Syrian Electronic Army Hacked AFP Photo Twitter Account

Agence France-Presse (AFP) Photo Twitter account has been hacked by members of Syrian Electronic Army.The hackers have been posting several photos relating to the conflict in Syria before the account was suspended.
AFP representative said in a statement,: "Starting at 16:45 GMT, the Twitter account of AFP's photo service @AFPphoto was hacked. The documents posted after that on the account did not originate from the agency,"
AFP also reported that since Monday,phishing attacks were launched against their employees to trick them to hand over their usernames and passwords.
Source:[Click Here!]

#OpBigBrother: Several Database Leaked And Websites Defaced

Anonymous hacktivist have been much busy this weekend.In relation to #OpBigBrother and #IDP13, hacktivist have leaked several database and have been defacing several websites.To mention,#IDP13,is International Day for Privacy,was declared for the 23rd of Feb 2013.Among the 20 websites attacked, 4 of them were defaced and the remaining 16 have been leaked.Concerning the defacement,the same page was uploaded on each website on which a video title as 'EMERGENCY ALERT ABOUT WORLDWIDE SURVEILLANCE #ANONYMOUS' was included.
Mostly CCTV resellers and security firms websites were attacked.
List of Defaced Websites:

Mirrors: [Click Here!]

Video Posted On Defaced Page

Database Leaked Websites:

OGRA Pakistan Website Hacked By Indian Hacker SidLove

Indian Hacker known as Sidlove has defaced the Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority Website of Pakistan.He uploaded the Indian flag and also added the following message on the defaced page,
"Sun beta porkistan, tera baap HINDUSTAN
Doodh maanga toh kheer denge, Kashmir maanga toh Cheer denge
May GOD mercy my enemies coz we wont..
To all Pakistani hackers hacking innocent Indian sites for kashmir :
You wont get kashmir by hacking India sites. U wont even get our shit's. Kashmir belongs to India and no fucking asshole can separate it from us.
|| JAI HIND ||
Greets to :- Root Code_fire , Pr4sh ,Darkspirit Negative , Prankstar ,Maya , EvilPanther , MCA and all Indian Hackers


By the time of publishing,the website was unavailable.

7 Indian Government Websites Hacked by Pakistan Cyber Army

Members of Pakistan Cyber Army have defaced 7 Indian Government websites by uploading the same defaceb page on each of them.On the defaced page,they wrote the following message:
"Here u g0 KiDs!
Indian Government Servers Own3D!
Hello GaY HinD People! Now Where's SecuritY? ;)
Listen U Fucked Up Indishell Kids! We Were Trying To Be in Peace!
BuT We Don't Think U Want It to Be Like That Anymore! So Here comes The Fuck From Us _|_
U abused All Pakistanis ( Which Includes Our Parents as Well )
I Had Told U AlreadY We have access to more than 50% of Indian GOV servers!
BuT U ThoughT We MighT Be Kidding & U KepT Trying ur Lame ShiTs on .PK siTeS!
When I see ur lame ShiTTy defaces on .PK SiTeS, It Drives me Real CrazY _|_
Shame on U kids! :D
I Also Told U noT To Hack .PK Otherwise U will see Zone-h Full Of StarWhite Indian FLAG :D
Now Is The Time For Doing ThaT ShiT! In Other Words! We have Done this ShiT Already =))
Pakistan ZindabaD!
PCA Had An EYE on ICA 4 a LonG Time!
We Are : H4x0r HuSsY | 1337 | H4x0rL1f3 | Invectus | KhantastiC HaXoR | Shadow008
Websites Defaced:

Mirrors:[Click Here!]
By the time of publishing,all the websites were already restored.

#OP Indonesia Launched By Indian Hackers [UPDATED]

Through a Facebook events page,Indian hackers have launched an operation named as #OP Indonesia. 
The following message was on the event page:
"#OP Indonesia & Anti Hindus started
Our Jackets are not Bullet proof Our Spirit Is :)
Hello Citizens of Indonesia nd World,
We are The GReat Indian's
Stop abusing OUR RELIGION
I m proud to belong to a religion
which has taught d world both tolerance
& universal acceptance.
proud to b a HINDU
" Dharmo rakshati rakshitah "
Dharma protects those who protect Dharma
"Most people are not willing to sacrifice themselves for their country and religion. We are! Does this make us militants? Not at all. It makes up proud patriotic Hindus, who will make sure that Hinduism survives for all of our future generations. We are the protectors of dharma and we will do anything to destroy adharma."

