Technology Development Board (Deptt. Of Science & Technology) India Website Hacked By XtReMiSt

Technology Development Board Department Of Science & Technology India Website Hacked By XtReMiSt (Muslim Liberation Army).. Hacked To Raise The Awareness About Illegal Occupation Of India in Kashmir... We Will Never Surrender... Think As A Human... Killing Of Innocent Humans Because They Want Freedom is it a Justice? You Yourself A Best Judge...
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5 Pakistani Sites Hacked by Err0r-1046 Indishell

Indian ISPs Forced to Block File-Sharing Sites SOPA-Style

Wanting to stop Internet users from pirating their latest movie, Indian movie company Reliance Entertainment managed to obtain a court order which forces the country’s Internet services providers (ISPs) to block some of the largest international file-sharing sites, including Megaupload.
 According to TorrentFreak, all the major file-sharing websites are restricted, the first to implement the blockades being Reliance Communications.

“All websites like Megaupload and Filesonic are located out of India and such sites rampantly promote online piracy. In fact, steps such as the John Doe order are the only step that we copyright owners are left with,” Reliance spokesman Sanjay Tandon told Times of India.

Much to the dismay of their customers, who rely on file-sharing sites for other tasks than to commit piracy acts, Reliance believes that this is the only way they can protect their latest motion picture, Don 2, from being illegally downloaded.

While legal experts argue about the legitimacy of blockades ordered at ISP level, Megaupload representatives state that this is a great opportunity for them to analyze the situation, especially since they believe these issues get resolved fairly quick.

“For us the India block is a great opportunity to see how users respond. In India we have one of the highest installation rates of our Megakey application. It gives users direct access to our servers. The Megakey instantly cures any kind of ISP or DNS blockade and always finds the fastest route to our servers,” Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom told TorrentFreak.

Anyway, denying account holder’s access to file-sharing websites didn’t prevent them from pirating the movie, the figures showing that the movie has been downloaded 150,000 on BitTorrent alone.

This aside, it’s interesting how the debates that take place around the controversial SOPA give others ideas for protecting their copyrighted works. While we wait for the vote on SOPA that’s planned for January next year, we can sit back and observe others being inspired by it.
Source: Softpedia

Master Mind from KCA hit again

Anonymous #OperationFalcon, Anti Police Brutality Program 2012

Anonymous Group "FawkesSecurity" decided to launch the #Operation Falcon in january 2012, against police brutality.

"minoritys of law enforcement all over the world are abusing their powers to the extent of causing serious harm or death to innocent people. in no way should a police officer who represents safety of the community and lifes be above the law. a large number of these cases are never investigated, even after official complaints. people have the right not to fear the law and become a victim from the people who claim to with hold it" said in their official press release.

Anonymous hackers will proceed in fighting against these corrupt and violent actions by any means possible, from exposing information on cases of police brutality by posting on forums and social networks to archiving evidence from victims around the world including videos, pictures or witness statements to ensure anonymous brings the corrupt police officers to justice.

Hacker arrested for hacking email and attempt to steal money

27- year-old Hacker arrested by Cyber Crime Wing of Punjab State Crime Branch , Mohal for hacking another person email address and changed the account details in order to get funds transferred into his account.

Ravi Shukla, A resident of Kanpur ,works in a Cyber Café , has been booked under various sections of the Information Technology Act, cheating, fraud and forgery on the complaint of Raman Banotra, a resident of Amritsar.

More Websites Hacked By KCA Mind Stealer

Indian Stock Market site "" hacked by @DestructiveSec

Today A Hacker named as "DestructiveSec" hacked the Indian Stock Market site and defaced the main site.  They also leaked the database in pastebin in three parts.
After some time, the website recovered by admin and bring the site back to online. What interesting thing, again the website is hacked by DestructiveSec itself(within 10 hours).

The admin bring the site back to online without fixing the vulnerability. It seem that the admin is not aware about the hacking attacks.

He left a message in defacement page:
Alright now ur just amusing me :D , Hacked AGAIN this is Defacement #2! What kind of Admin are you, Allowing me to senslessly delete ur data over and over =D

Database Leak:
The leak contains username,encrypted password and their email id.

The website was hacked in July 2011 by the  thehacker12 and he leaked the part of the database in pastebin(it is still there):
(This leak contains password in plain text format instead)

Pakistani Website Hacked By H3r0

Hacked By H3r0

OMG!! y0u are H4x3d :P

Jobless Admin!!y0ur security sucks :xD rofl
[#] We are there t0 screw up y0ur Cyber Space..

# Admin!I am learning new things day by day!!:P
So its n0t my fault, Sarfaroshi ki Tamanna Ab Bhi mere Dil me Hain B'coz Hacking is my Passi0n :D :D

"Doodh Mangogey to Kheer dengey, Kashmir Mangogey to Phad Dengey !"

