Hacked and 50,000 Accounts Leaked

Last week we have seen well known websites like Yahoo! Voices and Billabong been hacked. The series is not yet over. IT Wall Street, a website dedicated for professionals who seeks jobs in the IT field has been hacked by a member of  Team GhostShell. More than 50,000 accounts was leaked.

The document was published on 07/18/2012 and it consisted of a message from Masakaki, the one responsible for the hack.
Message in the document:
" Hello there! My name is Masakaki, part of the Far-Eastern Financial District of #TeamGhostShell. I'm here today to bring you all something fascinating, but before that, I should probably explain what's "MidasBank" and what does it stand for. GhostShell has been leaking left and right all kinds of targets, well we're here to bring some sort of order to it, which is why this district will function solely to provide leaks from an economical point of view, institutional and educational, but primary, it will focus on the financial aspect of things. With that being said, what better target to pick as a first release, than the place that puts all markets to shame in the world. Wall Street. IT Wall Street owned. Around 50.000 accounts compromised. The list contains both current, past, and rejected IT personal from Wall Street. The information is as detailed as ever with many other surprises in it. Please, enjoy."
The documents consisted of usernames, passwords, ID, addresses and phone numbers. At the end of the document, the hacker claimed that he had more than 3000 resumes  which he is intending to trade on black market.

"Over 3000 resumes were held in by MidasBank to trade them on the black market. <3"

 Link to leaked Accounts Pastes:


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