Stanford University Website Hacked By Indian Hacker SaHoo

After defacing MIT website last week, Indian hacker using the codename of ~Sahoo~ penetrated and uploaded a defacement page on Stanford University website two days back. At the time of publishing, the website was still holding the defacement page on which the following message has been written,
"Hacked by ~SaHoo~
 Stanford University g0t 0wned!!! Shocked???
Indian Hacker ~SaHoo~ was here!!!

Url Defaced:


No To Biometric Data On ID Card Platform Calls For Civil Disobedience

Since the announcement of the new Biometric ID Card in Mauritius, many activists, including high profile personality have been working together to stop this implementation. Several cases have been lodge in Courts and among these; the most awaited one will be heard on September 3rd.

What everyone is waiting for is the presentation of Nitin Sookun, the young Mauritian Linux enthusiast and blogger who discovered vulnerability on the MNIC website. Nitin will be a witness in the case and will also do a presentation. As such, the platform No to biometric data on ID Card is asking all those against this new ID card to be present on the day of the case at Port-Louis, in front of the Supreme Court of Mauritius as from 9 am.

The invitation has been sent to 1.3k people through an 'event' on Facebook (link below). This has been described as "the voice of the new generation".

Event Created On Facebook: [Click Here!]
Official Page of the Platform: [Click Here!]

Beware of Facebook Scam Post Disgracing Respected Mauritian Barrister


For the past two days, a post on a Facebook page called "BOGUS AGENT" is making the round. In this particular post, the owner of the page has published fake news regarding a respected Mauritian barrister. To our great surprise, we noticed that many Mauritians are sharing, commenting and tagging their friends to this fake article.

According to the post, the barrister in the picture is being disgraced and they stated that if any person who knows where the barrister is should report him to The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner UK for giving fake advice. We would like our readers to know that this is a SCAM! Do not share or comment on these types of fake post.

Talking to the barrister in question, he stated that he has already lodged a complaint at the Cybercrime of Mauritius and the National Computer Board. The police are investigating into the matter.

Anatomy of the SCAM post
The picture was taken from a recent interview of the barrister which appeared in a local newspaper where he has been talking about immigration problem which people faces. The page owner edited the picture and added some unpleasant comment on it.
The story of the first two paragraphs is related to the interview. It seems that the Facebook page owner has based himself of the comments of the articles.
The rest of the post is merely a copy of what has been written on the Home Office website regarding complaints.
A mixture of all these was made and posted on the page.

We advise our readers to report the page and not to believe, share or comment any post which they are not sure of.

Recent Interview Which appeared: [Click Here!]
Home Office Article Copied: [Click Here!]

Facebook Page:

Dropbox For Business Increases Security Features For Users

Users having Dropbox For Business are having new security features. This was announced on the official Dropbox blog on Tuesday 19th August. These tree new features will allow the users to better manage their content via Dropbox links.
The three new features are:
  • View-only permissions for shared folders
  • Passwords for shared links
  • Expirations for shared links

 “Dropbox for Business has increased our team’s productivity and efficiency dramatically. With view-only permissions for shared folders, we can easily provide our entire sales teams with the latest tools while giving only a few people the ability to make edits. We’re working together better than ever.” said Geoff Stevens, the IT Technical Analyst & Network/Systems Administrator.

Source:[Dropbox Blog]

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Subdomain Hacked By Indian Hacker ~SaHoo~

Indian Hacker using the codename of "~SaHoo~" defaced the sub domain of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The following message was written on the defacement page:
"Hacked by ~SaHoo~
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) g0t 0wned!!! Shocked???
Indian Hacker ~SaHoo~ was here!!!

By the time  of publishing, the defacement page was unavailable. A mirror of how it looked has been provided below.

Facebook Pedophile Jailed For 14 Months After Victim's Mother Turned Detective

In Cardiff Crown Court, Adam Brown, 21, who changed his name to Logan Brown, was jailed for 14 months after he admitted that he sexually grooming a kid on Facebook. The mother left her son and other children with their grandmother when she left for work. When she returned back, she noticed that her son was not at home. She called him and asked where was him, the boy replied that he was out for a walk.

'She got back in her car, found him and confiscated his phone and later his computer, insisting he gave her the passwords." ... 'The conversation she saw online between her son and the defendant made her feel sick.' said Prosecutor Gareth James

It all started when the boy clicked 'like' on one of the predator's video. Adam replied to the post by asking the boy to be his Facebook friend.

"He told him he was cute and then made a sexual suggestion".."Then he said he might commit suicide if he didn't reply and there was an agreement to meet up in a park. The child left his home in the early hours and the defendant met him and gave him a hug. The boy thought the whole thing was weird and returned home where his mother immediately contacted Adam Brown and told him to block contact with her son. But instead, shortly after, he contacted the boy again, telling him, "I have just spoken to your Mum - you are an amazing guy - all I want is for you to be happy" and following it with "you and I are having to have a good chat later, ok Hun?" Added Mr. James

When Adam was arrested by the police, he said he wanted to kiss the boy but would not have done anything more.

