Domain Registrar And Web Hosting Company Namecheap Suffered DDoS Attack

The ICANN-accredited domain registrar and web hosting company Namecheap announced today that they suffered a DDos attack against their default DNS system V2.By the time of publishing, the problem was already resolved. During the attack, Namecheap has been advising its customers to use their backup DNS System v1 as an alternative. They provided detailed steps for customers to make the change.

Customers were also updated about new development regarding the issues.

Update @ 6:32 EDT | 10:32 GMT
We are currently experience an extremely large attack on our DNS infrastructure. Up to 50% of our DNS servers are affected, resulting in some downtime. We are working on the issue and are changing the DDoS filters we have in place as we work to mitigate this DDoS attack.

Update @ 6:58 EDT | 10:58 GMT
The target of the DDoS attack has been located. We are working to filter out the malicious DDoS traffic now. We expect to have an ETA on service resolution soon.

Update @ 7:35 EDT | 11:35 GMT
We are still working on filters to stop all of the DDoS traffic. Your patience and understanding in this matter are highly appreciated.

Update @ 8:15 ETD | 12:15 GMT
We continue to filter the attack, and expect over 50% of our DNS infrastructure to be back online in under 30 minutes. All of our technical staff and management are mobilized and we are working with our upstream providers and DDoS mitigation services to bring all services back online ASAP.

Updated @ 8:50 EDT | 12:50 GMT
Our DNS infrastructure is now fully back in production. With any attack we experience, we fully investigate the attack and the defense mechanisms we have in place. We employ the leading DDoS defense and mitigation solutions at all levels of our infrastructure and continue to do all that we can to fight off these malicious attacks. Thank you for your patience during the issue this morning.

Source: [Namecheap]


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