University of Central Missouri Former Student Jailed For Computer Hacking

A former student of the university of Central Missouri,Joseph Camp,29, from Kansas City has been sentenced for three years imprisonment and the Court also ordered him to pay $61,500 in restitution.He was arrested in 2009 and pleaded guilty in April 2013 to an unlawful computer scheme at the university from March 2009 to March 2010.He conspired with another student, Daniel Fowler,23, and they both gained unauthorized access to the university computer network where they were ablt to download staff,alumni,student information and also databases of faculty.They also attempted in changing grades.
How they managed to get unauthorized access?
Both Camp and Fowler developed a virus,added it to a thumb drive,on which they also added vacation photographs.They managed to distract the UCM administrator and downloaded the virus on his computer.Once this was done,they were able to monitor the administrator's computer and captured his username and password.They also installed the virus to other computers of the university and were able to gain remote access to these.By doing so,they could capture the keystrokes the of the users and switch on the user's webcam to know who the users were.
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