Ministry of Police Affairs of Nigeria Website Hacked

Members of Nigerian Cyber Army defaced the official website of Ministry of Police Affairs of their country.By the time of publishing,the website was unavailable. A mirror of the defacement has been provided below. Some days back, a sub domain of the Thailand police website was defaced.
Message posted on Website:
"[#]  Remember us ? xD
# Those which stamped Bayero, Ebonyi, Madonna, F U T A, Novena university, GIFMIS Gov
# Every offence should have a fair punishment. People have committed greater offences and nothing was done to them. Police officers collecting bribes only confirms how corrupt our society has become. It is also a sign of a failed government.If these officers are well remunerated, I don’t see any reason why they would resort to road-side extortion.


Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers Mass Defacing Indian, Australian and British Websites

Hackers of Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers are defacing Indian, Australian and British websites.This cyber attack started in regards to a proposal made by India, Australia and England.They are accusing these countries  of trying to control of the proceedings of the  International Cricket Council.
Three pastebin documents of all the defaced page has been posted by the hackers on their official Facebook page.Among the websites hacked, the Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation website was listed. At the time of publishing, the website was already restored.A mirror has been provided in the pastebin document.
Each hackers are uploading their deface page on which they are writing their message.
List of all Websites Defaced:

Thailand Police Website Sub Domain Defaced

After defacing Morocco Environmental Dept POPs website last week, another hacker of the hacking group MaXiMiZerS, using the codename of The Rude defaced a sub domain of Thailand Police Website today. The hacker uploaded a simple defacement page where the following was written,
"Owned By The Rude | Team MaXiMiZerS
Secure it Before i come again

At the time of publishing, the website was still defaced.A mirror has been provided below.


Poonam Pandey Official Website Hacked By Pakistani Hacker

After defacing the official website of Punjabi pop singer Daler Mehndi on Friday, Pakistani hacker using the codename Haxor 99 has now defaced another Bollywood celebrity, Poonam Pandey, official website. The same deface page was uploaded on her website. Going on the twitter account of the model, many of her fans has been tweeting aBout the hack. Poonam stated in a tweet that she was going to the Cyber Crime Cell to lodge a complaint.


Daler Mehndi Official Website Hacked By Pakistani Hacker

Pakistani hacker using the codename of Haxor 99 defaced the official website of Punjabi pop singer Daler Mehndi. The hacker is a member of hacking group Team MadLeets.
Message posted on defaced website:
"[#] your site security is compromised
[#]Nothing Delete or Harmed...Rise a Voice for Justice of Kashimr ...
[#] Patch Your Site
[#]H4XoR 99 & HaXorioux Mind was here
[#] Nothing secure in this world

At the time of publishing, the website was still defaced.A mirror of the defacement was notified on the 24 of January on zone-h.(provided below)


Beware of " - Minimum payment due" Phishing Scam

A new mail is at the moment in circulation and is pretending to be from UK based credit card provider Mint. The content of the mail goes like,
Subject: - Minimum payment due
Your credit card minimum payment is due
Your latest credit card bill has been attached above
View attached file to proceed

Once the receiver clicks on the the attached file,a html file is loaded in their browser which contains a link.When users click on this link, they are directed to a fake website where they are asked to provide their login details in order to get access.By doing so, they are simply giving the scammers their login details. As such, their account can be hijacked and further fraud can be conducted.

We advise our readers not to click on suspicious links and never submit any login details.

Source:[Click Here!]

Morocco Environmental Department(POPs) Website Hacked

Morocco government website,Polluants Organiques Persistants(POPs), has been hacked by a hacker using the codename of TheBlackMonster.The hacker is a member of the hacking team, MaXiMiZerS. A defacement page was uploaded on the website on which the following message was written,
"Owned By TheBlackMonster | Team MaXiMiZerS
Do not Ban Hijaab for Women

At the time of publishing, the website was still holding the defacement page.A mirror of the website has been provided below.

160+ Websites Hacked By Members of United Bangladeshi Hackers

Bangladeshi hackers of the hacking group United Bangladeshi Hackers (UBH) defaced more than 160 websites. This was announced on their official Facebook page.At the time of publishing,many of them were already restored.The same deface page was uploaded on each of these website.

Post by United Bangladeshi Hackers.

