DarkCoderSc Leave The Scene

Who hasn't heard about DarkComet RAT?One among the most popular piece of remote administration tool ever created till date.Behind this tool,sits someone known as DarkCoderSc. But unfortunately,today,DarkCoderSc decided to put an end to the world of malware.Through a pastebin document, DarkCoderSc announced his decision.Below is a the exact wording in the pastebin document which he posted today, 27th June 2013

    Most of you will know that about a year ago a piece of me died because the government wasn't able to understand the difference between the maker of a tool and people which use it for their own purpose. I created a tool but never killed nor harmed anyone and I never intended to make a profit from it. I won't try to explain the analogy of the gun maker and the killer who uses the gun in anger and kills another but it's certainly a valid analogy. Generally, it seems that it is always easier to catch the brain and leave the beast alone.
    At this moment in time all this is already an old story. I have spent thousands of dollars during the last year alone. This was used for buying domains, server hosting – I was in need of powerful hosting because of the ever growing amount of downloads – and I nearly spent all my spare time coding. Personally I do not regret all of this and would have done it again if I had the chance. But I would have done it differently. It’s all a thing of the past now and it is too late to change the past.
    Today I am writing this message to officially announce the end of ‘DarkCoderSc’ as a character. I have take a long time to reflect on what to do with my future and finally decided to retire from malware research and the coding scene. Yes, I did not contribute anything for quite a while now, my main project was already shut down entirely and I lost all motivation to continue. I don’t want to live with the fear of being arrested, even if my intentions were good.
    Since my arrival on the malware scene I have been fortunate enough to make a lot of friends and even managed to make a few enemies. Looking back, it was a great pleasure to work with you and we have had many a good moment together. Without your support I would never have found the motivation to continue to try to make my projects better. Thank you for the chance of meeting great people.
    For the time being, my Twitter and Facebook accounts will remain open for people who have the need to browse through some of my old stories. I will not post anything new in these accounts and eventually the accounts will be terminated. Also, all my old domains that are associated with ‘DarkCoderSc’ will remain active to avoid the creation of fake mirror websites. These websites are unremote.org, darkcomet-rat.com, synsecurity.net. Furthermore DarkComet Legacy will remain downloadable indefinitely, even if it is not very useful anymore. It is only because of this program fans are still able to browse the website for the functions of this tool.
    It is with great sorrow and difficulty that I have also decided to leave the awesome community of TrojanForge.com. Their admins are really good guys and I'm sure they will tirelessly continue to keep this place awesome and "fedsless". I don't know how many times since ‘they’ were trying to take control of everything, but I hope the admins will keep fighting fight against that and be sufficiently smart to avoid getting SE by those manipulators.
    As of now, I will cease to answer to any questions regarding my former life via chat, mails, etc. This letter is all I have to say.
    I also will not connect to Skype, MSN, gTalk, etc, anymore and will probably close these accounts in the near future.
    Love you all, thank you for the great past together and I wish you the very best for the future!
    DarkCoderSc 2006-2013

DarkCoderSc posted the same document on both his Facebook fan page and his Twitter account.
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Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Of Myanmar Hacked and Database Leaked By Afghan Cyber Army

Through their official Facebook page,Afghan Cyber Army published that they hacked the website of Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Of Myanmar.Along with this,they posted a message which goes as follow:
"MESSAGE :To Burma Government
Dear Government of Burma and all Terrorist Buddhists of Burma! Stop killing,Raping,Butchering Muslims. The world and media may not stop you from your terrorism, but we will definitely stop you.
Islam is one home for all muslim brothers and sisters, it doesn't matter what color they are, what ethnicity they are, where they live....... We can feel the pain of every muslim that is tortured in anywhere of this world, and we will not stay silent for it. we will revenge their blood, and take back everything that was taken from them.
Today all of Muslims have gathered to help the Muslims in Burma, everyone is using their power that god have given them. We will send your Cyber Space to hell, and we will continue our attacks until you stop your terrorism against Muslims of Rohingya.
We(Afghan Cyber Army) are always alive, awake and ready to stand for the rights of Muslims and help them to get their rights. We do not forget, We do not forgive, We are legion, Expect us.
At the end of this post,they provided a pastebin link where the whole database of the websites was published.In the same document,the login information of the administrator was included.
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Opera Old Certificate Stolen During Infrastructure Attack