Launched on February 20 2013(yesterday), by now,several Indonesian websites were already hacked by Indian hackers.The reason behind this operation seems to be the fact that Indonesian hackers have been insulting the Hindu religion(based on what have been written on the event page). A list of defaced websites were collected and is provided below in the pastebin document.
List of defaced websites: [Click Here!]
Facebook Event Page: [Click Here!]

Indian hacker going by the name of  Resister India told us that the operation has come to an end as no more websites are being defaced by Indonesian hackers.He also stated that if they start again,then Indian hackers will reply to their act.

World Health Organisation Sub Domain Hacked

The World Health Organization(WHO) sub domain was defaced by a Turkish hacker using the code name The-Ajan.Nothing much was added on the defaced sub domain page except the following wording in different font size "NO WAR BABY KILLER ISRAEL
WHO Hacked By THE-AjaN Turkish Hacker
" By the time of publishing,the sub domain page was already restored.
Website Defaced:

5 Sri Lanka Government Websites Defaced

Pakistani hacker going by the name of 'h4x0r HuSsY' has defaced five Sri Lanka government websites.No defaced page were added,only wordings.Websites which were defaced are Sri Lanka Investor's Commission , Ministry of Environment , Ministry of Agriculture , Ministry of Child Development and Women's Affairs and Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources.
Websites Defaced:

Cybersecurity Agreement Between India And UK

David Cameron is about to sign a cyber-security agreement.This agreement is designed to protect the sensitive information of the government which are actually being stored on Indian servers.Cameron's office said in a statement: 
"The two leaders are expected to agree a substantial strengthening of practical co-operation between British and Indian authorities to increase the security of British and Indian computer networks and to help defend them against cyber attacks by terrorists, criminals and hostile states,"
More can be read from source [Click Here!]

Kevin Mitnick Hired To Secure Elections

The famous hacker,Kevin Mitnick was hired by President Rafael Correa to secure the elections in Ecuador.He had as role to secure the Net Lock computer systems used to tabulate the election.Few days before the election,Mr Mitnick wrote the following message on his twitter account:
"I'm here in Quito, Ecuador to help secure the Presidential election. I am not speaking here on this trip."
He also reminded everyone that 18years ago he was busted for hacking,and today,he is doing the same thing with authorization.He described this as something 'cool' by asking "How cool is that?"
Source: [Click Here!]

Anonymous: Operation Egypt Press Release

 Anonymous released a video on YouTube titled as '#OpEgypt: Anonymous - Operation Egypt Press Release (16.2.2013)' in which they threatens to continue their cyber attack on Egyptian Government Websites.Below is the video and the transcript posted on YouTube.

Mr. Morsi does not seem to understand the consequences of his doings. He is gambling with the future of a whole nation for the benefit of his corrupt group. He did not keep his most important promise regarding the constitution, and he is causing death to dozens of his own people, including those who have chosen him hoping for a change. No change has been realized. He and his group are taking Egypt in the wrong direction by drafting a constitution that legalizes military trials to civilians and does not guarantee basic human rights. To Mr. Morsi, how do you plan to build the future of your country after destroying the dreams of a whole generation?

One doesn't simply steal a revolution. We stand by Egypt's youth in their struggle, no matter how long it takes. We have made a promise to remain the thorn in the oppressors' throat. Our civil protests will not cease. Morsi's incompetent government websites are currently inaccessible globally, as It has been so for weeks, rendering it only accessible locally if ever. This includes but is not limited to, Egypt's cabinet of ministers website, Egypt's ministry of interior affairs website, and Egypt's ministry of information. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

Several Websites Defaced By Indonesian Hacker Drac-101code

Several websites has been hacked lately by Indonesian hacker going by the name of Drac-101code. The same defaced page were uploaded on each websites with the following message:
"root@server:/root # query result: error - 404
root@server:/root # ooh, 404?. That Mean ur site exploited :)!
root@server:/root # ..........HACKED BY Drac-101code
root@server:/root # root@server:/root #
root@server:/root # ......................>!
root@server:/root # Do you wont the reason?!
root@server:/root # ......................>!
root@server:/root # There Is Not Patch To Human Stupidity
root@server:/root # Loading..........
root@server:/root # Loading..........
root@server:/root # Loading..........
root@server:/root # ..........Locked!
root@server:/root # (abort)
root@server:/root # Completed! ...
root@server:/root # #..........Drac-101code Was Here !
root@server:/root # #..........<......................>> - Im Ow'ned You !
root@server:/root #
root@server:/root # Thanks To: Allah SWT - Nabi Muhammad SAW - Raka Satria - Submit Defacer Team.
root@server:/root # | K4C3 Undetected | Doza Cracker | Drac-101code | E5a_Cyb3r | Rifqi 3103 | Xrootx | Abraut | Dmustcyber4rt | Fuad 07 Lekx | ct2Xars |.