Earlier the same group announced on their page that they defaced more than 50 Singaporean websites.On these,the hacker uploaded text files on the websites on which the following was written,
"Hacked By 8l@ck$cr!p7 - From United Bangladeshi Hackers
Greatz : All Bangladeshi Hackers."

Beware of Fake "WhatsApp for PC" Distributing Banker Trojan

Experts from Kaspersky Lab received a spam message in Portuguese where it stated that WhatsApp is now available for pc and the receiver of the mail has 11 pending invitation.If the receiver click on the link provided in the email, he/she will be directed to a hacked server in Turkey and later redirected to a Hightail (Yousendit) account to download the so called WhatsApp for PC application. The application is a Trojan.A scan from VirusTotal of the downloaded application shows that 9 out of 50 antivirus engines detected malware in it.The Trojan has some anti-debugging features to make its analysis harder. We advise our readers to ignore the mail and if ever you have already installed the application,uninstall the application, update your antivirus software with the latest database and make a complete scan of your computer.
VirusTotal Scan Report:[Click Here!]
Source:[Kaspersky Lab]

Kenya Launches Special Cyber Crime Unit

With loses of over $23.3 million caused by cybercrime every year, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) has launched a new unit which will deal with cybercrimes cases.Keriako Tobiko,the Director of Public Prosecutions added that his department will also review existing law relating to the prosecution of cyber criminals.Keriako Tobiko :"In recognising that there are inadequate laws currently in place for the prosecution of cyber-crimes, the ODPP has organised a workshop to review existing laws and develop a comprehensive draft bill on cyber-crime in line with relevant international best practices,
Source:[Click Here!]

JarvisCorp Website Hacked By Pakistani Hacker SOG

Pakistani hacker using the codename of SOG penetrated the official website of Jarvis Corp and uploaded a defacement page.The hacker has not been much active recently.Message posted of the defacement page goes as follows,
All Glory Comes From Daring To Begin"

What is Jarvis?
"Jarvis is a life automation system based on artificial intelligence. Our system allows the users machine to learn and is fully interactive using voice recognition and natural language processing. Jarvis has been designed to help it's users in performing daily tasks as well as providing home entertainment.
Jarvis is capable of accessing the internet to handle all your questions and requests. It can also work as a smart media server for all the devices in your home to keep you connected and updated no matter where you are. If that isn`t good enough, it can also control the appliances and electronic devices in your home.
At the time of publishing,the website was still holding the defacement page. A mirror of it has been provided below.

Hackers Steal Personal Information of Puerto Rico Doctors

Personal information of registered doctors in Puerto Rico has been stolen in a recent hack and since then, doctors have been receiving harassing emails.Eduardo Ibarra said that these information can be used in identity theft and to submit fake prescription. He added that he asked the Puerto Rico’s Justice Department and the FBI to investigate into this matter.
Source:[Click Here!]

Pakistani Hackers Defaced AVG Japan Official Blog

Pakistani hackers using the codename of Dracula and H4x4rwOw,who are members of hacking group Leets Point, defaced AVG Antivirus Official Blog Japan. The hackers uploaded a deface page where a logo of the group was displayed. 
Adding to this, several other AVG domains were defaced by Indonesian hacker Hmei7.On all the domains the hacker defaced, he uploaded the same deface page.Below is the full list of all domain defaced by the Indonesian hacker Hmei7 and the AVG Japan blog mirrors.
At the time of publishing,all the domains were restored.
List of all defaced Page: [Click Here!]

Syrian Electronic Army’s Website Hacked By Turkish Hackers

Turkish hackers from hacking group Turkguvenligi defaced the official website of Syrian Electronic Army( They managed to do so by attacking the hosting provider itself. On the deface page,the following message was written,

" You imbecils will attack our country with fake phishing emails and we'll accept your lies and dont do anything ? That is the end you deserve:
And never think that Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do. He only delays them for a Day when eyes will stare [in horror]."
Ibráhím - 42
Fear not the elite phishing crew has been brought down to where it belongs, the hacking scene will never accept social media savvy and attention seeking so called "hackers". It was always a underground realm and the real can distinguish the real in this game. We sit back hand asses while these lowly kids make twitter accounts and do phishing to outdated professionals in the COMP-SEC field. The show is over and this is just a mere example of Underground vs self-proclaimed-l337-hackers. We don't need to make achievement videos , put high-profile professionals info on the internet, or deface targets that are strictly aimed for media attention. For those that know us have a clear understanding of our achievements and what we can accomplish. And believe me you are just an average joe on my block ;)
End of the game for dogs of the murderer "asad". In support of russia, you worked hard to make people believe in that you are right to make muslim massacre in syria. And we warned you before, as you see below ;)
Gerizekalilarin ddos saldirilarini yillardir hack diye haber yapan yavsak ve de bir o kadar da cahil Türk medyasinin editörleri, özellikle sizin haber yapmanizi ISTEMIYORUZ, duyrulur. ;)
greetz; Our old friend, spo0feR ;)

