Pakistan Ministry Of Commerce Database Partly Leaked

Indian hacker going by the codename 'resister india' has,through a pastebin document, leaked 1% database of the Pakistan Ministry Of Commerce.In this same document,he added the reason of this leak,Pakistani hackers are hacking innocent Indian sites.At the end of the document,the administrators credentials were published.Luckily,passwords are encrypted.
Link to Document: [Click Here!]

Netherlands Server Hacked by AnonGhost

AnonGhost has defaced several Dutch websites by hacking one of Netherlands server.A total of 32 websites were hosted on this server and all of them were defaced.By the time of publishing,these websites were already restored.The list of websites along with mirrors has been provided below.
Mirror of Defaced Websites: [Click Here!]

30+ Israeli Websites Defaced By Turkish Hacker The Ajan

A total of 33 Israeli websites were defaced on the 27th of March 2013 by Turkish hacker going by the name of 'The Ajan'. The same picture and message was uploaded on each website defaced.
Message Posted:
"This Site Has Been Hacked by THE-AjaN Turkish Hacker .. Baby Killers and America the Protest, Turkish Hackers or The Ajan."
At the time of publishing,these websites were still defaced.
Mirror of Websites Defaced: [Click Here!]

30 Websites Defaced By Indian Hackers YAMRAAJ & ShOrTy420

Indian hackers going by the name of YAMRAAJ & ShOrTy420 defaced 11 websites lately on which they uploaded the same defaced page.They greeted all Indian hackers and at the extreme left of the deface page,they listed a series of Indian hackers group on Facebook.Below is the list of websites defaced along with mirrors.
To mention,in the past,ShOrTy420 has teamed up with several other Indian hackers.Adding to this,19 more websites were defaced.On these websites,the following message was posted './Box Pwn3d by ShOrTy420 , YAM , @@lu , P7771' .
List of Websites Defaced: [Click Here!

Several Sri Lankan Websites Defaced By Pakistani Hacker H4$N4!N H4XOR

After defacing 75 Indian websites last time,Pakistani hacker H4$N4!N H4XOR now hits Sri lankan websites.More than 15 websites were defaced by the member of Pak Haxor Crew.The same deface page was uploaded on each websites attack.At the time of publishing,all the websites were already restored.
List of Websites Defaced: [Click Here!]
Mirror: [Click Here!]

McDonald Korea Website Defaced By Turkish Ajan Hacker Group

Members of the Turkish Ajan Hacker Group,Maxney & xXM3HM3TXx,defaced the official McDonald's Korea Website by uploading a simple defaced page with the following message:

"Türkçe: Amelleriniz için ettiğiniz özürü, Şehid Olan Kardeşlerimiz,
için etmiş gibi gösteren siyonistler, Sizler
Osmanlı Padişahlarının dizinin dibinde diz çöktünüz vakitleri unutmayın,
çünkü sizler ona layıksınız ve hep diz çökeceksiniz.
Her zaman karşınızdayız.

English: Your excuses for your actions, it shows it as
if it is our martyr brothers. But we know your Zionists
did you stoop before the Ottoman Empire and offered to help.
You deserve to have to crouch and you will always
bend over! We are always against you."

By the time of publishing,the website was already restored but mirrors have been provided below to have an idea how the website looked at the time of defacement.


Anonymous - #Operation Rohingya Launched

Through a YouTube video, Anonymous has launched their new operation known as #Operation Rohingya. The video shows how the ethnic Rohingya people of Myanmar Burma in Southeast Asia are about to be massacred.The video has been provided along with the transcript below.

