Several Afghan Websites Defaced By Pakistani Hacker

Member of the Pakistani Haxors Crew going by the name of Haxor Hasnain has been after Afghan websites for several days by defacing one after the other.By now,a total of 9 websites have already been defaced by the hacker on which he has been uploading the same defacement page.
Message Posted On Each Website Defaced:
"I am sorrY BuT U GuYs had really Pissed me off by ur random Hacks on Paki Servers -_- U hacked & Said : what the hell is pakistan Lol don't mess with your father ??? o.O I restored it & now UR Owned By Me lOl Bache Ho Bache Ban Kr Raho Baap Bano Ge To Phar Dainge ;) :)
Mess with the Best! Die like the Rest! & Yeah!!!! There is a good news 4 u! Nothing harmed! JusT Data DelEtEd! :)

List of websites defaced with mirrors :[Click Here!]


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