At the time of publishing,the SEA website was offline. A mirror of the defaced website is provided below.
Going through the Twitter account of each hacking group, we noticed that there has been a series of tweets from each side, justifying about the hack which occurred. The Turkish hackers stated that it hacked the Russian hosting company in two days by exploiting many kind of vulnerabilities.
 On the other side,SEA stated that it took the Turkish hackers 7 months to do this.

 Mirror of Defaced Website:

UK Government Launches Cyber Security Campaign "Cyber Streetwise"

On January 13th,the UK Government launched a web-based campaign called Cyber Streetwise. This campaign provides IT security tips for both individuals and businesses. People can protect themselves against cyber criminals when doing online shopping or banking.

According to the National Cyber Security Consumer Tracker
  • only 44% always install internet security software on new equipment
  • only 37% download updates and patches for personal computers when prompted – falling even further to a fifth (21%) for smartphones and mobile devices
  • less than a third (30%) habitually use complex passwords to protect online accounts
  • 57% do not always check websites are secure before making a purchase

The Security Minister James Brokenshire said,
"The internet has radically changed the way we work and socialise. It has created a wealth of opportunities, but with these opportunities there are also threats. As a government we are taking the fight to cyber criminals wherever they are in the world."

"However, by taking a few simple steps while online the public can keep cyber criminals out and their information safe. Cyber Streetwise is an innovative new campaign that will provide everyone with the knowledge and confidence to make simple and effective changes to stay safe online."

We advise our readers to visit the website to get proper guidelines how to be secure when doing online transactions.
Source:[Click Here!]

Beware of Phishing Scam 'eStatement Ready' From Fake Commonwealth Bank Email

A phishing scam email is at the moment making the round and purporting to be from Australia's Commonwealth Bank. It states that an online account statement is ready for viewing.A link is provided in the mail which when clicked, send users to a fake website looking like the genuine Commonwealth Bank login page.Once users "logged in", they will be asked to give their personal information like their email username and password, their date of birth, and their contact details. After doing so, users are then redirected to the genuine Commonwealth Bank website. Cyber criminals behind this scam can use these information to hijack bank accounts and email addresses. We advise our readers to ignore and delete these scam. If you think you have been a victim, immediately change all passwords.
Source:[Click Here!]

RedHack And Anonymous Want Turkish Government to Stop Censorship

In a video posted on Vimeo, Anonymous hackers and Redhack are asking the Turkish government to stop censorship, corruption and the use of force and violence against peaceful demonstrators. Below is the video and the transcript.

Anonymous Turkey ►Stop Censorship! from @AnonymousVideo on Vimeo.

"A message from Anonymous and RedHack.
Greetings World.
Government of Turkey, on many occasions Anonymous and RedHack have asked that you change your attitude towards leadership and serve our country rather than control it, that you maintain the rights and freedoms of the citizens.
We demand that the Government of Turkey,
put an immediate end to censorship,
put an immediate end to corruption,
and stop the use of force and violence against peaceful demonstrators.
We suffered from the mainstream media blackout about what is really happening in Turkey. This is a peaceful popular revolt. It is a movement that spans all levels and sectors of society. This is a movement that requires only freedom, justice, and democracy.
We cannot stand idly while these injustices are being done.
Know that we stand together and united to fight against this oppression.
We Are Anonymous.
We Are Legion.
We Do Not Forgive.
We Do Not Forget.
Government of Turkey, it is too late to EXPECT US!

