Indian High Commission in London Using Typewriters To Prevent Cyber Espionage

The Indian High Commission in London has started using typewriters to protect themselves against spying. This is quite old fashioned,but Jamini Bhagwati, Indian High Commissioner in London told the Times of India "Top secret cables are never conveyed through the internet or machines with cable connections. External hard drives with tremendous amount of data storage capacity are easy to access. Therefore, top secret cables are written on the typewriter which can't be tracked." Typewriters have come out since the recent revelations made by Snowden, where he showed that the NSA has been using different kinds of devices to spy on the Indian diplomats and military officials.The employees has been asked to be careful when discussing  classified information inside the embassy premises for fear of bugs planted by international security agencies.
More can be read from Times of India [Click Here!]

10 Bangladeshi Government Websites Hacked As Payback by Indian Hacker

Last week,we published about four Indian police websites defaced.Indian hacker using the codename of ~SaHoo~ has defaced 10 Bangladeshi government websites as payback.Through the defacement he made, he stated the reason for this act,"This hack comes in response to the attack launched by Bangladeshi hackers against 4 Indian police websites."At the time of publishing,all the websites were still defaced.Mirrors as well have been made.

List of defaced Websites:[Click Here!]

Members of Brazilian Cyber Army Discovered XSS Vulnerability in NASA Sub Domain

Members of BCA,who are used of defacing websites have discovered XSS vulnerability in a sub-domain of NASA. By the time of publishing, it seems that the vulnerability was already corrected. In the above picture, it can be seen how it look before changes were made.

Twitter Launches Twitter Alerts

Twitter has launched Twitter Alerts on September 25 a new feature called Twitter Alerts.They said that this application could be very useful during natural disaster or any other emergencies when normal channels are unavailable.Gaby Pena said on Twitter blog,"We know from our users how important it is to be able to receive reliable information during these times."When users sign up for an account of Twitter Alerts, they will receive a notification directly in their phone for tweets marked as alerts by the senders. A series of organisation have already been authorised to send such alerts and Twitter will expand this service to "public institutions and NGOs around the world."
Source:[Click Here!]

Pakistani Hackers Defaced Several Indian Websites

Hackers using the codename of Hasnain Haxor and King Haxor,members of Pakistani hacking group, Pakistan Haxors Crew, have defaced 80 Indian websites.The same defaced page was uploaded on each website attack.To mention, Hasnain Haxor is the same hacker who hacked Pakistani Mobilink Careers Blog last week.A full list of all the defaced websites along with mirrors has been provided below.At the time of publishing,these websites were unavailable.
List of websites:[Click Here!]

Four Indian District Police Websites Defaced By Bangladeshi Hacker

After the BBHH, it is now the members of an another Bangladeshi hacking group calling itself Cyber-71 who have started defacing Indian website.The hacker using the codename of 'MR. ACID KHAN' published this on his official fan page about defacing four police website.The reason for defacing this website he stated was because of border killing.At the time of publishing,all the websites were still defaced.
Link to Defaced Websites:[Click Here!]

Members of The Hackers Army(THA) Defaced Several .rw(Rwanda) Domain Websites

A total of 21 websites were defaced by members of THA. .rw is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Rwanda.They uploaded the same deface page with the following message,
"We are Back with destruction
Hell Yeah .
TO give a single message to the citizens of the world
The U.S Military has Killed, Maimed and Made Homeless over 20 Million people since Vietnam
More than 1000 People Killed in Pakistan in which 127 were Identified as Little children
and this is just the Tip of the Ice Berg
Very few countries have violated as many Humanitarian Laws & Codes of War on Such a Large Scale
Over such an Extended Period. The Vast Political Leverage of The U.S , The Rising Indifference of Media Coverage
and the Alleged need of Secrecy for Matters of So Called National Security have Enabled one of the BLOODIEST history in 50 years
We are THA = The Hackers Army (The Voice of Oppressed)"

Among the websites defaced, we noticed that the hackers targeted mostly popular brand name such as,, etc. A full list of all the websites defaced along with mirrors has been provided below. At the time of publishing,all the websites were still defaced.

List Of Defaced Websites: [Click Here!]

Malaysian Hacker Defaced 30+ Websites

Jack Riderr, member of the Johor Hacking Crew, who is well known for mass defacement has once again deface a series of websites.A total of 33 websites were defaced this time on which the hacker uploaded an animated and attractive deface page.Among the websites deface,we noticed some .ru extension.
List of Defaced Websites:[Click Here!]

