumulative security update for Internet Explorer was released to prevent users from being infected by a specially crafted DLL that was placed in the same directory as a legitimate HTML file.

Hacking and Security to Collide at DefCamp 2011

The “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University in Iasi, Romania, will host the first regional edition of the hacking and INFOSEC conference called DefCamp on December 17, where underground, academic and enterprise security specialists will share their insight on some of the hot topics that currently affect both individuals and companies.

 The participants will share their technical knowledge concerning the securities and insecurities present in real life, but also in the online environments.

The first edition of the Romanian conference dedicated to IT security took place at the end of September at Bran, Brasov, a location famous for Dracula’s castle, and since the event was a total success, the organizers plan on making sure DefCamp will be held each year.

In Iasi, independent security researchers, students from the Faculty of Computer Science of the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, web security specialists, and representatives of the world renowned security solutions provider Bitdefender will be present.

DefCamp founder, Andrei Avadanei, will share some interesting concepts related to virtual anonymity while Bogdan Alecu, an independent security researcher, will talk about mobile security, more precisely SMS attacks.

Bitdefender’s Bogdan Botezatu will detail the company’s findings on the latest zero-day vulnerabilities found in some of the popular software used by many of us in our everyday tasks.

Lunarpages Internet Solutions, a provider of information technology, IT infrastructure and business process outsourcing, will also have a couple of representatives that will enlighten the participants on the topic of high security webservers.

Sandline’s CEO, Radu Stanescu, will also participate, giving a speech called “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.”

Since I will surely take part in the event, during the weekend and the course of next week, I’ll write some pieces in which I’ll detail all the interesting information provided by the speakers. Stay tuned!

Ethical Hacker "Glenn Mangham" admits Facebook Hacking

Software development Student from York, Glenn Mangham admitted hacking into the Facebook between April and May of this year, but argued that he only wanted to show Facebook how to improve its security as he had done for Yahoo(Mangham, who had previously been rewarded by Yahoo for finding vulnerabilities in its systems).
Facebook discovered evidence that pointed back to Mangham and he was arrested by the Metropolitan Police Central e-Crime Unit (PCeU) in June.

He hacked into Facebook systems and downloaded “highly sensitive intellectual property”, said prosecutor Sandip Patel.

Mangham's defence has argued that he was an "Ethical Hacker", he was attempting to discover the vulnerabilities so that Facebook can fix it.

"That was his plan here but the activity was found by accident," said barrister Tom Ventham.

Facebook said its users’ personal data was not compromised in the security breach. Mangham will be sentenced on 17 February 2012.

OpenDNS released preview of DNSCrypt Tool which secures DNS Traffic

OpenDNS released a preview of DNSCrypt Tool , a piece of lightweight software that everyone should use to boost online privacy and security.  It works by encrypting all DNS traffic between the user and OpenDNS, preventing any spying, spoofing or man-in-the-middle attacks.

For now, DNSCyrpt supports only Mac platform.

DNSCrypt works like SSL in that it wraps all DNS traffic with encryption the same way SSL wraps all HTTP traffic, it's not the crypto library being used. We're using elliptical-curve cryptography, in particular the Curve25519 eliptical curve. The design goals are similar to those described in the DNSCurve forwarder design.

What about DNSSEC? Does this eliminate the need for DNSSEC?

No. DNSCrypt and DNSSEC are complementary. DNSSEC does a number of things. First, it provides authentication. (Is the DNS record I'm getting a response for coming from the owner of the domain name I'm asking about or has it been tampered with?) Second, DNSSEC provides a chain of trust to help establish confidence that the answers you're getting are verifiable. But unfortunately, DNSSEC doesn't actually provide encryption for DNS records, even those signed by DNSSEC. Even if everyone in the world used DNSSEC, the need to encrypt all DNS traffic would not go away. Moreover, DNSSEC today represents a near-zero percentage of overall domain names and an increasingly smaller percentage of DNS records each day as the Internet grows.

That said, DNSSEC and DNSCrypt can work perfectly together. They aren't conflicting in any way. Think of DNSCrypt as a wrapper around all DNS traffic and DNSSEC as a way of signing and providing validation for a subset of those records. There are benefits to DNSSEC that DNSCrypt isn't trying to address. In fact, we hope DNSSEC adoption grows so that people can have more confidence in the entire DNS infrastructure, not just the link between our customers and OpenDNS.