Greetings Citizens of the World.
It is vital the information we are going to share with you is made viral as quickly as possible. The ethnic Rohingya people of Myanmar Burma in Southeast Asia are about to be massacred. Barbarous acts are being carried out by Neo-Nazi racist groups like the Rakhine Nationalities Development Party, Arakan Liberation Army, NaSaKa border police and 969 monks led by Monk Wirathu, the self proclaimed Bin Laden of Buddhism. The Government of Myanmar is orchestrating these crimes.
The persecution of the Rohingya people is severe. The Burmese junta considers them to be sub-human and denies them almost all basic human rights. They are subject to torture, gang rape, starvation, slave labor, and forced to reside in the most dire camps in the world - some call these refugee camps but they are actually concentration camps. Over the past few months, thousands of Rohingya have been encouraged onto boats and sent out to sea with not enough food or fuel, and left there to die. Many boats were attacked and sunk, with women and children on board.
Already the violence in Burma has spread beyond the Rohingya to include all Muslims, with 'warm ups' to the anticipated massacre taking place against Burmese Muslims in Meiktila, Naypyidaw and Yangon. Dead and burning bodies, including children, are now lying in the streets.
While the United States claims to defend human rights, their record clearly reflects a government that will only intercede when their business interests are threatened. While politicians occasionally pay lip service to the horrific conditions in Myanmar no action is ever taken. The only people neglecting the situation in Myanmar worse than the U.S. are the press who consistently ignored these atrocities or reported them as 'ethnic clashes'. We consider the media to be complicit in concealing them from the rest of the world.
The Rohingya have been told to expect a third massacre starting the last week in March. Rakhine have declared they will leave no Rohingya left on the land, just a few left as exhibits for the museum.
The acts of genocide being committed against the Rohingya people must no longer be ignored. We call on the Anonymous collective to stand with those for whom no one else will stand. We call on Anonymous and all supporters of human rights to stand against this great injustice, to give the Rohingya a voice, before they are completely eliminated.

Operation Rohingya engaged.
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Tyrants of the world, expect us!

Quaid-i-Azam University Pakistan Database Leaked

Through a pastebin document,hacker going by the name of Rahul Arora has leaked the full database of the Quaid-i-Azam University Pakistan.The document consists of the website specifications along with the database name,followed by usernames and passwords,which are encrypted.This document has been published on the 25th of March 2013 and by now has received a hits count of 65.
Link to Database Leaked: [Click Here!]

T-Mobile Patches Man-in-the-Middle Attack Vulnerability

Two students from University of California Berkeley,Jethro Beekman and Christopher Thompson, discovered that the wifi-calling features in T-Mobile was vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attack.The easiest way for the hacker to perform this attack was to be on the same open wireless network as the victim.This flaw allowed hackers to access and modify calls and messages of the T-Mobile users.The two students informed T-Mobile about this issue in December 2012 and on the 18th of March 2013,they resolved this issue by releasing a security updates to all its android users.

Document About The Vulnerability: [Click Here!]
Source: [Click Here!]

75 Indian Websites Defaced By Pak Haxor Crew

Pakistani hacker going by the name of  H4$N4!N H4XOR has defaced 75 more Indian websites.H4$N4!N H4XOR is a member of the Pak Haxor Crew,a hacking group from Pakistan.They have been defacing several websites,not only from India,but those from Afghanistan as well.The same defaced page was uploaded on all the websites.By the time of publishing,some of the websites were 'under-construction' and other were already restored.In the pastebin link provided below,the full list of attacked websites has been given,along with the mirrors.
Pastebin Link: [Click Here!]

Syrian Electronic Army Hijacked BBC Weather's Twitter Account

The Syrian Electronic Army has hijacked the official Twitter account of BBC Weather.As soon as they did so,they started posting some weird message which aren't what we generally expect.@BBCWeather is followed by 59671 Twitter users and they have been receiving weather news from Syrian Electronic Army instead.Some of the tweets goes as follows:
"Hazardous fog warning for North Syria: Erdogan orders terrorists to launch chemical weapons at civilian areas"

"Saudi weather station down due to head on-collision with camel"

Syrian Electronic Army has been very active recently by hijacking several other Twitter accounts like AFP, Sky News,Human Right Watch and so on.

By the time of publishing,the BBC Weather account was back to normal.

Source: [Click Here!]