Bangladeshi Hackers of BBHH Defaced More Indian Websites

Last week,through there official Facebook page,BBHH announced about declaring cyber war with India.On this occasion,they defaced a series of Indian websites. Yesterday,17/09/2013, more Indian websites were defaced by the members of the group. Each of them are posting there defacement on the page.

Mobilink Careers Blog Hacked By Pakistani Hacker

Pakistani hacker using the codename Hasnain Haxor,and who is a member of the Pakistani hacking group called Pak Haxors Crew has defaced the website of Pakistan Telecoms Company Mobilink. On the defaced page,he added the following message,
"Admin secure your website. Just a warning. I don't want to mess with your data, but listen, I have all your data, hahahaa"
Mirror of the deface page has been provided below as by the time of publishing,the webpage was already restored.
Websites Defaced: Hacked By Turkish Hackers

Hacked by members of the well known hacking group '1923 Turk-Grup',this website has the largest database of websites related to Mauritius.On the deface page,the hackers uploaded a disturbing image on which we can see three dead man lying.Trying to know more about this defacement,we came across a mirror saved on 2013-02-13. We provided the link to the mirror below where our readers can see the date.Other pages of the website has not been defaced.
Website Hacked:

Indian Hacker Leaked Vulnerabilities Of Pakistani Government Websites

Indian hacker going by the name of Godziila has leaked through his Facebook page a series of vulnerabilities which he discovered in Pakistani government websites.He also added the following message with the leak,
"You yourself are not secure then how can you secure others. Your one proxy switch is again under our control.
We gave you an alert yesterday by taking FIA Switches under control, but you failed.
Hope you have a backup because we have started deleting it.

Below is the list of Ministry websites and backup servers which was leaked by the hacker:
  • Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage, Pakistan
  • Electronic Government Directorate, Pakistan
  • Pakistan Computer Bureau
  • Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan, BACKUP SERVER
  • Govt Backup Server Files
  • Govt Imp training tenders
  • And Many Govt sensitive backup files

For security reasons,we did not add the links to those websites and ip addresses.

Beware Of WhatsApp Email Scam

Security researchers from TrendLabs have come across a new method how attackers are distributing malicious element,that is by spamming by using the name of Whatsapp. Victims are receiving spammed messages saying that they have receive a new voice mail.The message includes details like time and length of the voice mail to make it look more genuine.Once the victim clicks on the play button,they are sent to a malicious site.There they are warn that their browser is outdated and are asked to update and need to click on a download button.It is at that moment that the malware is downloaded and will be a .jar file named 'browser_update_installer.jar'. On Android and iOS, a .apk file with the same name will be downloaded, which is detected as ANDROIDOS_OPFAKE.CTD.This malware will also try victims to download other app on the device.
We strongly advise our readers not to follow any such link or download any files which comes to you in this particular way.
Source:[Click Here!]

Bangladesh Black HAT Hackers Declare Cyber War

Through their Facebook fan page, members of the Bangladesh Black HAT Hackers have openly declared cyber war again indian government. The reason for this was that they wanted justice about Felani.A Bangladesh girl who was killed on the border. In this same declaration, they posted a series of websites which they already defaced.The same deface page was uploaded on each of these websites.By the time of publishing,some of these were already restored,others were offline and some still holding the deface page.

Sentenced To Three Years For Hacking Police Website

22 year old John Anthony Borell III of Toledo who pleaded guilty to computer fraud in April was sentenced to 3 years of in federal prison on Thursday.According to court documents, the intrusion caused thousands of dollars damage,which forced the Utah police website to be down for nearly three months.Borell is said to be a member of Anonymous and has taken credit for several online attacks.The U.S. Bureau of Prisons will decide where Borell will serve his sentence after he turns himself in.
More can be read from original source:[Click Here!]

Anonymous Supporter Pleads Guilty

A 37 year old man pleaded guilty for participating in an Anonymous operation in February 2011. As a supporter,he participated by launching DDOS attack against Koch Industries' website.The company spent $183,000 to a consulting group when they knew about the attack.The judge will decide on December 2, how much in restitution will Eric J. Rosol pay.
Source:[Click Here!]

Thai Websites Defaced By Johor Hacking Crew

Jack Riderr, member of Johor Hacking Crew, who is well known for defacing websites according to countries has this time hit those of Thailand. Posted on his official Facebook account, he listed around 35 websites,all defaced,holding the same deface page.Below is a list of all fer defaced websites along with mirrors.
Link to List of websites:[Click Here!]

