Phishing: "We Need Your Help Resolving an Issue With Your Account" from Paypal is Scam

Several people are receiving email from "Paypal" titled as "We Need Your Help Resolving an Issue With Your Account". The mail actually ask people a bit more of the information they provided to PayPal during registration.So readers,do not let yourself be fooled by these email and never provide your login and password.

The email will ask you to give more information about yourself so that 'Paypal' can lift the limitation on your account.A link is provided in the fake email which will redirect you to a virtually identical page of Paypal where login and password will be required.This is where the attackers will get hold of the details and as soon as you 'logging in'. You will then be redirected to another page to update your profile where personal information such as last transaction and financial information will be asked.

Source:  hoax-slayer


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