Orange Mauritius Warns Users About Mobile Spams

On Sunday, Orange Mauritius published,through their official Facebook page about users receiving unsolicited SMS from an abroad number.The number starting by +241, 00241, 00677 are asking the users to reply back to the sms,by sms itself of by calling.Orange Mauritius is asking all the users to ignore this message as this is Spamming.Orange Mauritius also stated that they have been blocking such previous issues on their network and are at the moment working on these new numbers so that their users do not get fooled. Posted The Final Secret Files

Last week we published about a website,, which was leaking confidential data about celebs and political figures.While visiting this site again today,we noticed a little change,with the following message written,
"Hello everyone, this is our final message. Behind this jolly visage of rainbows and top hats, we are people. People with a preference for music, a preference for food; we have varying taste in clothes and television, we are just like you. Even Hitler and Osama Bin Laden had these unique variations and style, and isn't that interesting to know? We have enjoyed every minute of the past 12 days of providing entertainment and laughs to all of you, sadly it's time to say bon voyage - we hope - inspiration, fear, denial, happiness, approval, disapproval, mockery, embarrassment,thoughtfulness, jealousy, hate, even love. If anything, we hope we had a microscopic impact on someone, somewhere. Anywhere. From Russia with Love,"
It seems that people who is/are behind this website is/are done with the leaking and provided a link to download a rar file named as 'Secret Files'. The rar file is 5.79mb when compressed.
Moreover,an email address as well was provided and it seems that comments were most welcome.
" Contact for final comments. "If you believe that God makes miracles, you have to wonder if Satan has a few up his sleeve" "
By now,this website has received a total of 748616 page-views.

Mitsubishi and Hyundai Motors Venezuela Official Websites Defaced

Hacker going by the name of Dr.SHA6H has defaced the official websites of Mitsubishi Motors and Hyundai Motors.The same defaced page was uploaded on each websites on which the following was written,
"Hacked by Dr.SHA6H!!! I am a person against all the world’s government. Our motto: No God but God and Muhammad is his Prophet… Peace be upon him."

Websites Defaced:

152 Spanish Websites Defaced By Moroccan Hackers

Hackers of the Moroccan Ghost hacking group have defaced a total of 152 Spanish websites to show their anger against the judgement given in a court in favor of a Spanish civil guard.As we can see on the defaced page uploaded,they seem to be protesting against this judgement and want a new trail to take place.List of all the defaced page has been provided in the pastebin link below.At the time of publishing,these websites were still holding the deface page.
Link to List of attacked Websites: [Click Here!]
Mirror: [Click Here!]
Read More About The Judgment: [Click Here!]

Four Nigerian Government Websites Defaced By Pakistani Hacker P@KhTuN~72

Pakistani hacker going by the name of P@KhTuN~72 has defaced four Nigerian government websites by uploading the same deface page on each of them.Websites attack are those of the Ministry of Foreign of Affairs, National Malaria Control Program Nigeria Govt, Govt of National Planning Commission and Govt of Nigeria National Research Institute for Chemical Technology.
P@KhTuN~72 is the same hacker who some weeks back defaced 187 website among which and Egyptian government and an university website was defaced.
Link to all defaced Nigerian Government website with mirrors:[Click Here!]

At the time of publishing,none of these websites were restored.

Brazilian Cyber Army Discovered Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability In Bangladesh Portal

Through a page they published on their official website,members of Brazilian Cyber Army published about a cross site scripting  XSS vulnerability which they discovered in a Bangladesh government website.They stated about the attack and also about the two exploits.
Website Vulnerable:
Proof of Concept:

Official Release By Brazilian Cyber Army: [Click Here!]

Biometric Clocking-In Machines Tricked Using Silicone Fingers

Doctors in Sao Paulo, Brazil discovered a way how to fool biometric scanners.They created fake silicone fingers with their prints.Thus,when they were not around,their colleagues were using these to mark them as present.The machine printed out the slips showing that they were clocked in normally.Five doctors were suspended as part of the investigation.
Read More From Source [Click Here!]

Afghan Cyber Army Leaked Several Pakistani Facebook Accounts

Members of Afghan Cyber Army are not over yet.Since a Pakistani hacker defaced their website( some time back,the hackers of this group has been after Pakistani cyber space.On two occasions they have been defacing websites but this time they did something different,by leaking 100,000 Pakistani Facebook account passwords.In the pastebin document,they gave the reason for this leak.Below is an extract of the document.
" 100k emails and facebook accounts Hacked
Target     Pakistan Facebook
Message     this is Just Start wait for More now we are in your social websites.
             Payback To who Hacked http// Hey Noob just Stay Away From Afghanistan Cyber space and Try To Respect your Papa Otherwise your All Life
             will Be going to Hell.