Several NASA Sub Domains Hacked

Hacker going by the codename of BMPoC has defaced several sub domains of the NASA.The following message was left on the deface page,
"NASA HACKED! BY #BMPoCWe!  Stop spy on us! The Brazilian population do not support your attitude! The Illuminati are now visibly acting!
    Obama heartless! Inhumane! you have no family? the point in the entire global population is supporting you. NOBODY! We do not want war, we want peace!!! Do not attack the Syrians!
By the time of publishing,all the affected domains were offline.We managed to collect mirrors of the defaced pages. 
List of Sub Domain:[Click Here!]

Using Heartbeat Instead Of Password

Bionym, a security company in Canada has developed a new authentication device which uses a person's heartbeat as a biometric identifier. The device which is a bracelet and is called Nymi, reads the electrocardiogram of the person wearing it and when the heartbeat is confirmed,the bracelet becomes an authentication device that can access computer networks, computers, hotel room doors, and airport kiosks.This technology is an alternative to passwords,PINS,key and cards.
A promo video as well was publish on YouTube to demonstrate how this new device work.
Source:[Click Here!]

467 Indian Websites Defaced By Sizzling Soul

Pakistani hackers using the codename of Sizzling Soul has defaced 467 Indian websites on the 6th of September,a date on which Pakistan celebrate Defence Day.The same deface page was uploaded on each website.
Message on deface page:
"Own3d By
P@KhTuN~72 | M@st3r M!nd | Sizzling Soul | $P@Rk | Code Cracker | Hector
Pak Cyber Eaglez Arrived,
Hai Pplz.Do You Remember 6th September?Let Me Remind You
Defence Day of Pakistan,observed with zeal and fervour today to pay homage to the martyrs who rendered supreme sacrifice in defence of the motherland.
On September 6, 1965 the Indian forces sneaked through the Wagah Border but Pakistan's armed forces put up a valiant defence of the motherland and drove them back. The day was named Defence of Pakistan Day (Youm-e-Difa).
Pakistan Was Secured Successfully.
,Peace Peace Peace peace Peace Peace
Salute To All Of Those Known And Unknown Heroes Of Pakistan Who Died For Pakistan
Pakistan Zindabad

List of all deface websites:
[Click Here!]

OpSyria : Anonymous Press Realease

Publish through pastebin on the 7 of September,Anonymous has outline their position in regards to what is happening in Syria.By now,the document has received a total hits of 693.An exact copy of the press release has been provided below for our readers.
"Anonymous -- #OpSyria
Greetings from Anonymous, the final boss of the internet. Recently it has come to our attention that
the public, supporters of our movement and the general internet populace is slightly confused as to
our intentions for Operation Syria.  
We wish to outline our position on the regime and the opposition so as to make things less complicated
for those unaware of our intentions.
 We do not support the Syrian regime, namely for a few reasons:
1.) The Syrian regime has oppressed the people of Syria.
2.) The Syrian regime has used weapons of mass destruction against innocent people.
3.) The Syrian regime seeks to limit freedom of expression through the difficulty of internet access,
    thereby limiting, in addition, freedom of information supply to the Syrian people.
We stand with the people of Syria, not necessarily all the views of the opposition. Anonymous takes a
very pro-information and pro-freedom approach to our operations and our planning. When it became clear
that the Syrian regime was limiting the rights of the people, we responded accordingly, deciding that
we would take the side of the populace.
As we do frequently, Anonymous firmly stands on the side of the population, rather than the government.
To support the Syrian regime would be to support an oppressive organization seeking to attack the liberty
of an entire nation. Surely, it becomes clear, then, why Anonymous has so viciously been lashing out
at Syrian government websites. 
To date, we have hacked into Syrian customs, launched DDoS attacks on numerous Syrian government websites,
spread information on the situation at hand, and gone to war with the Syrian Electronic Army.  
As for the latter, we did so only after the Syrian Electronic Army declared war on Anonymous, and by extension
you. We are not particularly interested specifically in one pro-regime hacktivist group, and as such,
we are more preoccupied with getting our message out through attacking the government.
Anonymous is a movement. It is an idea which does not manifest itself into the viewpoints and ranks of
any small group of particular individuals. We do not represent the entire idea or protest of Anonymous, rather
the #OpSyria arm of the AnonOps association of activists.
Conflicting viewpoints on these matters are welcome, as we do not attack or declare any opinion to be wrong.
As much as we are open with our position that we support the people of Syria, we wish to also make it clear
that we serve a more significant, if not epic, purpose. Operaton Syria seeks to provide the world with information
as its greatest ammunition. That being any information we've dug up with or without intrusions into systems.
Operation Syria's greatest caliber round is the documents and the motivation we give to the international
community to take a stand and stomp down the oppressor.
You are Anonymous. You, too, are legion, simply by declaring your loyalty to the movement and the idea.
You cannot join Anonymous, you cannot represent Anonymous, you cannot claim that Anonymous is taking one
specific standpoint without further clarifying that opinions may differ all across the globe.
Hopefully we have clarified these matters as they became important or relevant.
If you wish to speak to activists in support of Operation Syria, join our internet relay chat:
or for SSL on an IRC client.
We are Anonymous
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget.
We are already here.
Source:[Click Here!]

