Beware of Fake "WhatsApp for PC" Distributing Banker Trojan

Experts from Kaspersky Lab received a spam message in Portuguese where it stated that WhatsApp is now available for pc and the receiver of the mail has 11 pending invitation.If the receiver click on the link provided in the email, he/she will be directed to a hacked server in Turkey and later redirected to a Hightail (Yousendit) account to download the so called WhatsApp for PC application. The application is a Trojan.A scan from VirusTotal of the downloaded application shows that 9 out of 50 antivirus engines detected malware in it.The Trojan has some anti-debugging features to make its analysis harder. We advise our readers to ignore the mail and if ever you have already installed the application,uninstall the application, update your antivirus software with the latest database and make a complete scan of your computer.
VirusTotal Scan Report:[Click Here!]
Source:[Kaspersky Lab]


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