By the time of publishing,this document already had a hits of 692 on pastebin.It was published on march 13th 2013.We are not providing the link to this document for security reasons.

Our Advise: If you feel your account is in this leak document,change your password as soon as possible.

Indian Hacker Godzilla Leaked Pakistan Government Websites Credentials

Two days back we published about an Indian hacker who attacked Pakistani government websites.In his statement,he said he wanted to show that the new upgrade which the Pakistani government did was useless.Today,to prove what he said last time,he leaked the administrators credential through a pastebin document.In the same document,he gave an explanation about the system ,the administrators and also had a special part in this paragraph for the main super admin which goes as follows,: " I must say without you it would have been difficult for us to penetrate into the system and your common password "111111" was like a magical stick for us. "
The Indian hacker also added the reason of this hack,'Pakistan's Support to Terrorism ' and the last paragraph of the document goes as follows,:
"Pakistan is a country which is currently supporting terrorist activities through ISI, and if they regret Pakistan army and Ministry of Defense mail server backups are enough to proof how closely the are related to terrorism. Pakistan stop these activities before its too late."

We are not providing any link to the original document for security reasons.The document was written in an orderly way,each username, password and database name was put for each section and a detailed database structure for Ministry of Defense Pakistan was provided.

Below is the full extract of the document where Godzilla narrates about the system.

"Pakistan Government Owned by Godzilla aka G.O.D
There are total three admins managing the whole stuff of imp Pakistan cyber space. There is almost a common database for all the websites. The main super admin is Imran Khan and here is his encrypted hash password "96e79218965eb72c92a549dd5a330112" , I must say without you it would have been difficult for us to penetrate into the system and your common password "111111" was like a magical stick for us.
Pakistan Government made a smart move by using proxy in a very tricky way. The same proxy was used to get inside the network. Pakistan uses IBM servers with Layer 2-3 Gigabit Ethernet Switch Module for IBM eServer BladeCenter. This switches works as a switch as well router.
It uses a local ip pool of 192.168.70.* for managing the webserver. All websites are exactly identical with same database structure. And all websites are vulnerable to SQL injections (Surely defacers can give a try and success rate is 100%).
Pakistan is a country which is currently supporting terrorist activities through ISI, and if they regret Pakistan army and Ministry of Defense mail server backups are enough to proof how closely the are related to terrorism. Pakistan stop these activities before its too late.
Reason for attack: Pakistan's Support to Terrorism
Server Machine Mac ID: 177255a0-dd08-1030-8cf7-b328b1fee685
Ip Range pool: 192.168.70.*
Reason for attack: Pakistan's Support to Terrorism"
Source is the official document leaked on pastebin.

Celebs And Political Figures Information Leaked

Several celebrities and political figures personal information were leaked online by an unknown hacker.The leaked information consists of full name,date of birth,addresses,previous addresses and most striking, credit report of these people.By now,a total of 22 people,both celebs and political figures personal information were leaked.The latest to be added is that of Michelle Obama.By the time of publishing,a total of 363093 pageviews were recorded on the website.The website has the main title of 'The Secret Files' and the following was written just below it,"If you believe that God makes miracles, you have to wonder if Satan has a few up his sleeve" .
List Of Celebrities and Political Figures:
Kim Kardashian
Joe Biden
Robert Mueller (FBI Director)
Hillary Clinton
Eric Holder (U.S. Attorney General)
Charlie Beck (LAPD Chief)
Mel Gibson
Ashton Kutcher
Jay Z
Paris Hilton
Britney Spears
Sarah Palin
Hulk Hogan
Donald Trump
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Al Gore
Kanye West
Kris Jenner
Stacia Hylton (U.S. Marshals Director)
Mitt Romney
Tiger Woods

To what extend are these information true?
A spokesperson of the Department of Justice told ABC News: "The Department is aware of the report and the FBI is investigating the matter," ABC News on its side called a number which was listed for Joe Biden and it turned out to be a local business in Delaware.
FBI are already investigating about these leak.