Trojan Now Travels Via Mobile Botnets

Researcher from Kaspersky Lab has identify a new trojan which is being distributed via Android mobiles.Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a was first reported in late May this year and has been identified as the most sophisticated mobile trojan.After examining the trojan,researchers discovered that the malware owners have developed a totally new technique.The trojan spreads itself through sms or hacked apps websites.Kaspersky also identified more that a million installer of Opfake.a,another trojan with which,the makers of obad.a have teamed up with.Once opfake.a is installed,it uses GCM to send out a message of an update and install obad.a trojan using the name of mms.apk or mmska.apk.The malware gains Administrative privileges in the device and hides itself from file searches.It afterwards contact C&C server and start spamming itself.More can be read from the original article on Securelist, [Click Here!]

Anonymous Brazil Members Getting Arrested

On their official website,one of the administrator wrote an article regarding their movement.The administrator stated that the Judiciary of Rio de Janeiro declared that they are out to get us.He added "This is another attempt by the state to criminalize social movements and justifiable collectives. We need Unity at this time, more than ever. When acting together, we are extremely powerful; when divided we are weak." Below in the article,he provided a series of document which are titled as "Justice authorizes secrecy breaks from the Anonnymous Group pages".
A 4.16 minutes YouTube video as well was published where AnonymousBrazil stated that the owner of the Facebook page "BlackBlocRJ" was arrested and that the authorities want them to stop their manifestation which is scheduled for September 7.

Source:[Click Here!]

Directorate General Defence Purchase of Pakistan Hacked And Files Leaked By Afghan Cyber Army

Afghan Cyber Army (ACA) continues its attack on Pakistani cyber space.This time they penetrated the Directorate General Defence Purchase of Pakistan website(, stole 62 files and leaked them on their official facebook page via free file hosting services.Along with this leak,they posted a message which goes as follows:
"This hack is a response to the rocket attacks of Pakistan military on Kunar and Jalalabad Provinces of Afghanistan! Next time wait for...bigger damage,
We will not let any torture and overtaking on our land unanswered. Remember WE ARE AFGHANS, WE DO NOT FORGET, WE DO NOT FORGIVE!
Rest in peace the Heroes of Afghanistan we will never forgot your Sacrifice and we never will let porkies and this world forget it too..
Live For Afghanistan Or Leave Afghanistan
Greetings:To All Afghans & All Afghan Security Forces

For security reasons,we decided not to post the leaked documents link.

Commander X Quits

Christopher Doyon, known as Commander X in the cyber world posted a farewell message on as "Farewell Statement From X" , he explained why he is quitting everything and what he will be doing. Commander X is today homeless, without family and he clearly described what he is going through in his farewell message. An exact copy of what he wrote has been pasted here for our readers.

Exact Copy Of Original Message:
"Greetings --

I have been an activist for 30 years. My entire life has been dedicated to fighting for justice and freedom, for both human and animal rights. For 28 of those years I have been what some call a "hactivist", and in the past 5 years I have been a part of the amazing idea called Anonymous. In fact, during these past 5 years I have dedicated an average of 10 hours a day to cyber-activism within the context of the PLF and Anonymous. In the course of these events, the persona of "Commander X" has developed and expanded to almost mythic proportions. In a sense the "Commander X" persona has become a bit like BatMan, a sort of cyber-super hero. But like BatMan, the impossible persona of "Commander X" rests upon the shoulders of a simple man. And like all men, I have frailties, weaknesses - and limits.

In the past few years, in order to support this "Commmander X" persona I have sacrificed my family, my freedom, my home - and even my country. I will never regain these, I will die as a man without a family or country.  I will die alone in a foreign land, my ashes spread across a foreign forest. I have no regrets in this regard, "Commander X" made a difference - he saved lives and inspired thousands to join this critical fight for the very soul of humanity.

