Pakistani Govt Website Hacked By Indian Hackers As Payback

Indian Hackers,namely Pivot Antraxt , Parinda and Pr4th4m defaced a Pakistani Government Website some days back to deliver a message in which they said was a payback. "payback 2 1337 a pakistani
By now the website has already been restored. Below is the message,quite a long one, posted on the website.

Hizb Media Centre Website Penetrated By Godzilla

When visiting the website, at first glance we will be deducting that the website is still under construction or has been wrongly set.A message like (below) will be seen.
"Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/hizbmedi/public_html/modules/home.php on line 7".. And below to this, a picture of Indian Army raising the Indian Flag can be seen. Weird enough, why will this picture be on the Hizb Media Centre website. After analyzing the picture properly, we can notice " Jay Hind... Godzilla was here..
It seems that the website was penetrate by Godzilla and he must be the one who uploaded this picture on this website.

Members of Pak Cyber Pyrates Hacked Several Websites

Even if members of Pak Cyber Pyrates do not make any publicity of their cybercriminal acts, they are silently very active. Their aims still remain unclear and yet, series of websites are being hacked and defaced by them. No specific country is targeted as according to the list,there has been .in , .uk  and as well as .be domain which has been defaced.
List of some defaced webpages with mirrors:

Pakistani Websites Hacked By Pivot Antraxt and Hackers_leauge

Five Pakistani websites were hacked last week by Indian Hackers known as Pivot Antraxt and Hackers_leauge. Among these,a Pakistan's Law publication website was included. By now all of the websites defaced has been restored. Mirrors provided below still show how these websites look like when they were hacked.

450,000+ Yahoo! Voices Usernames And Password Leaked

A hacker group known as D33D Company has recently leaked over 450,000 Yahoo! Voices usernames and password.The most astonishing part was that all these password were kept in an encrypted way,that is,in plain text. The hacker has been using a technique called Union-based SQL Injection to retrieve these sensitive information.Below is a screenshot of how the leaked document looked like.

UK Websites Hacked By Hamza Awan of Kashmir Cyber Army

Several UK based websites were hacked by Hamza Awan. According to the dafaced page, the hacker seems to be a member of Kashmir Cyber Army.The deface showed a message related to atrocities on the people in the region of Jammu and Kashmir.Few days back the same Hamza Awan hacked several indian website.
List of all Hacked Website with Mirrors:

Anonymous Targets Pedophiles In New Operation: #OpPedoChat

Anonymous is fed up with pedophiles.So they launched their new operation called #OpPedoChat. Several websites where pedophiles share videos and images of children has been targeted and taken down.
There has been information of several pedophiles who has been unveiled by Anonymous.Some are owners of adult websites and has already been targeted. They were down but by now,some of the websites has already been back to work.Below is a video from Anonymous related to this operation.Moreover a pastebin link including all targeted website has been provided.

Fake Skype For Android Detected

Trend Micro has recently discovered a fake Skype application for android which is leading users to malware after installation. The application works on old version of Symbian phone and Android devices which allow execution of Java based software. The criminals have even created a fake website with .ru domain. Below is the link to the malicious software details called JAVA_SMSSEND.AB .

Several Websites Hacked By Indian Hacker Jaguar Hacker

We haven't seen him lately,no website were hack by the well known Indian Hacker called Jaguar for several weeks,or we shall say,several months. He has been waiting for his preys and as soon as the right opportunity was there for him,BOOM!! They were Hacked ... After analysis the websites,we could say that most of them are Pakistani websites. Some of them has already been restored but others are still in the situation Jaguar Hacker left them. We managed to make some mirrors..
Pastebin Link of Websites List & Mirrors:

Pakistani Webhosting Website Hacked By Indian Hacker Silent Hacker

Its been long since Silent Hacker of India didn't defaced any webpage..Maybe this was the reason,he wanted to have a Pakistani Website with good Alexa Ranking and here it is.
Message Posted On Defaced Page:
"Message to Porkies Lamers Just Back Off from Indian Cyber Space
Haha lol best hosting provider pwned :P You will give safe hosting lol You can't protect your own site :P


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