No specific reasons were put on the pages.The list of all the defaced websites can be seen here

African Union Official Website Defaced

The official website of the African Union was defaced by members of the SysBreak-Crew.Nothing much was added on the defaced page,except the following:
'sysbreak-crew pwned !'
Mirror of the website during defacement has been provided below.By the time of publishing,the website has already been restored.
Website Hacked:

Pakistani Television Network Geo Tv Hacked

Members of the ZCompany Hacking Crew has been defacing Pakistani television network Geo TV. This hacking crew are composed of Pakistani hackers and this seems to be quite weird that they have attacked their own cyber space in an operation called, #OpKashmir. By the time of publishing, the sub domains were unavailable.
Message Posted On Each Page:
'Its been almost a week since Indian siege and curfew in Indian Occupied Kashmir and the Pakistani Media is busy in 'Aman' Ki Aasha. This Hack is a WakeUp Call.
Do you still need 'Aman' Ki Aasha when blood of your brothers and sisters is being spilled on the streets of Kashmir?
Do you still desire 'Aman' Ka Tamasha when your brethren are caged in their homes and army troopers patrolling their streets, eager to shot down even an 8 year old who comes out?
Do you still desire 'Aman' Ka Tamasha when your sisters are being raped by the Indian occupational forces?
Will you still speak Aman Ki Bhasha while internet, mobiles, newspapers, news channels are blocked and children and even pregnant women are being brutally murdered in Kashmir Valley?
While our brother Shaheed Afzal Guru was hanged in Tihar Jail-India, you were busy showing Horoscope on your channel, and same with other media, who were showing non-sense things at that time in the morning.
Will you continue your treacherous silence over Kashmir Siege or you stand up for your Kashmiri brothers and sisters?? This is a WakeUp Call. If you continue your silence we'll attack more media websites of Pakistan.
Can you hear what we are saying? Can you?
>> If you don't cover Kashmiri Freedom Struggle, We will do it ourselves on each of your websites <<"

Website Hacked


Websites From Different Countries Defaced

Hacker going by the name of Mr.Unclock has defaced a total of 30 websites among which 13 of Germany,11 of United States,4 of Brazil and 1 of Chile.On each websites he uploaded different type of defaced page on which the same working were present, 'HACKED BY Mr.Unlock'. Below is the link to the list of all the websites defaced.
Link to Pastebin: [Click Here!]

Member of Brazilian Cyber Army Leaked Sierra Lione Police Department Website Admin Credential

DoxTheGod, a member of the Brazilian Cyber Army has leaked the database of the Sierra Lione Police Department website through a text document which they uploaded on their official website.The document contains the username,id and password of the admin.Link to the leaked document has not been provided for security reasons.
ScreenShot of the Document Posted

Operation Dorner Launched By Anonymous

Through a video posted on YouTube,Anonymous hackers have launched and attack called Operation Dorner which is in relation to the manner in which Los Angeles Police Dept is handling the issue of alleged cop killer, Christopher Doner.
Hello, officers of the Los Angeles Police Department, we are anonymous.

As national headlines regarding the vigilante acts of former LAPD officer Christopher Jordan Dorner continue to intensify, we have decided amongst ourselves to pursue an appropriate recourse.

And so we watched with dread and utter hilarity as the LAPD began to pursue this man.

However the department has proven once more that it is incapable of serving the public, look no further than to the women who became LAPD's most recent victims. The two were shot without warning and were not even given the chance to surrender simply because LAPD thinks they are above the law.

No one is above the law.

In coordination with federal authorities, the LAPD is now conducting a massive manhunt for The Dark Knight Christopher Dorner, so that they may effectively silence him forever without due process.

And now since the authorization of drones have been approved for the first time ever to pursue and execute an American citizen on United States Soil, the US Government will stage this event to set a new precedent from which it can assassinate American citizens for little to no reason at all.