Opera is advising all its users to update the latest version as soon as it is available.This is because recently Opera suffered an attack where the attackers were able to obtain one old and expired code signing certificate.The attackers have been using it to sign malware.As such,when distributing the malware,it gives the impression that this 'software' has been published by Opera Software.Windows users who were using opera between 01.00 and 01.36 UTC on June 19th may have automatically received and installed the malicious software.Opera on its side will release a new version with a new code signing certificate.
This attack was discovered on June 19th and was stopped.Opera also stated that they cleaned their system and there is no evidence that user's data were compromised.Opera is working with relevant authorities to investigate into this matter and will let users know if there is any development.
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Beware of Scam: Selling Instagram Followers

Published on the 25th of June 2013, Trend Micro is warning users about a scam site which is offering 'Instagram Followers' for sale.As instagram users want to have many followers,many will be tempted by this service.These sites have different prices,depending on how many followers the buyer wants.Even if the site has nothing to do with Instagram,it is using the logo freely. The website has a reservation form as well, where buyers have to enter their name, email address, telephone number and payment information. Trend Micro stated that, "Even if you try to fill-up the form using a dummy account it will accept the any information that the user inputs."
This is a way for cyber criminals to gather information.We recommend our readers not to provide any information to such websites.
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Facebook Bug Exposed About 6 Million People Personal Details

Personal information of about 6 million people were recently exposed due to a bug on Facebook.This vulnerability allowed email and telephone numbers to be seen by person who were not supposed to see them.Until now,there hasn't been any evidence that the data exposed has been used in a malicious way. Facebook issued an important message on Friday 21st of June to narrate about this.
"Because of the bug, some of the information used to make friend recommendations and reduce the number of invitations we send was inadvertently stored in association with people’s contact information as part of their account on Facebook. As a result, if a person went to download an archive of their Facebook account through our Download Your Information (DYI) tool, they may have been provided with additional email addresses or telephone numbers for their contacts or people with whom they have some connection. This contact information was provided by other people on Facebook and was not necessarily accurate, but was inadvertently included with the contacts of the person using the DYI tool. "

After confirming about this bug, Facebook disable the DYI tool to fix the problem and the tool was back the next day after it was fixed.

Read Full Facebook Message: [Click Here!]

University of Central Missouri Former Student Jailed For Computer Hacking

A former student of the university of Central Missouri,Joseph Camp,29, from Kansas City has been sentenced for three years imprisonment and the Court also ordered him to pay $61,500 in restitution.He was arrested in 2009 and pleaded guilty in April 2013 to an unlawful computer scheme at the university from March 2009 to March 2010.He conspired with another student, Daniel Fowler,23, and they both gained unauthorized access to the university computer network where they were ablt to download staff,alumni,student information and also databases of faculty.They also attempted in changing grades.
How they managed to get unauthorized access?
Both Camp and Fowler developed a virus,added it to a thumb drive,on which they also added vacation photographs.They managed to distract the UCM administrator and downloaded the virus on his computer.Once this was done,they were able to monitor the administrator's computer and captured his username and password.They also installed the virus to other computers of the university and were able to gain remote access to these.By doing so,they could capture the keystrokes the of the users and switch on the user's webcam to know who the users were.
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Pirate Bay Co-Founder Jailed For 2 Years

The co-founder of file sharing site pirate bay was sentenced to two years of imprisonment on Thursday in a Swedish Court.He was found guilty for hacking into servers of company dealing with Swedish authorities data and banks.Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, 28, was also convicted for aggravated fraud.In 2009, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg was sentenced for one year of imprisonment,along with two other co founder, for copyright infringement.
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Philippine President’s Phone Numbers Leaked By Anonymous Hacker

An anonymous hacker using the code name of “#pR.is0n3r” has leaked three phone numbers on Facebook,claiming that these belongs to the Philippine President Benigno Aquino III.The reason behind this leaked is that the hacker wanted people of Philippines to have direct communication with the President.At the time of publishing,it has not been confirmed whether these numbers really belongs to the President.
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A LulzSec Hacker Eligible For Release

Ryan Cleary, member of the LulzSec hacking group may be released soon.He was sentenced for 30months imprisonment in may after he admitted he was part of several cyberattacks against high profile organisation.Ryan was known as 'ViraL' online and during their attacked,they published thousands of personal details on the internet.
During the raid at his homes,two computers belonging to Ryan were seized,on which, police officers found 172 images indecent images.On Wednesday, Judge Deborah Taylor sentenced Ryan to serve community orders for these images.The fact that he already served one year, six months and 18 days in custody and was wearing an electronic tag,this makes him eligible for release.
John Cooper QC,Ryan's barrister said that Ryan is not "a career sexual pervert", adding that these images were downloaded to his computer in one session.
A sexual offences prevention order as well was made by the Judge,preventing Ryan from using the internet to talk to anyone who is under 16 and severely restricting him from other online access.
Read more from source: [Click Here!]

