Indian Hackers Celebrating Independence Day

15 August, one special and unforgettable day for any Indian, who is in India, or living in any other part of the world.Each Indian celebrate this day in a special way.Indian Hackers also are celebrating this day in their own special way. Instead of lighting firecrakers, they are lighting up websites,mostly Pakistani websites.Sitting in front of their computers, they too feel like wishing everyone 'Happy Independence Day', and they are doing so by writting it on each websites they are lightening up.

We've ask one Indian hacker why did he hack so many websites on this special day,he replied :
"ummm //... the bloody pakistanis was hacking d-grade sites of India ...
mere paas tym nahi hota har roz unko jvaab dene ka becz of my schools
is liye chutti waala din he best rehta hai nd
this is the best way to
celebrate the day
" said Pivot Antraxt
We can say that this is the best ever gift they can give to their country on this day, counter attacking and also wishing with all their heart.. Pivot Antraxt defaced around 60 Pakistani websites.

 Indian Hacker known as Nyro Haxor also celebrated this day like other hackers,and on the defaced page,he even wrote a message.
"Congratulations, you have got the attention of the Indians. To those who are thinking, who we are, never think it that way, because we are many without any name, the only name and Identity we have is INDIA, and yes we are Indian Hackers, it was not supposed to happen all the sudden this way, but hey who knew? We belong to India, we are one blood. We have one cause. STOP breaching Indian servers, you we bet, the whole Pakistan, Bangladesh, or whosoever breaches Indian Security will have to pay a big time with will be permanent, and irreversible. We will snatch off your Hosting companies and the PKNIC server which will then only manufacture and register Malwared domains. We have a message for Pakistan and Bangladesh Security and Officials who had been victim. We never intended to attack; we were forced by your counterparts, hackers who think that they are the only active session in our domains. We have a clear message, target them and inform them NOT to attack our cyber sectors, doing so will result destruction to your domains as well. We have NO intention to trigger a cyberwar, but we have to if it's NOT done and as well as give them some other Jobs, so that they don't play around country wars. We will however continue our attack, once triggered by your hackers, and won't STOP, until and unless an official message is delivered to us. We don't want negotiation; we want straight facts on grounds. There are your hackers claiming Kashmir, and we don’t understand how come compromising Indian sites fetch you Kashmir? Talk about this to OUR President and PM’s, don’t make the cyber space crap, and we don’t think we are handing out Kashmir to 3rd party people who themselves cannot feed their own country land; you know the facts we are talking about, so better NOT TO start it all over again. Their are no names here, so forget who compromised and which teams compromised your servers, failing to cooperate with us will clearly cause serious problems, for examples, data leakage, Information disclosure, presidential disclosure, email dumps with string straight passwords, and other various serious attacks. We hope so you collaborate. Thanks, the INDIANS, the UNITED KNOWN TIGERS to many within INDIA.

We are Indians, the Tigers, and the real 1337's are now awakened. Read below for your safety.
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Website Defaced By Nyro Haxor:
Some Websites Defaced By Pivot Antraxt:

We tried our best to collect a maximum number of websites hacked by Indian Hackers which we pasted in the pastebin link below


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