But do not misinterpret us for we do not condone the vicious acts that Dorner has allegedly partaken in. Instead we sympathize and resonate with his struggle. Dorner was not born a killer he was a law abiding citizen that was tainted by the corrupt and inhumane practices of the Los Angeles Police Department who serve only themselves.

We however do not accept this fate, and call upon our brothers to raise arms against the LAPD, for justice and for the lulz we will rise to disrupt, dismantle and dissect all aspects of the manhunt whilst revealing the LAPD's unwarranted hypocrisy.

We are hated, vilified, and like Dorner, considered to be enemies to the state. But there are those who whisper that we are culture and a necessity that bring truth to a cloaked world. In this spirit we will forge ahead and allow #OperationDorner to commence! Sub-Domain Penetrated by Poisonous

Indian hacker going by the name of 'poisonous' has defaced the sub domain of Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( by uploading a page on which the following was written:
"b0x own3d by p0isonOus ;)
Bitch Please,Where Is the Security. :|
This is c4ll3d R0y4L h4X!ng :)
Gr33tz t0 Indian HaX0rs
All Rights Reserved !!
By the time of publishing,the sub-domain was already deleted.Mirror of the url has been provided below to see how the page was at the time of defacement.

Sub-Domain Defaced:
Mirror: [Zone-H]

Several Afghan Websites Defaced By Pakistani Hacker

Member of the Pakistani Haxors Crew going by the name of Haxor Hasnain has been after Afghan websites for several days by defacing one after the other.By now,a total of 9 websites have already been defaced by the hacker on which he has been uploading the same defacement page.
Message Posted On Each Website Defaced:
"I am sorrY BuT U GuYs had really Pissed me off by ur random Hacks on Paki Servers -_- U hacked & Said : what the hell is pakistan Lol don't mess with your father ??? o.O I restored it & now UR Owned By Me lOl Bache Ho Bache Ban Kr Raho Baap Bano Ge To Phar Dainge ;) :)
Mess with the Best! Die like the Rest! & Yeah!!!! There is a good news 4 u! Nothing harmed! JusT Data DelEtEd! :)

List of websites defaced with mirrors :[Click Here!] Hacked By Bangladeshi Hacker TiGER-M@TE [UPDATED]

Bangladeshi hacker going by the name of TiGER-M@TE has defaced the Malawi Yahoo page by uploading a defaced page on which the following was written:
#Bangladeshi HackeR
Greetz : c0de-X-1337 ; h311 c0d3 ; m1l05 ; kinG oF coNTroL ; Barbaros-DZ ; F0RTYS3V3N ; aBu.HaliL501 ; W7sH.SyRiA ; j0 ; l0calh0st ; Ne0-h4ck3r ;


After investigating further,we discovered that many other .mw websites were defaced by the Bangladeshi hacker.

Young Indian Security Researchers Discovered Vulnerability In Several Websites

Young Indian security researcher going by the name of Sandeep Singh, who is a second year BSC IT student,contacted us some days back.In his mail,he sent us several vulnerabilities which he and his friend Navneet Singh discovered in different websites.The very first website in which he discovered these issues was the AVG of South Africa.Two main vulnerabilities were there,namely the local file inclusion vulnerability and full path disclosure vulnerability.They provided us with the urls as a proof of concept.The same vulnerabilities were found in the IIT websites of India.They contacted them regarding this issue and as a respond,they were thanked and were asked for further help by IIT Bombay.Some of these have already been fixed.

AVG of South Africa
POC :\WINDOWS\win.ini

IIT Bombay

IIT Allahabad
Status: Not Fixed

IIT Madras
Status: Not Fixed

IIT Kanpur
Status: Fixed

7 Porn Websites Hacked By Jaguar Hacker

Jaguar hacker from India hasn't been hacking for some time.He decided to 'make a come-back' by defacing 7 porn websites.He added the same deface page on all websites on which the following message was written:
"Hello there
Your Site got hacked, Nothng Personal But We Dont Support Porn
Destroy Porn!!
This clearly show that even hackers are against porn material and are fighting against this issue in their own way.
Websites Hacked:
 All Mirrors:[Click Here!]