49 UK Websites Defaced By Johor Hacking Crew

After defacing more than 70 dutch websites last week,hacker going by the name of Jack Riderr has now deface 49 British websites.The same defaced page has been uploaded on these British websites.As last time,the hacker published this through pastebin and through their official Facebook page.To mention, 67 Brazilian websites were defaced by the same hacker on Saturday.Jack Riderr is a member of Johor Hacking Crew which is a group of Malaysian hackers.

List to UK Defaced Websites: [Click Here!]
List to Brazilian Defaced Websites: [Click Here!]

Pakistani Government Websites Under Attack

Indian Hacker going by the name of Godzilla has been after Pakistani government website since last week.Several websites have been rendered unavailable by the Indian hacker.He contacted us on Saturday and provided us with a screenshot he made,where its showing he was logged in as the 'administrator' of one of the Pakistani government website.He told us: 'They had upgraded the security so want to show them that the updation is of no use we still penetrated into it'. Today the hacker sent us another message,where he listed a series of Pakistani Government websites,and titled it as 'all ministers taken down'. When we tried to access the websites,they were unavailable by the time of publishing.

List Of Website Attacked:
Ministry of Information Technology of Pakistan
Ministry of Railways of Pakistan
Ministry of Economic Affairs & Statistics of Pakistan
Ministry of Interior of Pakistan
Ministry of Inter Provincial Coordination of Pakistan
Ministry of Religious Affairs Pakistan
Establishment Division of Pakistan
Ministry of Housing & Works of Pakistan
Ministry of Science and Technology of Pakistan
Planning Commission of Pakistan
Ministry of Minorites Affair of Pakistan
Local Government Division of Pakistan
Ministry of Environment of Pakistan
Below is the screenshot where Godzilla was logged in as the Administrator in the Pakistani Army website.

Member of Pak Cyber Eaglez Hacked 187 Websites

Member of Pak Cyber Eaglez going by the name of P@KhTuN~72 has defaced 185 websites.Adding to these,one government and one university website of Egypt was also attacked.The Full list of all the defaced websites were publish on pastebin on 8th of March 2013.The same defaced page were uploaded on each websites hacked.
Message Posted:
"Own3d By
P@KhTuN~72 | Mast3r M!nd | Sizzling Soul | $P@Rk | Code Cracker | 3V!L
Pak Cyber Eaglez Arrived,
We Are Pakistani's You Know Who Are Pakistani's?
Lets Introduce Our Self,
We Are That Nation Who Is Not Afraid Of Bombs Who Is Not Afraid Of Death Who Is Not Afraid Of Drone Attacks, We Are That Nation Who Defeated India Many Times In Wars, We Are That Nation Who Faced The Most Dangerous Earth Quack 2005, We Are That Nation Who Faced Dangerous Water Flood In 2010, We Are That Nation To Whom Every Body Calls Terrorists, We Are That Nation Who Lost Their Sisters Mothers & Brothers In Many Bomb Blasts, We Are That Nation Which Have No Electricity, We Are That Nation Who Have No Food For 2 Times, Want To Know More About Us Go And Ask From Your Elders Who Are Pakistani's ?
Inspite Of These Difficulties We Are Not Less Than Anyone, We Are Telanted Nation, With Less Electricity We Are Defacing You Bitches :D We Made Atom Bomb, We Got Many Oskar Awards, We Are The Most Brave Nation, We Have Strong Army America Want Our Army For Their Defence, Becuase They Have Timid And Coward Army Bitches lol
Ok Lets Come To The Main Point, You Just Got Hacked Patch Your Asses, Don't Know How To Secure Shitts And Making Sites lol,
Huh ! Now Next Time Keep Eye On Your cPanel | Domain | Your Admin Panel Becuase We Can In Again, Take Care
Pakistan Zindabad
P@khTuN~72 | Mast3r M!nd | Sizzling Soul | $P@Rk | Dr.x00t | Sh4k-Z | P4K-CoMManDeR | Gunmen | Code Crack3r | Pak Cyber Army | & All Paki Groups |

By the time of publishing,all the websites were still defaced by P@khTuN~72 except government websites has been defaced again by another hacker group who uploaded their own deface page.No mirror is available but we managed to have one screenshot of the new defacement.
The new deface:

List of all Defaced Websites: [Click Here!]