Apple Hacker Charlie Miller working with DoD for Cyber Security

An Apple Hacker Charlie Miller now working with US Department of Defense (DoD) for Cyber Security. He discovered lot of vulnerabilities in Apple products.  Last month Apple Exiles Charlie Miller for publishing iPhone exploit.

He was invited to the conference on cyber conflict held by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence in Tallinn, where he talked about the vulnerability of information systems. In a recent video released he talks about the ways he works.

Pakistan's biggest news portal hacked by LuCkY ICA

Once again INDIAN CYBER ARMY strikeD, LuCkY fr0m Indian Cyber Army haCkeD 56 alexa in pakistan, 3,500 worldwide, pakistan's biggest news portal Dedicated server, 24/7 support, vip information site..
Mr.Dawn Your Gone
Your Shit Got HackeD By -LuCkY
Mod_security At High Level, 56 alexa in pakistan , 3,500 worldwide , pakistan's biggest news portal
Dedicated server , 24/7 support, vip information , Honey pots
But Still Failed To Keep Me out of your b0x
Nothing Personal, Just wanted to check if am still the same and EPIC y0u got owned

Greetz:- -[SiLeNt p0is0n]- , Inx_ro0t , Ne0h4ck3r , AtulDwivedi , Co0lt04d and Team ICA and Indishell
Shouts:- ffe' ssxt prince, Ashell, irf ninja , Cybera Gurrerio, Sks king , Manish and rest of the team
FuCk YoU :- Ro0t_d3vil n ethicaln00b indishell :P >:D
Finally To All fucking Porkie Groups, You Wont get kashmir by hacking sites lol , Kashmir is ours will be ours.. So Take your scum ass away ;) from our space
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define('DB_NAME', 'archives_wpress'); /** MySQL database username */ define('DB_USER', 'archives_user2'); /** MySQL database password */ define('DB_PASSWORD', 'B,!R~T-K^L2

Sri Lanka Gov websites defaced by Str1k3r ICA

Hacked By Str1k3r aka T!G3r !

You call this Secured ? lol Sorry for late hack my indian bros Been Busy funnyyest thing is i hacked this with my nokia C6-00 And one thing you know you wont need one like me to do this so He warns hackers to never dream about entering indian cyber space
NOTE : They are : Sen - (Srikanth nani) - (LethalCode) - Web Defacer -Surya -Sneaker-Vishnu - Buffer Killer - Contact : or visit Facebook/str1k3r.ICA

I am not any Teams India is My Team I promiss ill do any thing for Her :)


Special Thanks And Greetz to : familys of HEROS OF 26/11 : all indian Hackers : Satej kamble & my brothers

Hacked By : Deface Crew : (T!Ger)Str1k3r|ICA - Sen - (Srikanth nani) - (LethalCode) - Web Defacer-Vishnu - Buffer Killer
WARNINGS : All Anti Indian madar chot hackers mainly you ppls…. Never ever enter my cyber space… if you do it if only me can do this guess what a bunch can do this your GOV goin down ill huint you in your grounds :) Jai Hind

Anonymous - The New World Order

Hello free people of the world. This is Anonymous.
Its time, to stand up and face the new world order.
Your country calls for you to follow orders and to stand in place like a slave drone.
We call for you to say no.
We call for you to say you are Anonymous.
You have the right to stay anonymous and so shall you do so.
Goto protests and stand up for what you believe in.
Stand up for what is right.
Stand up and say you are Anonymous!

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Eclipse deface 11 websites to say 'i love you' to BCA

 Eclipse,a hacker from BCA wanted to express his love to the team and didnt find any better way to do it.. Eclipse defaced 11 website,each starting from the letters 'I LOVE YOU' 


Birthday Gift for Bangladesh Cyber Army

Beware Adobe Software Upgrade Notification - malware attached!

Cybercriminals have widely spammed out a malware attack posing as upgrades for Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe X Suite Advanced.
The emails, which pretend to come from Adobe, have a ZIP file attached which contains a version of the Zeus Trojan horse, designed to steal banking information from compromised computers.
The risk is that less technical-savvy computer users might believe the email is legitimate, and be tricked into installing malware onto their computer thinking that it is an official Adobe update.

