hacked by UGNazi has been hacked by member of UGNazi hacker group. A statement to was publish by the group in pastebin..
"MyBB has a relatively low-risk security record. Personal information needs to be secure. If we can acces it, so can terrorists.  The truth is buried under lies and false promises. We tried to bring the truth to light, and we were ignored.

6 Websites Hacked By Member of Indian Stealth Army [ISA]

Several websites were hacked by member of Indian Stealth Army known as MaRk3r IsA.

1846 Indian Websites Including Govt Websites hacked by ZCompany Hacking Crew

1846 Indian sites Including Govt, Civil Aviation India and University sites hacked on 29 MAY by ZCOMPANY HACKING CREW.. this hack was done to show support to the two sisters of the Kashmir valley who were first raped and then killed brutally by INDIAN OCCUPATIONAL FORCES ON 29 MAY'09 . ZCOMPANY HACKING CREW striked the Indian Cyber Space leaving many govt. sites unfunctional and displaying mesg. for Kashmir . . also using SMS bombers msg saying " ONE SLOGAN ONE TRACK, GO INDIA GO BACK" was sent to as many as 1300 Indians at 1:22AM IST to show and observe the Protest! 
Full List Of All Websites & Mirrors: Hacked By Member of Pakistan Cyber Hunters

Message Posted On Website:
-- Hacked By SOG --

-- Message --
A Message To Indian Script kiddies
This is A Pay back From Our Side of Hacking Pakistani Sites.
Stay Away from PAKISTANI CYBER SPACE oOherwise We Can Drag You cyber space into Hell!!!
Backoff Lamers from our cyber Space..
Everybody Knows whose Cyber space is More Vulnerable
You will Hack 1 We will Hack Thousands..
Bloody Lamers..
./Signing Out
Mess With The Best Die Like The Rest.
We Are
Mr.Coder Hax |5h4h 5h3rry 5!d||AJ H4X| Gr33n 3ff3c7 | G!rl R!d3R h3x0r | Sameer | NZ HaX0R| SoldieR 0f GoD|MuHammaD AlI |d3m0n c0d3r|d3c3n7 b410ch|Zee Smartoo
== Greetz To ===
Pakistan Cyber Army -- PakCyberPirates -- The Hackers Army -- RobotPirates

Copy Rights: SOG @2012-20** (Pakistan)

Several Hosting Company And Online Radio Hacked by "BANGLADESH BLACK HAT HACKERS "

Members of Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers hitting hard again. This time several online radio websites and hosting company websites were defaced by the black hackers team.Below is the full list of the websites hack .Some of the websites have already been restored but you can see the mirrors in the list to have an idea.
List of defaced Websites & Mirrors: Hacked by Ap3x nd H4ck0

Pakistani website has been defaced by members of Indian hacking team know as Ap3x nd H4ck0.
Message Posted On Website:
This site has been hacked by Ap3X Pr3Dat0r And H4ck-0-InD!A. WE ARE BACK ..... Admin Fuck You Pak Beaaach ... Do u Think U can Hack Us And We Keep U Wathin? We Are INDIANS ... WE ARE ALWAYS ONN FOR THE KILL... Yahoo Girls ?? OR Pak Bitches?? No Matter We Fucked You..

IIRM University Website Hacked & Restored

Indian University IIRM was lately defaced by Tha Rude of  The Hackers Army,but after some hours, Indian Hacker known as Code Injector restored it.When visiting the website now,you can actually see the screenshot above,the blue chakra (24-spoked wheel) and the orange color which are both from the Indian Flag.
Defaced by Tha Rude:

BSNL India hacked by Tha Konvict & Tha Rude.(Database Leaked)

Tha Konvict & Tha Rude has breached into the BSNL India server and leaked the database.The database consists of thousand of Contractors and private tenders information such as their email address,mobile number,passwords,etc.
.THA stand for The Hackers Army and members of this Hacker group are quite active in hacking websites,breaching into servers,etc..They call themselves the "Voice of the Oppressed"
Link to database Leaked:

#op India Engaged Anonymous Hitting on Indian Govt Websites

After an injunction by an Indian Court in a copyright infringement case, several government websites has been victims of DDOS attack by Anonymous Hackers. The Court ordered internet provider in India to block access to video sharing websites like DailyMotion, Bittorrent-tracker, etc.. The Indian Supreme Court websites and the Indian National Congress political party were the major target.There has been several videos posted on YouTube about op India.

Facebook Hacker Jailed for 12 Months

Gareth Crosskey,a 21 year old British was jailed on Wednesday the 16th of May for hacking into a facebook account.This incident happened in Jaunuary 2011. The Facebook hacker was arrested at his home in West Sussex.
The breach was first reported to the FBI and later on,after some investigation,it was passed on to the Metropolitan Police Service's Police Central e-Crime Unit for further investigation as they noticed that the unauthorized access was from UK. The accused pleaded guilty under the Computer Misuse Act 1990. Several devices were seized from his place for forensic investigation.He will be in jail for the next 12months..