Avast Germany Hacked By Maxney of Turkish Agent Hacker Group

Maxney,the Turkish hacker hits again.Going through his hacking history,we can notice that he has always been attacking high profile websites.Avast Distributor Germany is the newest victim of the high profile hacker Maxney.The hacker has not only defaced the main domain,but 4 sub-domain as well.The same deface page was uploaded on each.Adding to this,the hacker also leaked the database by uploading the 3.75mb document on
List of Domain Defaced:
Mirrors: [Click Here!]

PS: Link to database leaked has not been provided for security reason.

50+ Israeli Websites Hacked By Pakistani Hacker Hitcher

Pakistani hacker known as Hitcher has defaced more than 50 Israeli websites.The list of all the defaced websites were posted in a pastebin document along with the mirrors.The same deface page were uploaded on each website attack on which the following message was written:
'We are outraged at the Palestine present condition and the Illegal occupation of Palestanaian Land By the zionist Israelis
This attack is in response to the Injustice against the Palestinian people
w Israel is a serious threat to Palestinian
Occupied Palestinian land under the guise of residential settlements are being increased
Palestinians are deprived of their basic human rights
International Aid workers are stopped from providing any humanitarian assistance to the people.
The International community and media is not allowed to bring facts to world as due to strict restrictions
XtReMiSt, KillerMind Haxor, Jerry Hassan, Syed Zaadaa, HyP3r-Boy
Zarb-E-Momin, fAchO, Radical Assassin,Spartan, Hitcher
who are the real soldiers? the children holding stones or the Army men holding guns? '

Link to Pastebin Document: [Click Here!]

World Sexiest Hacker to Be Sentenced In April

Russian Kristina Svechinskaya, known as the world sexiest hackers, sentencing has been postponed until April 2013.Though she does not hack,she has been given this title of sexiest hacker because the group she was working with consisted of hackers.Her role in this group was to open false bank accounts to keep fraudulently acquired money.The hackers associated with the group provided her with fake passport in order to facilitate the process.If found guilty,Kristina may face up to 30 years of imprisonment for conspiracy to bank fraud and 10 years of using false passports.Her sentencing was set for 11 January 2013 but was postponed for 1st March,and now it has been postponed again for April.

70+ Netherlands Websites Hacked By Jack Riderr

A member of the Johor Hacking Crew going by the name of Jack Riderr has defaced 73 Netherlands website.He uploaded the same animated deface page on each of them,on which the following message was added:
"Jack Riderr@root:~$
 [+] Hacked By Jack Riderr [ Johor Hacking Crew ] 
 [+] We Hack This Site To Inform About Vulnerability Of Your Site 
 [+] Message :Please Patch Your Security,A Big Vulnerability Found At Your Site 
 [+] Scan for vulnerability....% 
 [+] Injecting...%   
 [+] Database found !!!% 
 [+] Log in victim %
 [+] Uploading backdoor %
 [+]  20% 
 [+]  40% 
 [+]  60% 
 [+]  80%
 [+] 100%
 [+] Upload success !% 
 [+} Jack Riderr ( Johor Hacking Crew ) was here ..... 
 [+} Greetz : Johor Hacking Crew + Jack Riderr + Shadow Master94 + @Lulzsec crew  + Hmei7 + iman redline + All Malaysian Hackers + And You 
 [+] |> <|
Jack Riderr@root:~$ _

Below is the list of all the defaced page along with mirrors.Some of websites have already been restored by now.
Pastebin Link to Website List: [Click Here!]

Afghan Cyber Army (ACA) Payback To Pakistani Hacker

According to their statement on their official Facebook page,this is a payback for hacking an Afghanistan website by Pakistani hackers.After hacking, members of ACA have responded back by hacking several Pakistani websites.The message below was posted on their page:
"Payback To who Hacked Hey Noob just Stay Away From Afghanistan Cyber space and Try To Respect your Papa Otherwise your All Life will Be going to Hell.
You Break the Peace and Hack one Innocent Afghan website...Next Time when you Hack Any Afghan website Before that Think twice
1-Afghan website=100 Paki website
In the pastebin document below, some of the defaced Pakistani websites were collected along with mirrors to have an idea how the websites were at the time of attack.

