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PayPal Phishers Hacked Website Operated By World Bank

Hackers have penetrated a website operated by World Bank Group and were able to host a PayPal phishing site there. By doing so, the fraudulent site was benefiting from a valid Extended Validation SSL certificate.
The phishing website was hosted on Climate-Smart Planning Platform website ( and seems genuine. Once users were putting their credentials, they were prompted that their user account was unable to load with a button below which asked them to confirm there "informations" in order to access their account.
On the next page, the users were asked to fill a form which included details like, victim's name, date of birth, address and phone number. After submitting, users were prompted to enter their full card number and the CVV number. If the victims selected ‘Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode’ checkbox, they were prompted to enter their 3-D Secure password, allowing the attacker to make online purchase where there are additional security layers.

After submitting all the details, the victim was redirected to the official Paypal website. At the time of publishing, the website was unavailable, with a message “website under maintenance” desiplayed. If you have fallen victim of this phishing attack, we advise you to change your password as soon as possible and to contact your card provider.

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Anonymous Hackers Declare War On ISIS After Friday Attack (Video)

In a video posted on YouTube, Anonymous hackers have declared war on ISIS. Several small groups of Anonymous around the globe are joining hand to track down ISIS members. They did it in a previous operation where Islamic State's members were tracked, hacked, unmasked and had their Twitter accounts were reported. Below are the videos which Anonymous posted,

English Version

Hello citizens of the world.
We are anonymous.
The aftermath of Friday, November 13, 2015.
France is shocked by the events caused by terrorism in the capital.
We first wish to express our sorrow and our solidarity with the victims, the injured, and their families.
To defend our values and our freedom, we're tracking down members of the terrorist group responsible these attacks, we will not give up, we will not forgive, and we'll do all that is necessary to end their actions.
During the attacks of Charlie Hebdo, we had already expressed our determination to neutralize anyone who would attack our freedom.
We'll be doing the same now, because of the recents attacks.
We therefore ask you to gather and to defend these ideals.
Expect a total mobilization on our part.
This violence should not weaken us. It has to give us the strength to come together and fight tirrany and obscurantism together.

We are anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
 French Version

Anonymous - OpISIS Retribution
Message d'anonymous suite aux Attentats du vendredi 13 novembre a Paris.
join #opiceisis #opParis
Nous sommes anonymous
Au lendemain du Vendredi 13 Novembre 2015, la France se reveille choquée par les événements terroristes ayant frappé sa capitale. Nous tenons tout d'abord à exprimer notre peine et notre solidarité avec les victimes, les blessés, et leurs familles.
Afin de défendre nos valeurs et notre liberté, nous traquerons les membres des groupes terroristes responsable de ces attaques, nous n'abandonnerons pas, nous ne pardonnerons pas et ferons tous ce qui est nécessaire pour mettre fin à leurs agissements. Lors des attentats de Charlie Hebdo, nous avions déja exprimé notre volonté de neutraliser quiconque voudrait s'attaquer à nos libertés fondamentales. Nous réitérons ici cette volonté à la suite de cette tragédie.
Nous faisons donc appel à vous, rassemblez-vous, mobilisez-vous et défendez ces idéaux. Attendez-vous à une mobilisation totale de notre part. Cette violence ne doit pas nous affaiblir, elle doit au contraire nous donner la force de nous rassembler et de nous battre pour lutter ensemble, contre la tyrannie et l'obscurantisme.

We are footballer
We are Musician
We are Anonymous
We do not forget
We do not forgive
we are légion
Expect us.

#op Black October by Anonymous Against Banking Sectors

Anonymous hackers have launched an operation dubbed as Operation Black October against the banking sector. This was announced through a YouTube video published on September 7 2015. By now the video has already been seen 89846 times. According to the video, the main objectives of this operation are to:
  • Take all the money out of bank accounts
  • Stop using credit/debit cards
  • Pay with cash only
  • Spread the campaign


Seven Students Arrested For Hacking School Network

Seven students from Lake Norman High School in Iredell Statesville School System have been charged for hacking into the school's computer network. The incident took place on August 31, one of the students managed to crack the IT administrator's passwords. The student shared his findings with friends and continued to access several computers on the network for the next two days. These computers were operated by both students and teachers.
After discovering what happened, the school personnel notified the authorities. The students were arrested between September 24 and 25 and were charged with a minor misdemeanor for accessing computers without authorization.
The school stated that no grades, scores and information were modified.

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Vietnamese Government Websites Defaced By Anonymous, AntiSec and HagashTeam Members

Anonymous, AntiSec and HagashTeam members have teamed up to deface several Vietnamese websites. The same defacement page was uploaded on each website on which the following message was written,

" [AntiSec]
Supported in an ambiguous and imprecise legislation, the Vietnamese Executive keeps a few years ago a strong repression against political activists, journalists, bloggers and human rights defenders.
The 1999 Criminal Code is used against those who raise their voices to denounce abuses of power and corruption.
Vietnam announced the release of over 18,200 prisoners, none of them political prisoner on the occasion of 70th anniversary of independence.
Among the released prisoners are murderers and drug traffickers, but none convicted of "propaganda against the state" or "intent to defeat the regime," two charges that the government often used against opponents.
"The Vietnamese President decided to release 18,198 prisoners, but none of them is related to national security," said Vice Minister of Public Security Le Quy Vuong, at a news conference in Hanoi.
Most presidential amnesty was in 2009 with 20,599 released prisoners, reminded the deputy minister.
"The amnesty reflects the humanitarian nature of the state and aims to convince the inmates to become useful citizens," said Gian Son, representative of the Presidency.
The defense of human rights organizations and Western governments often criticize Vietnam for its repression of dozens of jailed dissidents.

Anonymous is a complex idea, but who was born the concept of freedom of expression and has as its main pillar. We will not bring by bandits. We will not bring in by gang leaders.
But we will certainly bring us by those who are being accused of unfair and deceitful way just for expressing their identities and thoughts.
When you are being by tortured the military, beaten for no reason by the police When Their ethnicity is being oppressed in the labor market, gender is being abused by the patriarchy, Their religion is treated the the worse thing on earth or your love life is convicted only "because yes," Then you will ask for human rights.

AnonymousGlobo & HagashTeam "
The cyber attack was annonced on the Twitter account AnonymousGlobo.

Beware of KFC Gift Voucher Whatsapp Scam

Recently one of my friends sent me a link on Whatsapp. Asking her what it was, she told me KFC was giving away Rs500 gift vouchers. Who wouldn't like to get such a gift?

Once I clicked on the link, I was directed on a page with the official KFC logo where I was asked to complete a 5 questions survey. Below are the screenshots of each page of the survey.

After completing the survey, I was asked to share this with 10 Whatsapp contacts. They even provided a share button for that and below it, a continue button. Clicking on the continue button, you are asked to provide an email address.  Once you enter your email, you would receive a series of emails containing unknown links to unknown websites.
Cybercriminal behind these types of scams usually earn money for each time a person complete the survey. We advise our readers to ignore the KFC Gift voucher, THIS IS SCAM. Below are  the links where i was directed.


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