25 Websites Defaced By Pakistani Hacker King_Haxor

Pakistani hacker going by the codename 'king_haxor' defaced a total of 25 websites last week.The same deface page was uploaded on each website.He greeted his team mate,those of P4k!$74N H4X0r$ Cr3W on the defaced page.By the time of publishing,some of these websites are been restored and some have been defaced by other hackers.
List of Defaced Websites:[Click Here!]

FBI Raided Anonymous Hacker House

A 26 year old man stated that his home was raided last month by a group of FBI.This was due to the publication of information related to the Steubenville rape case.Using the codename of 'KYAnonymous', Deric Lostutter said that on the 15th of April,FBI agents raided his house,which he shares with his brother and girlfriend.
"They seized my laptop, my girlfriend's laptop, flash drives, music CDs, an external hard-drive, two cell phones and my brother's xbox 360 for some reason," Deric told The HuffPost. In the rape case,a 16 year old girl was rape by Steubenville football players and Deric said that he was the one who published the photographs,videos and messages that the players had been posting which ridiculed the victim.
On his official blog,he posted his story concerning the raid in much details which can be read [Click Here!]
Source: [Click Here!]

#OpTurkey: Turkish Prime Minister and Turkish Ministry of Interior Websites Hacked

In an operation called "#OpTurkey", Syrian Electronic Army hacked Turkish Government websites,that of the Turkish Prime Minister and theTurkish Ministry of Interior.At the time of publishing,the Prime Minister's website was unavailable(basbakanlik.gov.tr) but that of the Turkish Ministry of Interior was back online.They also leaked several email addresses along with their passwords through their official websites.
PS: We are not providing any link to the leak for security reasons.

Two Step Verification Activated By Linkedin

After they suffered an attack last year,in which around 6.5 million password were stolen by hackers,LinkedIn announced on Friday about now providing the two-factor authentication.This two way authentication will ask a user to provide a numeric code,which will be sent to them via SMS as soon as they log-in in their account from an unknown device for the first time.With this option,LinkedIn stated that it will be more difficult for attackers to get access into an account.
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#OccupyGezi: Beypazari State Hospital hacked and Database Leaked

A hacker using the codename of @st0rmyw0rm stated on his Twitter account that he has breached the Beypazari State Hospital website and has leaked all the credentials.He provided a link where the username,pass and ip was listed. Going through his Twitter account,we could see that many Turkish Government websites were being hit by the hacker.
Link to Document: [Click Here!]

Syrian Electronic Army's Website Closed By Syrian Computer Society

Through a document posted on pastie.org, Syrian Electronic Army stated that their official website was no longer functional due to reasons beyond their control.Members of this army seems to be surprised about this decision.In this same document,they added the mail where the Syrian Scientific Society for Informatics told them about why such an action was taken.
Extract From Original Document:
"[Email, automatic translation]

"Distinguished Gentlemen administer the site:

After the greeting,

The internet service provider in the Syrian Scientific Society for Informatics as one of the projects Assembly, which aims to support and develop the IT sector, Syrian Arab Republic, on the basis of the principles and objectives of the association to support all national capacities and support and secure the chances of success her, we were and still enthusiasts and supporters for you and your role effectively.

But, as you know, in recent times specifically on 04/10/2013 we were the decision unjust right as the right home goal to stop all ranges reserved for our way and that in turn led to stop the service so far, a large number of subscribers (individuals, companies, and even government sites and news) , and in turn has also led to business owners affected sites and parked domains provider, which has caused serious material damage to their interests.

We are here as express our apologies to our subscribers valued in the short measure taken right, from starters to maintain the rights of the participants that we are trying to retrieve all the available ways and means of legal and business.

We also Whereas previously we thank you very Batmarna for securing the necessary requirements and to ensure the non-recurrence of what happened in the future

Wishing you more success.

More can be read from the official document which the Syrian Electronic Army posted three days back.
Link to Official Document: [Click Here!]


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