New LulzSec Hacker Arrested

Raynaldo Rivera,a 20 year old man surrendered to the Police on Tuesday.He has been charged with conspiracy in hacking Sony Pictures in May and June of last year where thousands of personal details were leaked online.
They have been using a technic known as SQL Injection against the Sony Pictures' website to retrieve the personal information.Rivera is known as 'neuron' and 'wildicv' online and is alleged to have publish these information to other members of the LulzSec group.Several other members of the group has been arrested and appeared in Court.

Jailed for WorldPay Payment Card Scam

Sonya Martin, a 45 year old Nigerian woman has been jailed for two and a half years after she was found guilty  of playing an important role in a payment card scam occurred in 2008.
United States Attorney Sally Quillian Yates said:
“This case demonstrates the growing expertise and reach of law enforcement in combating international cyber criminals.We will continue to work with our law enforcement partners throughout the world to investigate and prosecute those who defraud victims in the United States, wherever the perpetrators may be.”
Sonya Martin was leading a Chicago crew frauders who were withdrawing money from cash cards which were loaded with stolen money.
Hackers were able to get unauthorized access to WorldPay's systems and raised the withdrawal limit and account balance of some of the compromised accounts.These funds were then withdrawn from 2,100 ATMs in at least 280 cities worldwide, including cities in the United States, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, and Canada.
The hacker monitored the operation through  the computer system of WorldPay in real time. After the operation, the hackers tried to erase their tracks but in vain. Hacked and Database Leaked, a company related to security has been hacked and the database was leaked on pastebin by #Antisec #Anonymous (according to the document)
About the company:
" GlobalCerts provides a comprehensive solution that meets a full range of secure messaging needs—including an automatic, transparent, inter-organizational secure messaging product, the SecureMail Gateway. GlobalCerts also offers a trusted, scalable, user friendly solution to overcome the hurdle obstructing many organizations from deploying a standards-based, secure messaging solution. SecureTier is a hands-off global, certificate management solution for key creation, discovery, and revocation. No other key distribution and discovery system is as effortless and efficient as GlobalCerts’ solution."

The  document consists of different database. Several private information, such as id, email addresses and phone numbers are there.

Link to the document:

The Jackie Robinson Foundation Hacked And Database Leaked By xL3gi0n

In a pastebin document, a hacker calling himself  xL3gi0n has leaked the database of The Jackie Robinson Foundation. The document consists of password,email,firstname and lastname column. The hacker also stated in the document:
"User's email's , pass's , name's , etc.. Note this is just the name emails and names begging with a there is still alot more to do ...."

#DoktorBass Dumping More Database Including #OpHarpoon

From a pastebin document we came across during the week, we noticed that #DoktorBass is still hitting on different websites and leaking important account details.
The very first line of this documents goes as follow:
Dear reader,
This site does private security services, so when i came across it i thought i'd just dump it for the sake of it :)
This shows clearly that is quite an important organization database which has been leaked on the internet.Different usernames and passwords were in the doument. Moving a bit lower in the document, the target was written,that is, which website's database it was, "Target: "

#DoktorBass launched another attack called #OpHarpoon and leaked more database which consisted again of usernames and passwords.This time it was that of and in this document, #DoktorBass stated that :
"What you are looking at is the results of me dumping (and defacing) Faroese sites for #OpHarpoon: an operation to attempt to try and stop whaling."
  What was written on the defaced page:
" We have targeted your community because of the illegal whaling that goes on there. We want it STOPPED. For too long this has gone on, and day after day these poor innocent animals are slain for money and food. It's a crime against nature to slaughter them in such a way, and it must END. These defacements are stage one of our operation, There is more to come."

Link to both pastebin Documents:
Access Group Solution:

Indian Hackers Celebrating Independence Day

15 August, one special and unforgettable day for any Indian, who is in India, or living in any other part of the world.Each Indian celebrate this day in a special way.Indian Hackers also are celebrating this day in their own special way. Instead of lighting firecrakers, they are lighting up websites,mostly Pakistani websites.Sitting in front of their computers, they too feel like wishing everyone 'Happy Independence Day', and they are doing so by writting it on each websites they are lightening up.

Several Websites Hacked By Member of BD Grey Hat Hackers

A member of the Bangladesh hacking group called BD Grey Hat Hackers (BGHH) has defaced several websites. The same defacement was present on all the websites. Below is the list of all the hacked websites with mirrors. There are different businesses websites such as fashion website, photography website, etc..
Pastebin Document:

OrionsHunter Of BBHH Hits Again On Indian Websites

OrionsHunter, Bangladeshi hacker of the Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers group has defaced three more Indian websites. He was very active during the 'cyberwar' between India and Bangladesh months back.

Three More Pakistani Websites Hacked By Members of Indian Cyber Pirates

Three more Pakistani websites were defaced during this week by members of the Indian Cyber Pirates known as Chacky and Shorty420.

Anonymous:#Operation Demonoid Engaged

Greetings World,

The collective has noticed that Demonoid, a popular bittorrent tracker has been removed from the Internet. This atrocity was carried out by the copywrong police of Ukraine, as their gift to the United Fascists of America This is unnacceptable, we cannot stay silent while this ruthless attack has occured on our freedom of speech.

Several Indian Railway Websites Hacked By Member Of Pak Cyber Pyrates

Members of Pak Cyber Pyrates hit harder on Indian Websites this time. More than 50 websites were defaced by Pakistani Hacker known as XXx_Death_xXX. From the list, we noticed that all of them are of Indian Government Railway websites ( ) . By the time we are writting this article, most of the websites has been taken offline,maybe to be restore.

5 Chinese Govt Websites Hacked By Indian Hacker Sen Haxor

Facebook User from Hong-Kong arrested for hacking Threat

Hong-Kong Police stated that they arrested a 21 years old man after he said on on the Social Website Facebook that he would hack several Government website.The police said that the man had a 'criminal and dishonest intent'after he threatened to carry out his objectives.If the man is found guilty,he would face up to five year in jail.
South China Morning Post said that the man is a member of the global hacker group Anonymous.The police spokesman declined to confirm his link to Anonymous. The last posting on the "Anonymous HK" Facebook page on July 22 urged authorities to show "respect" to citizens.

Spanish Online Escort Agency Website Vulnerable to SQL

In a document on, the username and password of the administrators of the website was leaked. This document consists of a maximum of fifteen line and on the last line,we could see "#AntiSec #Anonymous " written.
Link to the document:
Mirror of the document on pastebin:

#OpAnonTrademark Launched After A French Company Registered The Anonymous Logo

Anonymous Message: #OpAnonTrademark

Hello Citizens of the world, We are Anonymous. Dear brothers and sisters. Now is the time to open your eyes and expose the truth!

Anonymous logo and slogan has been defiled and registered through the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI). An online t-shirt company online called "Early Flicker" or "E-flicker" has registered the anonymous slogan and logo and passed it on as there own. Now under french law the company owns the rights to the anonymous logo and slogan.

Gold Coast Dating Site Hacked And Database Leaked by DoktorBass

We came across a pastebin document this morning,titled as "Gold Coast Dating site Hacked! #DoktorBass". We decided to peek in and see what was it all about. To our great surprise, we noticed several email addresses and next to them was the password column,in plain text. Examining this document more thoroughly, we could see that these was the username and password of members of, an Australian dating site.
Moving up the pastebin document, the following words were written:
"Dear Reader,

Lulz only.


Database: fovzouiw_gclounge
Table: members
[506 entries]

Advise from our part to all the members of the dating website, Change your login details as soon as possible.


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