Bangladeshi Govt Website Hacked By SilEnT Hacker & Shorty Charso Beas

Silent Hacker and Shorty Charso Beas Hits again..This time they defaced a Bangladeshi Government Website.
[#]Server Compromised by SileNt H4xOr and ShorTy42o H4x0r
[#]You have been owned :P
[#] We have owned Your server completely
[#]Nothing is secure in Cyber world
[#] Contact: wanna contact us catch us on Hack book :P
Where is the Security ? xD
[#] We are :- Shorty420.Haxor | Jaguar Haxor | Yash | Code_Smasher | Hacker_me29 | 

Phishing: "We Need Your Help Resolving an Issue With Your Account" from Paypal is Scam

Several people are receiving email from "Paypal" titled as "We Need Your Help Resolving an Issue With Your Account". The mail actually ask people a bit more of the information they provided to PayPal during registration.So readers,do not let yourself be fooled by these email and never provide your login and password.

Nyro Hacker Wishing Happy Birthday By Defacing Website

The website has already been restored.You can go through the mirror link to see the defacement.
Quite original concept by Nyro Hacker.Lately he has been very active in defacing many other website,alone as well as in team with other hackers like Silent Hacker.
Other Website Defaced Earlier:

Washington Military Department Data Leaked By UGNazi Hackers

Instead of trying their old way of attacking,that is DDOS attack, hackers from UGNazi decided to change their way of doing thing by simply leaking the data they retrieved from the website.They posted the news on their twitter account with a pastebin link where all IPs and hacked accounts details were written.The pastebin document is named as "Military Department-Washington hacked".
Pastebin Link:
Twitter Account:!/le4ky
Source: Softpedia

MLT,Another Member of TeamPoison Arrested

After the arrest of Trick last month,the United Kingdom authorities arrested another member of TeamPoison known online as MLT. He is 17years old and has acted as the spokesman for Teampoison.He was arrested in Newcastle on Wednesday and the officers have seized all computer equipment for forensic examinations.
After the arrest of Trick last month,they planned and operation called op retaliation but until now,nothing was heard about this.
The team claimed to be responsible for 1400 offences and are responsible for the last month attack on the phone system of Scotland Yard.
Article about Op Retaliation:

UK Server Hacked By Members of Indian Cyber Leets

Several websites on the server were defaced by Silent Hacker and Nyro Hacker during the week.At the time we are publishing this,some of the websites have already been restored and others are under construction.

---==[+| MESSAGE FROM ICL |+]==---
---==[+| INDIAN HACKERS |+]==---
^ Real leets... Hack for India....Anything for India... ^ /

---==[+| MESSAGE TO ADMIN |+]==---

==> LOLZ ZZ... Don't worry we will visit your site again soon...... Rooted your server.... CAn't protect it.... Nyro hacker n Silent hacker here.. :P \
---==[+|Real Leets here |+]==---
---==[+| Don't mess with INDIA |+]==---
---=[+|Greetz to.... Darkspirit Encoder, Jaguar hacker, Shorty 420, hacker_m329, Panache hacker, Dexter,Yash, Code Injector and all member of Indian cyber leets|+]==---

Anonymous Russia Launched Operation Against Russian Govt

Greetings, citizens of Russia!

We - anonymous.

How many of you know, on May 6 in Moscow will be a mass demonstration against the election illegitimate. We support the protest off the false state sites and, above all, the site of the Government of the Russian Federation, which was collected by deception and fraud.

TeamGhostShell leaked Confidential Data of Forex Traders

"Hello again, did you miss us world governments? We've made you guys a promise a while back, that, as long as hackers from all around the planet are getting arrested, we'll also appear, paying you all back ten-fold. Own us and we own you. Seems fair enough, don't you think? <3

#TeamGhostShell has started this campaign, ProjectGhostShell, to pay back the police, the informants, the snitches, the politicians, the stupid and the corrupt. If you're gonna compromise one of us, regardless of religion, race, location and so on, then you WILL have to pay for it. "Every action has a reaction". But don't worry, it's not the only project we have to offer. You can expect more of them to pop-up in the near future. Or you can look forward to this one. #ProjectGhostShell
Pastebin Link of Full Database:

The Hulk Gets Hacked

The actor who plays the role of The Hulk in the movie The Avengers has been hacked.Mark Rufallo' Twitter account name was always Mruff221 and according to the unknown hacker,his password wasn't that difficult and secure.The hacker changed the account name to 'Mark Ruffalo' and started posting unusual messages in which there was : a link to who has the best booties in Hollywood, a link to which women in Hollywood have the best breasts, and how to have mind blowing sex.

Hacker Awarded For finding XSS Vulnerability in Torrent site

KickAss Torrents awarded a hacker $100 for discovering several xss vulnerability in its website last week.These vulnerability was affecting the website performance.
This actual scenario shows you how Hackers, or better to say Pen Testers are helping the online society.The hacker Gambit is the one who identified these vulnerabilities and contacted the website administrator.

Payback By Indian Hacker H3r0 to PCA member for hacking Indian Website

Software : Apache. PHP/5.2.17 - php.ini SAFE MODE is OFF (Not Secure) OS Linux 2.6.18-308.1.1.el5PAE #1 SMP Wed Mar 7 04:57:46 EST 2012 i686
User ID : uid=2961 gid=2951 groups=2951
Lol some kid from PCA hacked site..:P WELL! We always have eye on you..Secure your ass first:D
r00t > whoami
rm -rf thebestpk
Greetz :Team Indishell and all my frenz
Cya Admin! / l0g0ut
This is what is written on the website.Last week member of Pakistan Cyber Army hacked the Indian website Hacker Hero didn't appreciate this at all and as a payback he hacked this Pakistani website.
This is the link where we published about :


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