Nigeria Govt Website Hacked By Mauritian Hackers as Payback

Some weeks back we published an article about how customers of The Mauritius Commercial Bank were trapped by Nigerian Hackers through phishing.They succeeded in stealing money from the customers bank account(link to article provided below). It seems that some Mauritian Hackers didn't like this at all and

200+ Website Hacked By Jaguar Hacker & Hindustan Cyber Force

You already know this team,Jaguar Hacker and  Hindustan Cyber Force..They did defaced loads of websites earlier..They are together again to add 200 more websites to the list of their unique team.
Full List Of Hacked Websites:

Full server hacked by Pakistani Hacker S1r-wanted

-=[ Just H4Ck3D By S1r-wanted]=-

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Secure it!
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Fuck Your Secuirty ! ...

Hi Admin You Got Hacked;) Secure Your Site For Next Time !!

Full List of websites on the server:

Sn3aker from Indian Stealth Army discovered XSS vulnerability in, well known website by all internet user has an Alexa Traffic Rank of 152 in the United States and a Flag Traffic Rank of 276 is vulnerable to XSS. This was discovered by An0nym0us Sn3aker,an anonymous Indian Security expert who is a member of the Indian Stealth Army.He also discovered vulnerabilities in many different websites like the University of Sydney official website
Vulnerable Link:

Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability fixed on White House Site

On March 21st, a Georgian Security Expert,Ucha Gobejishvili ( longrifle0x ), discovered xss vulnerability on the official White House Website.He published it on his blog and contacted the person in charge of the website to inform him about this issue..The vulnerability was in the search module of the official website.
The screenshot above is a proof of the vulnerability discovered by the security expert.
Vulnerable Link:

After the administrator received this information,he immediately fixed this problem and by now the link is of no use.He must be grateful to the security expert because nowadays hackers are targeting official government websites around the world.

22+ Websites Hacked By Nyro Hacker

Pakistani websites hacked by Pivot Antraxt & Parinda from Indian Cyber Hunters

Members of Indian Cyber Hunter hits again on 16 more Pakistani websites..
"hacked by PIVOT ANTRAXT and PARINDA . you need to worry, all your files are fucked; I fuck evry thing :P. ââºdon't think we are sleeping with no noise no we are not afraid of you pigs but !! Tigers Hunt Silentââ ;) [Message for Pakistani Hackers ] We Are Warning You, Stop this Cyber War…"
Full List Of all Deface Websites:

XSS found in by Girish Shrimali

Girish Shrimali,wasn't too active lately.But now,he found a site which shows us Google page rank of any website, itself vulnerable to XSS.
Vulnerable website
Go to and insert below script into search box and press go button.
<script>alert(String.fromCharCode(88, 83, 83, 32, 102, 111, 117, 110, 100, 32, 98, 121, 32, 71, 105, 114, 105, 115, 104, 32, 83, 104, 114, 105, 109, 97, 108, 105));</script>

Members Of Indian Cyber Leets hacked six more websites

Members of Indian Cyber Leets are back again with Six more websites defaced.They haven't deleted anything and stated that they did this for a routine security check.In this way the administrators of each websites will give more emphasis on the security of their webpages.
coming up ... 

Mauritius Job Portal Website Hacked

With a global ranking of 145000 worldwide and 37 in Mauritius, is among the most visited website in Mauritius. This website is visited by school and university leavers who seek a job. They hence usually create their profile whereby personal details such as qualifications, emails ,personal phone numbers and full name are required. This is then viewed by recruiters,who are big companies, registered on the sites and looking for employees. What if this so important website gets hacked?

Silent Hacker & Shorty 420 from Indian Cyber Leets Hits 100 Websites

Members of Indian Cyber Leets are back with 100 more websites which they hacked..Silent Hacker is well known for discovering xss vulnerabilities in websites and has been defacing a series of websites lately.. Shorty on his side has been hacking some websites with other hackers such as Jaguar Hacker last year.
List of Websites:

2300+ Indian Websites Including News Channels & Govt. Undertaking Websites Hacked By XtReMiSt (MLA)

2300+ Websites Of India Including News Channels, Online Channels, Govt. Undertaking Websites, institutes, Colleges and Many Multinational Group Websites Hacked By XtReMiSt (Muslim Liberation Army).. Hacked To Raise The Awareness About Illegal Occupation Of India in Kashmir... We Will Never Surrender... Think As A Human... Killing Of Innocent Humans Because They Want Freedom is it a Justice? You Yourself A Best Judge...
Websites Links:

Yash & Mayank From TeamNuts replied back for Hacking Indian Websites

[#] Kashmir Is Our's And Will Be Our's Forver [#]
[#] Thanx THA Brothers To Pentrate Indian Cyber Space For Free [#]
[#] We Too Have Some Thing For You Guys , But Not To Deliver The Message Of Any Cyber War , But Too Make You Guys Realize That You Too Are Our's Br0's , N If Kashmir Is Our's That Obviously It Is Of You Too , D0 C0mE And Visit [#]
This is the message we are seeing in a series of websites.. Members of TeamNuts replied back to hackers who has been hacking Indian websites lately..
List Of Websites Hacked:

Anonymous-OS is fake!

