Beware of Facebook Scam Post Disgracing Respected Mauritian Barrister


For the past two days, a post on a Facebook page called "BOGUS AGENT" is making the round. In this particular post, the owner of the page has published fake news regarding a respected Mauritian barrister. To our great surprise, we noticed that many Mauritians are sharing, commenting and tagging their friends to this fake article.

According to the post, the barrister in the picture is being disgraced and they stated that if any person who knows where the barrister is should report him to The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner UK for giving fake advice. We would like our readers to know that this is a SCAM! Do not share or comment on these types of fake post.

Talking to the barrister in question, he stated that he has already lodged a complaint at the Cybercrime of Mauritius and the National Computer Board. The police are investigating into the matter.

Anatomy of the SCAM post
The picture was taken from a recent interview of the barrister which appeared in a local newspaper where he has been talking about immigration problem which people faces. The page owner edited the picture and added some unpleasant comment on it.
The story of the first two paragraphs is related to the interview. It seems that the Facebook page owner has based himself of the comments of the articles.
The rest of the post is merely a copy of what has been written on the Home Office website regarding complaints.
A mixture of all these was made and posted on the page.

We advise our readers to report the page and not to believe, share or comment any post which they are not sure of.

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Facebook Page:


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