Recorder Wyn Lloyd Jones said 'You preyed on the mind of a young boy, threatening to kill yourself and saying he would responsible for assisting a suicide,"


Beware of Ebola Virus Epidemic Phishing Scams

Security researchers from Symantec have discovered several phishing scams making the round recently. These emails claim to be providing news and reports about the Ebola virus which struck the western Africa region.
One of the phishing campaigns pretends to be a breaking news from CNN. It gives a brief story and a added a links to and "untold story". Once a recipient click on the link, he/she is directed to a page where they recipient will have to select an email provider and then insert the email login information. These are collected by the cybercriminal behind the scam. After clicking on the submit button, the user is directed to the official CNN website.

Another identified phishing email is where a person receives a mail containing some attachment pretending to be reports of Ebola. Once the user downloads and opens it, the machine is infected by Zeus Trojan, also known as Zbot. If you have an up to date antivirus, it will detect it immediately.
A more complex in nature has also been identified. The email contains a file purporting to be a PDF presentation. Once executed, a newly discovered Trojan is installed on the machine. Symantec has identified this Trojan as Blueso. “The malware is also crafted to inject W32.Spyrat into the victim’s Web browser,

We advise our readers to me vigilant. Do not download and open any file from untrusted emails.


1200+ Indian Websites Hacked and Defaced By Kashmir Cyber Army

A total of 1216 Indian websites were hacked and defaced by members of the hacking group Kashmir Cyber Army on the occasion of the Indian independence day, 15 August. The same defacement page was uploaded on each of these websites.
By the time of publishing, most of them were restored. A full list of all the websites was uploaded on pastebin.
Link to pastebin document : [Click Here!]

Latest Google Chrome 36 Stable Fixes 12 Vulnerabilities

Google Chrome 36 Stable Release Fixes 12 Vulnerabilities

A total of 12 vulnerabilities were addressed in the latest Google Chorme release. Some of the vulnerabilities were discovered by external security researchers and were awarded.
Collin Payne was awarded $2000 for discovering use-after-free security flaw (CVE-2014-3165) in web sockets. Another researcher, Antoine Delignat-Lavaud, discovered a vulnerability which could disclose information in SPDY.

We advise our readers to update their Google Chrome to the latest stable version.

Source:[Chrome Releases]

Domain Registrar And Web Hosting Company Namecheap Suffered DDoS Attack

The ICANN-accredited domain registrar and web hosting company Namecheap announced today that they suffered a DDos attack against their default DNS system V2.By the time of publishing, the problem was already resolved. During the attack, Namecheap has been advising its customers to use their backup DNS System v1 as an alternative. They provided detailed steps for customers to make the change.

Customers were also updated about new development regarding the issues.

Update @ 6:32 EDT | 10:32 GMT
We are currently experience an extremely large attack on our DNS infrastructure. Up to 50% of our DNS servers are affected, resulting in some downtime. We are working on the issue and are changing the DDoS filters we have in place as we work to mitigate this DDoS attack.

Update @ 6:58 EDT | 10:58 GMT
The target of the DDoS attack has been located. We are working to filter out the malicious DDoS traffic now. We expect to have an ETA on service resolution soon.

Update @ 7:35 EDT | 11:35 GMT
We are still working on filters to stop all of the DDoS traffic. Your patience and understanding in this matter are highly appreciated.

Update @ 8:15 ETD | 12:15 GMT
We continue to filter the attack, and expect over 50% of our DNS infrastructure to be back online in under 30 minutes. All of our technical staff and management are mobilized and we are working with our upstream providers and DDoS mitigation services to bring all services back online ASAP.

Updated @ 8:50 EDT | 12:50 GMT
Our DNS infrastructure is now fully back in production. With any attack we experience, we fully investigate the attack and the defense mechanisms we have in place. We employ the leading DDoS defense and mitigation solutions at all levels of our infrastructure and continue to do all that we can to fight off these malicious attacks. Thank you for your patience during the issue this morning.

Source: [Namecheap]

Cybercrime Workshop: Mauritian ICT Minister Announces a Strengthening of Laws

A workshop of four days on cyber-crime has been launch in Mauritius today, 11th August. During this event, the Mauritian ICT Minister stated that Mauritius is not sufficiently equipped to fight cybercrimals and as such, the ICT Ministry is working on the development of a Cyber Security Strategic Plan. The Minister stated that there is an urgent need to strengthen the existing legislation to deal with this problem. The plan, which will be ready by the end of the year, will help the authorities to better understand issues relating to cyber crime. The government will take expert advice from the Council of the European Union.



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