Jailed Hacker Hacks Prison's Computer System

Nicholas Webber,a 21 year old British hacker was jailed for 5 years for running a hacker forum.He was invited to assist an IT class in jail.What could be expected when a hacker gets access to a computer? He hacked into the jail's computer system from inside.His action has caused a 'major panic' but until now,its not clear to what he got access.Michael Fox,the computer teacher,who was employed by the Kensington and Chelsea College,is being blamed for this action and was banned from prison.But on Friday,he started a claim for the unfair dismissal.He is arguing that he had no idea that Nicholas was a hacker.The hacking incident occurred in 2011 and has now come to light because the IT teacher is suing the college.
A Prison Service spokesman said: ‘At the time of this incident in 2011 the educational computer system at HMP Isis was a closed network. No access to personal information or wider access to the internet or other prison systems would have been possible.’
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