Hacker Called Indian Actress Sameera Reddy After Using Her Credit Card

Indian actress Sameera Reddy received a call from a hacker lately.The hacker who is from the US stole the details of her credit card and has been spending around Rs5 lakhs,which is equivalent to around $9300.
 "I was dubbing when I got a call. It was from an unknown number and the person on the other side told me he was part of a hackers' team."said Sameera.The hacker has been using the card from several location around the world.
Sameera also added: "I could not believe what he was saying. I had my card with me but the bank authority asked me to pay up the dues. I kept arguing with them for two months. Finally, the matter has been settled," .
Source:[Click Here!]

Member of Brazilian Cyber Army Leaked Syrian Ministry Database

Through a pastebin document,member of the Brazilian Cyber Army going by the name of @S3NZU3 has leaked the database of the Syrian Ministry Of Presidential Affairs Database and the Ministry of Health Database.Named as Target1 and Target2 respectively in the document,emails account and unencrypted password was leaked in the Target1 section and in the Target2 section,the password are encrypted.The hacker also started the document by asking not to change the password.For security reasons,we are not providing any link to the document leaked.

Three Pakistani Websites Hacked By Phoenix64

Hacker going by the name of Phoenix64 has defaced three high profile Pakistani website,namely,Population Welfare Department(which is a Government website),Quad-e azam University sub-domain and one Pakistani pharmacy website.At the time of publishing,the Population Welfare Department of Pakistan website was unreachable.

Websites Defaced:

250 Brazilian Websites Defaced By Indian Hacker

Indian hacker going by the name of Sen Haxor has defaced 250 Brazilian websites.The same defaced page was uploaded on each website attacked by him.The host provider of these websites itself was owned by the hacker as it is the '/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi' of each websites which was defaced.Below is the list of all the defaced websites,mirrors for these websites are unavailable.
Message Posted On Each Website:
"Brazalian Hosting 0wn3D and Fucked up like a Low Paid BitcH !
Your Security Was Good But Not Good enough to keep me out
Sen Haxor was here For More Security . Indian Hacker Fucked You !
Greetz : LuCkY, Striker , Ethicaln00b , Ashell , Darkw0lf ,CyberAce Legion , Jaguar Haxor , YaSH , r0ot_d3vil, Manish Tanwar, Ebin ,Xtreme Killer , Ion , Cool Toad, Atul , ShortY420 , Resister , Mautrinia Attacker , Lethal Code , Pivot Antrax and All Indian Hackers"

Pastebin Link To List Of Defaced Websites:

200+ Indian Websites Defaced By Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers

Members of Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers have been adding nearly 200 more Indian websites to their attacked list.They have been defacing them by uploading the same defaced webpage.The pastebin link provided below lists all the attacked websites and also the mirror links.
Pastebin Link To All Defaced Websites:

Members of Marathi Cyber Army Are Concerned About Cyber Security

With the increase of cyber security threat,members of the Marathi Cyber Army decided to help the general public by publishing a power point presentation on their official website.This presentation talks about the different techniques used by hackers to take control of accounts or to put online services down.Different areas relating to cyber security are defined in this document.By going through these slides,people without any IT Security knowledge will be able to understand the major and most used techniques and partly secure themselves online.Talking to rootcodefire,he told us that after seeing so many threats around,he and his team decided to take such a step,that is sharing their knowledge for the welfare of people who use the internet or the computer,so that they can be safer by knowing the danger which exists.
Subject covered in the document goes as follows: Cyber Crime, Hacking, Denial of Service, Virus, Phishing, RAT, Scams, Software Privacy, Spoofing and Security Tips.
To view the document [Click Here!]

Twitter Attacked By Sophisticated Hackers

Twitter in a press release stated that hackers were able to get access to details of around 250,000 users.They stated in their official article that they have noticed 'unusual access patterns' that help them in identifying unauthorized access attempts to user data.They also discovered one live attack and were able to stop the process some moments later.Twitter stated that they have taken security measures by resetting passwords and revoking session tokens for those affected accounts.Twitter said that this attack was done by professionals.Below is the extract of the paragraph where they talk about the attackers,who they believe not amateurs.
"This attack was not the work of amateurs, and we do not believe it was an isolated incident. The attackers were extremely sophisticated, and we believe other companies and organizations have also been recently similarly attacked. For that reason we felt that it was important to publicize this attack while we still gather information, and we are helping government and federal law enforcement in their effort to find and prosecute these attackers to make the Internet safer for all users."
You may read more from the official Twitter press release [Click Here!]


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