It is now clear,the os presented by unknown people as the anonymous-OS is fake. Anonops posted it on its twiter wall to say that they did not release this fake os. The os was wrapped with loads of Trojans and was uploaded on sourceforge for users to download it. There are many comments which is already stating that this is fake and full of Trojans but still,many people are downloading it.
Anonymous twitter:
Comments about the Fake OS:

XSS vulnerability in

Bangladesh Hackers got Hacked

 Hey Kids..Thats Called H4Xing
..Fucked ByReb0rn,Sen HacKer, DecOdeR And LnXr00t

root@india:rm -rf Anti indians

Bd teri bhen ki choot randi k pillo tumhari ma k bhosde me hathi ka loda kutiya ki olado


Vande Maatram \m/
For India AnythInG../ 

Several Bangladeshi Hacker Community Websites were hacked yesterday by Indian Hackers,namely, Reb0rn,Sen HacKer, DecOdeR And LnXr00t..
List Of Hacked Websites & Mirrors:

Daily Adalat Online Newspaper Website Hacked By SidLove

 Attention Please! This website is blocked due to non payment. You are requested to pay the pending amount of RS 70000/ to the company before April 1 2012 otherwise company will contact to hosting provider which may cause the cancellation of your registration .

20+ Pakistani Websites Hacked By SIDloVE & PhEoNiX EnCOdEr


PWned by SIDloVE & PhEoNiX EnCOdEr

i should say ur security was good ... but wasn't perfect

Admin ,a good news for you yew

!!!!..Nothing harmed ..All Data Safe..!!!!

We Will Visit again , Try To secure site security

GREETZ : r00t c0defire-=-Prash Flammable-=-Pr4nkstar-=-MayA & MCA
MARATHICYBERARMY ##########################################
Full List Of Hacked Websites:

Fake Facebook Profile To Collect Details on UK Officials

Admiral James G. Stavridis, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander, is someone many officials would want to be friends with, if not in person at least on Facebook. This is exactly the thing some spies counted on when they used a fake Facebook account of Stavridis to gather intel on UK Ministry of Defence officials and military officers.
 According to The Telegraph, NATO officials refrained from pointing the finger, but other sources revealed that China might be behind the fake Facebook profile.

The University Of Sydney Website Vulnerable to XSS

Bangladeshi Black Hat Hackers Still Hitting On Indian Websites

Media site, business sites, financial sites, online game site, and many more..BBHH members are not leaving any websites..As long as the websites are from India,their only aim is to defaced it. We gathered a little bunch of defaced websites(again) to show that BBHH are still hitting on Indian Websites.
Pastebin Link:
Here are another websites defaced from member of BBHH OrionsHunter

Phoenix Encoder Hits Again On Bangladeshi Websites

TeaMp0isoN Leaks Data from UCLA, Wayne and Hampshire County Sites

Grey hat hackers proved many times in the past weeks that most websites managed by universities tend to be highly unsecure. Now, members of TeaMp0isoN demonstrated how easily these flaws can be exploited by leaking tons of information from the official sites of UCLA, Wayne State University, and the Hampshire County Council.

LulzSec Hackers Arrested, Ratted Out by Sabu

The hacking scene received a major blow some days back when authorities revealed that five respected hackers were charged, a sixth pleading guilty to computer crimes and other accusations.
 The shock was even bigger when everyone learned that one of the coordinators of many operations, the hacker known as Sabu, had been working with law enforcement representatives since the summer of 2011. Hacked By pivot antraxt and code smasher

Members of Indian Cyber Hunters Hits again.. has a Global Rank of 178,323 and is ranked 877 in Bangladesh.We can clearly see that its written 'payback' on the defaced webpage.. At the moment we are publishing this,the webpage was under maintenance..

3 Bangladeshi Websites Hacked By Indian Hacker Phoenix Encoder

After Jaguar Hacker and Silent Hacker of India,now its the turn of Phoenix Encoder to hack Bangladeshi Websites..3 new one added to the list of hacked BD websites..

11 Romanian Science and Research Sites Defaced by Anonymous

The official website of the Romanian National Institute of Social Economic Research and Polls (IRECSON), and 10 other domains managed by affiliated institutions, or ones under the leadership of the country’s National Agency for Scientific Research (ANCS) were breached and defaced by members of Anonymous.


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