BEWARE !! DONT MESS WITH LORDS ! Else this will be y0ur future xD

>signing 0ff!
Vande Mataram, Long Live India Long Live ICA. JAI HIND!!

Sh0uts tO :-Code Breaker, Atul Dwivedi, RoOt_d3vil,Cooltoad ICA,Darkwlf Indishell,Cyberwarrier Indi,IRFn1nj4,Ethicalnoob Indishell,4ng3l 4k4 4d0r4b13,Mahakaal Hax0r,Cybera Guerreiro,Zoozoo Sniper,CyberPredator,Err0r1046,Ashell, Lionaneesh ,Ffe SSxt Prince and wh0le Team indishell
c0ntact me :

Message From The Hackers Army(THA)

Greetings NATO Countries,
We The Hackers Army Are Going To Engage #Op Freedom Palestine 0n New Year Eve!!!
When All Of You Are Celebrating Your Success In Killing Children, Raping Women And Imprisoning Innocent Men. There Is A FaCt That Israel
Has Been Taking Over Palestine Brutality.
A Message To World,
Now, 63 years have passed since the
Israeli Declaration of Independence
and the Palestinian children, women
and men are being killed and murdered
on a daily basis, their lands are stolen and their properties are confiscated.
Despite the brutality of the Israeli
regime, the world including the
dispassionate and neutral Arab states
of the Persian Gulf, watch the agony
and suffering of the Palestinian nation with apathy and indifference.
Sixty-three years ago the Zionists
demolished 438 Palestinian villages
and poisoned or destroyed wells to
ensure that their rightful owners would
not return. Today, Zionists keep on behaving more or less along the same
traditions, demolishing homes,
destroying farms, and narrowing
people’s horizons, all with the goal of making them emigrate.
Israel celebrates freedom while more than nine million Palestinians are
treated like slaves or children of a lesser
God, some languishing in refugee
camps, also for 63 years, or subjected
to horrible conditions such as mass
detention, collective starvation, daily persecution, with no freedom and very
little hope for a better tomorrow.
According to Palestine News Network,
Nakba demonstrations are expected to
take place all over the West Bank, Al-
Quds, Gaza and the countries across the world.

Fearing the possible massive
gatherings of the Palestinian citizens in
the occupied territories, the Israeli
forces have adopted tough security
measures ahead of the Nakba Day protests and arrested several

You can imprison our PALESTINIAN Brothers but you cannot imprison our hope. We will fight till the end, and we are coming to take revenge.

Always Remember Whenever death may surprise us, Let it be welcome if our battle cry has reached even one receptive ear and another hand reaches out to take up our Cause...

We Are Not A Liberators.
Liberators Do
Not Exist.
The People Liberate
We Defend The OPPRESSED,

Video Link:

The Hackers Army (THA)

ICH Bewildered discovered Sqli Vulnerability in 5 Nepali Government Websites

ICH Bewildered discovered sqli vulnerability in 5 Nepali Govt Websites. They were District Education Office - Makawanpur , Nepal national academy of science & technology , District Education Office, Ilam , Nepal Department of Agriculture , Nepal Department Water Supply and Swearage(DWSS) . According to the Hacker there are many more Nepali gov sites which are vulnerable to sqli & xss , Nepal really need to patch up those sites .

Vulnerable Websites : - District Education Office, Makawanpur - Nepal national academy of science & technology - District Education Office, Ilam - Nepal Department of Agriculture - Nepal Department Water Supply and Swearage(DWSS)
Submitted by : ICH Bewildered

Two New Types of Phishing

While most Internet users are familiar with the term phishing and its dangerous effects, security researchers are recording a considerable increase in two related malicious schemes, vishing and smishing.
 Vishing is a variant of phishing, its name coming from a combination between the words voice and phishing, reports The Windows Club.

Vishing attacks are the ones where an unsuspecting user is called via phone by someone who pretends to represent an important organization such as a bank or a utility company. In these situations the crooks request large amounts of personal information that’s allegedly needed for certain operations, financial or otherwise.

An alternative to this method implies an email which urges the recipient to call a certain phone number. Usually these emails come with threats and they’re more advantageous for the cybercriminals since they don’t have to pay for the calls they make.

On the other hand, smishing involves, as you would guess, SMSs. In these types of schemes, the victim receives an SMS that warns of the fact that he (or she) has been automatically enrolled in a paid service.

In order to terminate the subscription, the recipient has to visit a URL and click a certain button, which instead of canceling the phony subscription, downloads a piece of malware infecting the phone. From here on, keyloggers or premium-SMS-sending Trojans are free to do as they like.

The secret to avoiding these malicious plots is never to panic, no matter how absurd the messages or phone calls are. If you suspect that the call or the email may be legitimate, contact the company involved yourself, but never use the contact details provided by the person that’s on the other end of the line.

Also, in some cities, local authorities have a special division that deals with these issues and you should consider reporting them. If there are a large number of complaints, they’ll surely act on it.


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