Generating Fingerprint From Photos

Jan Krissler, member of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) hacker network claimed that he was able to clone the fingerprint of German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen using commercial software and images. In a hacker conference which was held in Hamburg, Jan Krissler, also known as Starbug, held a presentation where he explained how the biometric fingerprint can be cloned from photos of a finger. He managed to get several photos of the politician from different angles and distance in a news conference in October. The tool he has been using is a software which is designed for biometric system integrators.
Starbug is a security researcher at Technical University of Berlin.

With the availability of high performance camera on the market and using the Starbug's method, targeted attacks will be easier for criminal.

Video of the Presentation [In German]

Source: [Click Here!]

Mauritian Girl Fell Victim To Online Sextortion

A 22 year old Mauritian girl has fallen victim of online sextortion. The man behind this criminal act is no other than the one she was planning to get married with, a French. She met the man on a dating site 4months ago. Two weeks ago, she received a link to a YouTube video of duration of one minute in which she was doing a striptease for the French. To have the video removed, she was asked to pay 800 Euros. After negotiating, she paid 100 Euros and the video was removed. But the story does not end here. She was this time asked 500euros; otherwise the video will be leaked on the internet. The girl stated that the man already talked to her parents and was suppose to be coming to Mauritius in February to fix their marriage. He told her that his name was Frank, 32 years and was working as a salesman in a supermarket.

"It's on the dating site Badoo as I've known him. We have started discussions. He never got the disrespect. Every day we discuss on whatsapp and skype. We connected via webcam to make more detailed knowledge. Three weeks ago, we started conversations of a sexual nature. He claimed me a little sexy dance to show him some parts of my body. I refused any short. He insisted that I perform a dance. After much reluctance, I gave. I did that once", stated the girl (Translated by Bing Translator from source)

The case was reported to the Mauritius Police Cybercrime Unit. The Skype account of the man is no more available and the payment which she did via western union was on the account of a certain Ekra Martin in Abidjan.

Source:[Defi Media]

Apple First Automatic Security Update for Mac Users

Apple is updating its Macs to prevent hackers from taking control. This is the very first time that updates were sent automatically without asking a user for permission. This particular update protect Apple laptops and desktop from a newly discovered vulnerability (CVE-2014-9295). This vulnerability was revealed Friday by the US Department of Homeland Security and the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute. Updates which were released on Monday, fixes the critical security vulnerabilities on OS X operating system called the Network Time Protocol. The NTP is used to synchronise clocks on a computer system.
The technology of automatic updates was already there since two years, but it’s the first time that it has been used.

Source: [Reuters]


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