Subject: Adobe Software Upgrade Notification ID: [random number]
Attached file: AdobeSystems-Software_Critica Update Dec_2011-[random].zip
Hello Dear,
Adobe is pleased to announce new version upgrades for Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe X Suite Advanced features include:
- Collaborate across borders
- Create rich, polished PDF files from any application that prints
- Ensure visual fidelity
- Encrypt and share PDF files more securely
- Use the standard for document archival and exchange
To upgrade and enhance your work productivity today please open attached file.
Copyright 2011 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved.
TrackNum: [random ref number]
Adobe Systems Incorporated,
Each email is slightly different, incorporating different reference numbers in the subject line, attached filename and message body. But the samples seen so far by Sophos all carry malware in the file "Adobe Systems Software Critical Update Dec 2011.exe" contained within the ZIP.
Computer users need to learn that Adobe never sends up software updates as an email attachment, and any legitimate upgrades should always be downloaded from Adobe's own website. It's trivial for a malicious hacker to forge an email header to trick the unwary into believing an email has been sent from someone else - so just because it claims to be from Adobe, doesn't mean that it was sent by them.
Source: NakedSecurity Hacked by D35M0ND142 using Sql Injection Vulnerability

A Hacker named as "D35M0ND142" hacked site using SQL Injection Vulnerability and leaked the database in pastebin. The leak contains email,password(encrypted) and username of Important members .

Few months back, hacked and infected with malwares. Leak:

The Hacker hacked some other sites and dumped the database in pastebin. (Urbino university)

AlpHaNiX Hacked Google, Gmail, YouTube, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft, Hotmail

A Hacker named as "AlpHaNiX" hacked and defaced the main page of Google, Gmail, Youtube, Yahoo, Apple etc. The website are hosted in .cd domain (Democratic Republic of Congo Domains). Hacker used DNS Cache Poisoning method for hacking these big sites.

List of Hacked websites:

Cain & Abel v4.9.43 released Free Password Recovery Tool

Oxid released Cain &Abel version 9.43. Cain & Abel is a password recovery tool for Microsoft Operating Systems. It allows easy recovery of various kind of passwords by sniffing the network, cracking encrypted passwords using Dictionary, Brute-Force and Cryptanalysis attacks, recording VoIP conversations, decoding scrambled passwords, recovering wireless network keys, revealing password boxes, uncovering cached passwords and analyzing routing protocols.

  • Added SAP R/3 sniffer filter for SAP GUI authentications and SAP DIAG protocol decompression.
  • Added support for Licensing Mode Terminal Server connections to Windows 2008 R2 servers in APR-RDP sniffer filter.
  • Added support for MSCACHEv2 Hashes (used by Vista/Seven/2008) in Dictionary and Brute-Force Attacks.
  • Added MSCACHEv2 Hashes Cryptanalysis via Sorted Rainbow Tables.
  • Added MSCACHEv2 RainbowTables to WinRTGen v2.6.3.
  • MS-CACHE Hashes Dumper now supports MSCACHEv2 hashes extraction from Windows Vista/Seven/2008 machines and offline registry files.
  • Fixed a bug (crash) in Certificate Collector with Proxy settings enabled.

Exlusive Interview Of THA Disaster

Maurihackers: You are among the most popular hacker nowadays,tell Us about You?
THA Disaster: As you know,I am the owner of TheHackersArmy Which is being Popular in these days.

 Maurihackers: Why do you hack,any specific reason?
 THA Disaster: We hack for cause not for fun.

 Maurihackers: What are your best hack until now?
 THA Disaster: We hack Indian High profile sites for Kashmir freedom,Israel sites for freedom of Palestine ,UK And US for Stop attacking in Muslim Countries and Stop Attacking Pakistan,Serbia for Freedom of Kosova and AlbaniaCIA,Indian Communication Satellite,Google Media,Indyaa,World Finance USA,BlogSpot India,Gandhi's site,Indian Congress Site and Eset Antivirus these are my fvt out of total 1189 Special Attack

 Maurihackers: From where did u learn hacking,i mean,any courses uve followed?
 THA Disaster:  I Learnt Hacking From my Father

 Maurihackers: Any website or forum of yours/your team?
 THA Disaster: Yes I Do, which is "TheHackersArmy". (which i temporary closed for security problem)

 Maurihackers: Your favorite hacker?
 THA Disaster: Tiger M@te, Who is used to be my best friend too.

 Maurihackers: Your goal when hacking?
 THA Disaster: Just Getting full access to site

  Maurihackers: Do you think the internet a safe place?
 THA Disaster: Nope i don't think that internet is safe these days
Maurihackers: Last word of yours to all the readers of MHS?
 THA Disaster: Hack for Cause and Help those people who are indeed Not hacking to show that your the Best Hacker in the world.use your talent in good ways

 Maurihackers: Thank you for spending your precious time in answering to our question.

