Facebook Pedophile Jailed For 14 Months After Victim's Mother Turned Detective

In Cardiff Crown Court, Adam Brown, 21, who changed his name to Logan Brown, was jailed for 14 months after he admitted that he sexually grooming a kid on Facebook. The mother left her son and other children with their grandmother when she left for work. When she returned back, she noticed that her son was not at home. She called him and asked where was him, the boy replied that he was out for a walk.

'She got back in her car, found him and confiscated his phone and later his computer, insisting he gave her the passwords." ... 'The conversation she saw online between her son and the defendant made her feel sick.' said Prosecutor Gareth James

It all started when the boy clicked 'like' on one of the predator's video. Adam replied to the post by asking the boy to be his Facebook friend.

"He told him he was cute and then made a sexual suggestion".."Then he said he might commit suicide if he didn't reply and there was an agreement to meet up in a park. The child left his home in the early hours and the defendant met him and gave him a hug. The boy thought the whole thing was weird and returned home where his mother immediately contacted Adam Brown and told him to block contact with her son. But instead, shortly after, he contacted the boy again, telling him, "I have just spoken to your Mum - you are an amazing guy - all I want is for you to be happy" and following it with "you and I are having to have a good chat later, ok Hun?" Added Mr. James

When Adam was arrested by the police, he said he wanted to kiss the boy but would not have done anything more.

Recorder Wyn Lloyd Jones said 'You preyed on the mind of a young boy, threatening to kill yourself and saying he would responsible for assisting a suicide,"



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