#DoktorBass Dumping More Database Including #OpHarpoon

From a pastebin document we came across during the week, we noticed that #DoktorBass is still hitting on different websites and leaking important account details.
The very first line of this documents goes as follow:
Dear reader,
This site does private security services, so when i came across it i thought i'd just dump it for the sake of it :)
This shows clearly that is quite an important organization database which has been leaked on the internet.Different usernames and passwords were in the doument. Moving a bit lower in the document, the target was written,that is, which website's database it was, "Target: http://www.accessgroupsolutions.com.au/ "

#DoktorBass launched another attack called #OpHarpoon and leaked more database which consisted again of usernames and passwords.This time it was that of http://www.lfb.fo/ and in this document, #DoktorBass stated that :
"What you are looking at is the results of me dumping (and defacing) Faroese sites for #OpHarpoon: an operation to attempt to try and stop whaling."
  What was written on the defaced page:
" We have targeted your community because of the illegal whaling that goes on there. We want it STOPPED. For too long this has gone on, and day after day these poor innocent animals are slain for money and food. It's a crime against nature to slaughter them in such a way, and it must END. These defacements are stage one of our operation, There is more to come."

Link to both pastebin Documents:
Access Group Solution:  http://pastebin.com/ZLXznckD


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