Well guys,this is a little interview of THA Disaster..Quite weird but it was fun making this brief interview through Facebook messaging ( lol ) ..

Bathinda Police official website Hacked By XtreMist

Message :
Bathinda Police official website Hacked By XtreMist (Muslim Liberation Army).. Hacked To Raise The Awareness About Illegal Occupation Of India in Kashmir... We Will Never Surrender... Think as a Human... Killing Of Innocent Humans because they Want Freedom is it a Justice? You Yourself A Best Judge

Babylon Search Engine Vulnerable To XSS

XSS vulnerability found in Babylon search Engine by Vishal Dwivedi & Girish Shrimali (Team Indian Cyber Hunter’s) . Babylon has a very excellent Alexa ranking . The Hacker says ” Babylon search engine has XSS filtering , how ever it can be bypassed by adding Script between habitual numbers or string as I have done ”
 Vulnerable Link:

 Vulnerability Founded by Indian Cyber Hunter's [Silent Killers]

Mailed to Us By :  Vishal Dwivedi

55+indian sites got owned by Tha Hackers Army


Hacked By - TheHackersArmy

Free Kashmir .. Freedom is our goal..// End the Occupation. . . .
" Indian Penal Code(Act No. 45 of 1860) CHAPTER-II SEC 18: India.- India means the territory of India excluding the State of Jammu and Kashmir."

This institutionalized impunity with which the killings of civilians by military and police forces in Jammu and Kashmir continues should be a source of shame for India which propagates to be a democracy!
Kashmir does not want militarized governance - STOP killing children, raping women and imprisoning the men! They just want freedom! Freedom from the evil of the Indian Military!
You will never kill the Kashmiri spirit and remember one thing India; Ghandi himself said - Freedom is never dear at any price. It is the breath of life. What would a man not pay for living?
Everyday 100s of innocent people are abused, raped and even killed in kashmir by the indian army, a third of the deaths are children, - we dont want war, take back your men, your tanks and your guns and go back to where you came from, all we ask is for freedom, you can kill us but you cant kill us all, we shall not give up, giving up is not an option.
who are the real soldiers? the children holding stones or the Army men holding guns?

Complete list of defaced webpages available below :

Argentinian Websites Under Massive Defacement

Anonymous Hits Bangladesh

Bangladesh online business directory websites defaced by Anonymous.Quite strange but this is what can be seen on the defaced website.


p.s: we don't know to what extend this is real,if it is really Anonymous who defaced this page.This message was conveyed to us by Angel_BD in mail.

Biggest Independent Russian Election site Hacked on election day

Popular Russian media websites, the major LiveJournal social network and the website of the country’s biggest independent election watchdog, were inaccessible in hacking attacks for several hours on Sunday in what their employees said was an attempt to jam information on parliamentary elections.

The attack on the website on election day is apparently tied to an attempt to publish information about violations,” chief editor of the independent-minded Ekho Moskvy radio Aleksei Venediktov wrote in his Twitter blog.

Websites of Forbes Russia, Bolshoi Gorod and New Times magazines, news portal, Golos election watchdog and its website that was supposed to map vote fraud were down throughout most of Sunday.These media organizations and the watchdog have pledged to report voting violations from all over Russia live.Independent and opposition media, as well as the LiveJournal social network that has become the main political discussion venue in Russia, are often subjected to hacking attacks, though the Sunday assault was the most concerted and broad. Law enforcement officials had not commented on it as of late Sunday afternoon.

Demand of Anonymous To Mexican Govt. & Bus Companies (#OpRoadSafe)

'Hacktivist' Anonymous has threatened the Mexican Government and local bus companies. According to a YouTube video Anonymous released fives demands in-front of the Mexican Government, if those demands not get fulfilled then Anon has planned massive cyber attack to Mexican government and bus companies on the December 10th under the banner of Op Carreteras Seguras (#OpRoadSafe)

Anonymous launched its latest digital campaign in an effort to publicize the fact that the Mexican government and bus companies are failing to stop kidnappings, rapes and robberies of passengers on the country’s lawless highways. Indeed, a mass grave containing 293 bodies was recently discovered in San Fernando, Tamauilpas just 90 miles south of the Rio Grande Valley. 

