Ubuntu Forums Hacked

"Ubuntu forums is down for maintenance." This is what can be read when going on the Ubuntu forum website. They stated that there has been a security breach and the Canonical IS team is working hard to restore the website.Below is the full statement available on the website.
"Ubuntu Forums is down for maintenance
There has been a security breach on the Ubuntu Forums. The Canonical IS team is working hard as we speak to restore normal operations. This page will be updated with progress reports.
What we know
    Unfortunately the attackers have gotten every user's local username, password, and email address from the Ubuntu Forums database.
    The passwords are not stored in plain text, they are stored as salted hashes. However, if you were using the same password as your Ubuntu Forums one on another service (such as email), you are strongly encouraged to change the password on the other service ASAP.
    Ubuntu One, Launchpad and other Ubuntu/Canonical services are NOT affected by the breach.
Progress report
    2013-07-20 2011UTC: Reports of defacement
    2013-07-20 2015UTC: Site taken down, this splash page put in place while investigation continues.
    2013-07-21: we believe the root cause of the breach has been identified. We are currently reinstalling the forums software from scratch. No data (posts, private messages etc.) will be lost as part of this process.
    2013-07-22: work on reinstalling the forums continues.
If you're using Ubuntu and need technical support please see the following page for support:
    Finding Help.
If you're looking for a place to discuss Ubuntu, in the meantime we encourage you to check out these sites:
    The Ubuntu subreddit
    The Ubuntu Community on Google+
    Ubuntu Discourse

Amateur Filmmakers From Hong Kong Realeases First Edward Snowden Movie

Two days after Snowden was identified as the person who leaked credentials document of the NSA,Edwin Lee, a freelance filmmaker contacted some of his friends for a shooting of a short film. The movie released is a 5 minutes film and was shot in four days. Edwin said that the script was written a day before the shooting and the actors did not have time for rehearsal.
Published on YouTube, the publisher added why this movie was made and also added the name of all the crew who participated in the making of this short movie.
YouTube Trailer
"This is a short film based on the events of Edward Joseph Snowden/斯諾登, a former CIA and NSA employee who leaked a top secret mass surveillance programme from the US and UK.
We have never met or been in contact with Edward Joseph Snowden.
We are a band of independent and amateur filmmakers in Hong Kong who were both excited and puzzled as to why Snowden chose to come to Hong Kong. "...

National Cyber Security Policy 2013 Released By Indian Government

The National Cyber Security Policy 2013 has been released by the Indian Government on Tuesday 2nd of July.Everything related to cyber security will be cordinated by a body known as National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS).
thehindubusinessline.com cited what Kapil Sibal, Minister, Communications and Information Technology, said:
"The National Cyber Security Policy-2013 serves as a means to provide confidence and reasonable assurance to all stakeholders in the country and the global community about the safety, security and resilience of cyberspace,
He also added:
Considering the dynamics of the internal and external environment, the task of evolving a meaningful national cyber security policy covering a broad spectrum of issues is quite daunting,
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