The Straight Dope Message Board Hacked

The popular forum The Straight Dope is advising its users to change their passwords after the security team discovered that the forum was targeted and hacked. As a result, the hacker obtained the board users' information such as usernames, email addresses and passwords. The moderator,Ed Zotti, recommend the users to follow some steps which he published in the announcement post about the security breach.
The moderator also stated that the passwords are encrypted,but is still asking users to change them because if a user's password is not complex, the hacker can use decryption techniques to figure out the password.
"We are also working with law enforcement officials and conducting our own investigations." said Ed Zotti.
Source:[Click Here!]

Beware of Facebook Scam “RIP – Singer Rihanna found dead after being raped! 2014”

Facebook users are being tricked into spamming a scam which is at the moment making the round. The scam is title as “RIP – Singer Rihanna found dead after being raped! 2014” . When Facebook users click on the link, they are send to a video hosting website. Once there, after clicking on the 'Play' button, users are asked to share this on their timeline so that they can get access to the content.
After sharing this,that is spamming the scam, they are directed to another page where they are asked to complete a verification process and complete some endless online surveys.They will have to provide their mobile numbers and other personal information during this process. By giving their mobile numbers, they are subscribing themselves to expensive services that charged loads per minutes.
We advise our readers to ignore these Facebook scam and never provide your personal information to untrusted surveys.
Source:[Click Here!]

#OpFunKill: Message to the Government of Namibia

Members of an Anonymous affiliate hacking group,Team Defiant, posted a video on YouTube where they are threatening the government of Namibia for allowing the US-based Dallas Safari Club to auction the chance to kill a black rhino from the country’s Mangetti National Park.Below is the video message along with the transcript which they posted.
"Hello Namibian Government,
We are Anonymous, we are Team Defiant. We have been watching you, and we do not agree with the cruel punishment you're allowing to happen inside of your country. The fact that you allow five black rhinos to be hunted each year as part of a conservation program is preposterous, not to mention you believe your own lie that it'll "gear to boost the long-term survival of the species, Bullshit.
You are promoting a hunt that is for your own good, not for the welfare of the animal, the black rhino species that you are not considering.
So let us get this right.. You're selling permits to hunt an ENDANGERED SPECIES, from anywhere between $250,000 and $1 million??
But yet its for the RHINOS? Please explain how these animals benefit from YOUR wealth?
Here are some things you can ponder about when alone, and think hard because this my friends is the inevitable.
1. How much more can your country handle before it turns on you?
2. Will Team Defiant release all your personal information and data stored in your servers?
3. How will you get online commerce when none of your website are working properly?

We are a collective of Anonymous.
We are Team Defiant.
I am Payback Panda,
This is Operation Fun Kill.
We're the ones in the shadows,
you can not stop, what you can not see.

Four Government Websites Defaced By Pakistani Hacker

Pakistani hacker using the codename 'Romantic' defaced three Nepalese and one Korean government websites. On each of the Nepalese websites,the hacker uploaded the same deface page. At the time of publishing,two of them was already restored.The Korean website was still defaced at the time of publishing.
List of websites Defaced:[Click Here!]

Beware of “Free £250 ASOS Gift Voucher” Facebook Scam

Researchers from Malwarebytes discovered a new Facebook scam making the rounds. Crooks behind this scam have used UK's online fashion store ASOS to attract more people.Once the users click on the post,they are directed to a fake ASOS website where the following has been written,
"Vouchers Remaining: 48
Complete the simple steps below to claim your Voucher
1) You must share this page:
2) Click add comment & say thanks ..example thanks i love ASOS
After you post your comment you will be redirected automatically to claim your voucher
Source:Malwarebytes Blog
 After completing these steps, users are directed to another website where they are asked to complete surveys or download infected programs. We advise our readers not to download and instal these applications. If you already installed any, immediately uninstall them, update your antivirus software with the latest database and make a full scan of your computer.
Source:[ Click Here!]

Skype's Twitter Account And Blog Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army

Syrian Electronic Army started 2014 by hacking Skype official Twitter account.The account which has more than three million followers tweeted an anti Microsoft message,"Don't use Microsoft emails(hotmail,outlook), they are monitoring your accounts and selling the data to the governments. More details soon #SEA.". This message was re tweeted more than 8000 times.By now, Skype already regain access to its official Twitter account and they deleted the message.
Latest tweet of Skype:
Moreover, the hackers hijacked the account of Shana Pearlman, Content Marketing Manager at Skype. They posted the same message on Skype Blog via this compromised account.By now the message was already removed.Below is the Google webcache of the message posted on the blog.


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