Authorities believe the victims were bus passengers abducted and murdered by members of the Zetas drug cartel.
Although dozens were arrested after the horrifying discovery, Anonymous says similar crimes continue in Tamaulipas and throughout Mexico, as only a minority of citizens travel by airplane, while the rest of the country is at the mercy of local bus companies and shoddy security.
The five demands submitted by Anonymous are as follows:
  1. All passenger buses travel on more secure tolls roads.
  2. All buses should be equipped with GPS devices.
  3. Live, remote cameras be installed on all buses.
  4. Armed, plain clothes "bus marshals" travel on passenger buses.
  5. Those arrested in the context of Mexico's ongoing drug war should be treated as prisoners under the guidelines of the Geneva Convention.

Indian Blogspot Got Hacked by TheHackersArmy

Indian Blogspot Got Hacked by TheHackersArmy

TheHackerArmy has been hacking many more Indian Website like this including hosting site like  Aditya Hosting India and

Most of their defaced websites with mirrors are available here :

Insta Host India Got hacked by The Hackers Army


"Free Palestine . . . We will not go down..Freedom is our goal. .// End the Occupation. . . . ."

To the ignorant observer Israel may appear modern, vigorous and democratic largely thanks to the outrageous bias in Western media and the $$$ whores whom have become our wake up!!!

Indian top Hackers site HACKED By The Hackers Army

Well known Indian Top Hackers Site Has been Hacked By The Hackers Army(THA)



Free Kashmir .. Freedom is our goal..// End the Occupation. . . .
" Indian Penal Code(Act No. 45 of 1860) CHAPTER-II SEC 18: India.- India means the territory of India excluding the State of Jammu and Kashmir."

Four More Pakistani Website hacked

Critical Security Holes In AirIndia Websites

Bangladeshi Lady Hacker Angel_BD has discovered critical security holes in all AirIndia's sites and is asking the personal in charge to quickly work over this..She send us this mail last night asking us to publish it :

A Big Security Issue For India : Airindia Got a Big Security Thread !! All Airindia's Sited Hosted In One Server Whice Is IIS Vulnerable !!
It Got Not Only IIS Vulnerability But Also Others !! If Someone Try To Massive Attack On Airindia Then
He/She Can Enter Into The System Eassyli. So I Recommend To The Admin, Sucure Your Server, Neither a Big
Trouble Could Occur.............. ( Security Thread Discovered bY Ang3L_BD )

Websites link not published for security measures

Famous Programming & Yahoo Booter Site Hacked By ICA and Team DNA StuXnet

Once again indian Indian Cyber Army striked, indian hacker from ICA  and Team DNA StuXnet named Cyb3r.Pr3dat0r hacked famous programming, yahoo booter site. 




Indian Hacker Jaguar and HCF hits again

United States Is Building Cyber Defense For Both Private & Public

United States is developing cyber defense for both Public and Private. In an exclusive report it said that In the 21st century, the American Dream is coded in zeroes and ones. Sophisticated information systems are now embedded in every facet of our daily lives. Whether it is an electronic payment card transaction or a smartphone search for a restaurant, nearly everything we do depends on the smooth operation of secure information systems.
Beyond our personal lives, strategic infrastructure services like power transmission, transportation and major financial transactions all rely on information systems for wide-scale safety and security. U.S. embrace of information technology offers enormous advantage. But it also exposes us to vulnerability. The usefulness and value of U.S. information systems invites attack from hackers, industrial spies, terrorists and criminals.
Cyber attacks are on the rise, and their variety, scope and scale increase monthly, imposing staggering costs. Up to 90 percent of U.S. businesses reported data intrusions over the past year, according to a recent survey, costing an estimated $96 billion in the first six months of 2011 — nearly as much as in all of 2010. The Commerce Department estimates that the theft of intellectual property, most stolen via electronic means, costs $250 billion annually and deprives U.S. workers of approximately 750,000 U.S. jobs.

Zeesheonline Hacked By Sonam The Grey Hat And Jaguar Hacked by Sonam The Grey Hat And Jaguar..

|| Sonam The Grey Hat & Jaguar Hacker ||

1#00110 1#0 #@10@@#0011 1## 0@@#0#@1
111000@ 0@01 0@1@0@@10 0111 ##@0@#0@
#01@@011 11# 1##@0@#@1 ### @0#@00@#@

Bruting Passwords = Has been bruted
Website =
Password =
Just Owned
Website Status =
Website Security =
Hacker Ip =
| Sonam The Grey Hat Hacker Jaguar Hacker& Swats The Toxified Crew |
Blacklist =
| Sonam The Grey Hat Hacker and Jaguar Hacker |
GreetZ To =
| Swats The Toxified Crew & All Its Team Member's | | Dont mess with us |
You've been defaced
Sonam The Grey Hat Hacker has just defaced your webpage !

No Mirror Provided


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