Beware Of Facebook Phishing Email

Cyber criminal are always finding new ideas of how to fool people in handling their personal information.This time they did not hesitate to use the name of Mark Zuckerberg,the founder and CEO of Facebook, to get information extracted from their victims.The very crucial mistake which the cyber criminals did was in the CEO's name itself,they added and extra 'r'. The mail sent goes as follows:
"Mark Zurckerberg

Dear Facebook user, After reviewing your page activity, it was determined that you were in violation of our Terms of service.Your account might be permanently suspended.

If you think this is a mistake,please verify your account on the link below.This would indicate that your Page does not have a violation on our Terms of Service.

We will immediately review your account activity,and we will notify you again via email.
Verify your account at the link below: [Link Removed]"

Those who clicks on the link are sent to a webpage identical to that of Facebook Login page,obviously a fake one.Once they enter their username and password,victims are automatically redirected to the 'Help' section of the real Facebook website.On the other side,once the scammers receive the information,they can hijack the Facebook accounts of the victims.



Australia Signs The International Cybercrime Treaty

Australia is now part of the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime.Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus said "The internet makes it easy for criminals to operate from abroad, especially from those countries where regulations and enforcement arrangements are weaker,".
"These powers will allow Australian law enforcement agencies to rapidly obtain data about communications relevant to cyber-crimes from partner agencies around the world."
The convention will also ensure vital evidence is not lost before a mutual assistance request can be completed.”

He also said that Australia will get the help of other police agencies and this would “make it easier for police to track down cyber criminals around the world”.

To read more from source,[Click Here!]

Jailed Hacker Hacks Prison's Computer System

Nicholas Webber,a 21 year old British hacker was jailed for 5 years for running a hacker forum.He was invited to assist an IT class in jail.What could be expected when a hacker gets access to a computer? He hacked into the jail's computer system from inside.His action has caused a 'major panic' but until now,its not clear to what he got access.Michael Fox,the computer teacher,who was employed by the Kensington and Chelsea College,is being blamed for this action and was banned from prison.But on Friday,he started a claim for the unfair dismissal.He is arguing that he had no idea that Nicholas was a hacker.The hacking incident occurred in 2011 and has now come to light because the IT teacher is suing the college.
A Prison Service spokesman said: ‘At the time of this incident in 2011 the educational computer system at HMP Isis was a closed network. No access to personal information or wider access to the internet or other prison systems would have been possible.’
To read more from original source [Click Here!] Sub Domain Hacked By Prime Suspectz Then Seized

Are the old school hackers back? Prime Suspectz, who have been among the leading hackers group in 2000 have defaced the sub domain of,before the domain was taken over by the FBI.Going through zone-h,we can see that the last time Prime Suspects made a mirror of their defacement was back in 2005,and today,8 years back,they are back with a boom, defacing On the defaced page,they wrote a message dedicated to Anonymous and Lulzsec,which goes as follow:
Prime Suspectz & core-project is back!
x-s4nd3r / - st4ck / eCORE / coolswallow
LulzSec owned?
Anonymous & LulzSec are the world's biggest lamerz, they think leaking can make them big haxor? no, you are wrong! u will be never big hacker, ur the biggest lamers of this planet..people like you destroy the hacking scene, you use LOIC and thinking ur big hacker, hahahahaha!
we are not dead, big lamerz like u must be destroyed, also for sabu (the police snitch), you were the biggest n00b i ever talked to in 2004, using lame ssh exploits u could not even pwn a IE2-box, do not believe the media!! media delivering false news...sabu was the biggest n00b of this century, and nobody gives a fuck about ur lame leakz, anonymous :)
but the show is not finished yet, we are not dead...we always watching u :)
contact us..
x-s4nd3r -
st4ck -
2000 - 2013


After the domain and sub domain were seized,the following image was there
List of Prime Suspectz defacement mirrors:[Click Here!]


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