Sub Domain Hacked By Prime Suspectz Then Seized

Are the old school hackers back? Prime Suspectz, who have been among the leading hackers group in 2000 have defaced the sub domain of,before the domain was taken over by the FBI.Going through zone-h,we can see that the last time Prime Suspects made a mirror of their defacement was back in 2005,and today,8 years back,they are back with a boom, defacing On the defaced page,they wrote a message dedicated to Anonymous and Lulzsec,which goes as follow:
Prime Suspectz & core-project is back!
x-s4nd3r / - st4ck / eCORE / coolswallow
LulzSec owned?
Anonymous & LulzSec are the world's biggest lamerz, they think leaking can make them big haxor? no, you are wrong! u will be never big hacker, ur the biggest lamers of this planet..people like you destroy the hacking scene, you use LOIC and thinking ur big hacker, hahahahaha!
we are not dead, big lamerz like u must be destroyed, also for sabu (the police snitch), you were the biggest n00b i ever talked to in 2004, using lame ssh exploits u could not even pwn a IE2-box, do not believe the media!! media delivering false news...sabu was the biggest n00b of this century, and nobody gives a fuck about ur lame leakz, anonymous :)
but the show is not finished yet, we are not dead...we always watching u :)
contact us..
x-s4nd3r -
st4ck -
2000 - 2013


After the domain and sub domain were seized,the following image was there
List of Prime Suspectz defacement mirrors:[Click Here!]


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