But in addition to the sacrifices named above, the past few years of endless work on the PLF and Anonymous have thoroughly wrecked my health, physical, psychological - and spiritual. "Commander X" may be invincible, but I am extremely ill from the exhaustion and stress of fighting in this epic global cyber war. I always believed I would have the strength to fight until the bitter end. I do not. I can not go on, and as of this moment I permanently and completely retire from cyber-activism, the Peoples Liberation Front - and Anonymous. I have removed my mask from the wall of my office. I am an Anon no longer.

The majority of things that I have sacrificed in order to bear the persona of "Commander X" are lost to me forever. I can never endanger my family by contacting them, and I can never return to the USA. But there is one thing, one delight of my past life that I thought lost to me forever that I can recover.

Many years ago, long before the eruption of this global cyber-war - I was an amateur scientist in the field of Machine Life (autonomous robotics) and AI (artificial intelligence). For five or so years I had a lab in my basement filled with dozens of robots ranging from those the size of a large spider to bipeds two foot tall. As for AI, there is nothing like the thrill of writing code that is capable of learning, code that can literally rewrite itself. Code that can think, respond intelligently - even create. Those years were the happiest and most intellectually fulfilling of my life.

Lately, here in Canada - I have been picking up some small and discrete web design and network security jobs.  I have managed to be able to rent a spare, small and very plain office and furnish it with simple things like a microwave and coffee maker. It is in this space that I intend to take up once again my amateur research into the field of autonomous robotics and artificial intelligence and rebuild my laboratory. The field has progressed much since I was drawn away from it into the great global cyber-war, and I look forward to all the catching up I have to do!  In addition, I will re-establish the Machine Life & Artificial Intelligence Foundation which I founded so long ago as a repository for my research. For those few true friends I have out there in the movement for whom these things are interesting, I have established a new personal Twitter account @M0RPHE0US where I will tweet about things related to this field. But PLEASE, no politics or activism. These things are finished for me.

Commander X will now step off the stage of history, and fade into the mists of myth and legend. Hopefully his sordid and exciting story will inspire others to take up the fight for justice and freedom. As for the tiny simple man upon whose shoulders he rested, he will now spend his days in sheer delight watching the antics of his little robots, and his nights talking to computer programs that can think and dream.


Original Copy:[Click Here!]

Anonymous Hacked Brazilian Air Force Website

Posted on their official Twitter account,anonymous brazil announced that they defaced the Brazilian Air Force Website official website ( the time of publishing,the website was taken offline.The picture above was provided on twitter showing how the website looked at the time of the defacement.They also provided another link where they gave the reason for their attack.

Message Posted On Second Link Translated By Google Translate:
"Allow me to apologize for taking a bit of your time . I, like many of you , appreciate the comforts of the everyday routine , family security , the tranquility of repetition. I like them like any other . But in the spirit of celebration , where important events of the past usually associated with someone's death or a significant event is celebrated with a nice holiday, I thought of writing this text, taking a little the time of their lives daily to try to talk . There are , of course , those who do not want us to speak . Those who will do anything for you do not be aware of the facts, including the use of violence . Why ? Because while violence is used in place of dialogue , words will always have power. Words provide a means pro praqueles meaning and listening the enunciation of truth. And the truth is that there is a situation totally wrong in this country . There ? Intolerance , oppression , corrupçãoe impunity. Whose fault is it? Certainly there are those who are more responsible than others and they will be held accountable . But truth be told , if you look for culprits only need to look in the mirror . I know why I did it , I know that many were deceived , how to avoid ? Hunger , poverty , abandonment, there was always a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason you If to get caught by beautiful speeches and promises . The hope of a different reality guided their actions and you relied on the current rulers . They had been promised development ; promised them an end of misery , and all they demanded in return was a silent vote. 191 years ago the Emperor D. Pedro I declared Brazil independent of Portugal certainly a necessary measure for the nation . I invite you to question whether it is the time to declare independent , no longer a foreign nation , but the nation's current , the current emperor , no longer lead more in their hearts will lead us with honor. I'll take the question whether equality justiçae freedom are more than words , but prospects . If you see nothing , if the crimes of this government still unknown you are , I suggest you leave the September 7 go blank . But if you see what I see , feel what I feel and seek what I seek , then I ask that together on Saturday , during the civic-military parade , gave them a September 7 we will never forget"

9 Iranian Websites Defaced for #OpSyria

Members of Moroccan Agent Secret defaced 9 Iranian websites for #OpSyria.The same deface page was uploaded on each website on which the hackers name could be read, "Blackbase and Younes L Maghribi". At the time of publishing,all the websites were still defaced.List of the websites along with mirrors has been provided below.
List Of Defaced Websites:[Click Here!]


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