No To Biometric Data On ID Card Platform Calls For Civil Disobedience

Since the announcement of the new Biometric ID Card in Mauritius, many activists, including high profile personality have been working together to stop this implementation. Several cases have been lodge in Courts and among these; the most awaited one will be heard on September 3rd.

What everyone is waiting for is the presentation of Nitin Sookun, the young Mauritian Linux enthusiast and blogger who discovered vulnerability on the MNIC website. Nitin will be a witness in the case and will also do a presentation. As such, the platform No to biometric data on ID Card is asking all those against this new ID card to be present on the day of the case at Port-Louis, in front of the Supreme Court of Mauritius as from 9 am.

The invitation has been sent to 1.3k people through an 'event' on Facebook (link below). This has been described as "the voice of the new generation".

Event Created On Facebook: [Click Here!]
Official Page of the Platform: [Click Here!]


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