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-- Hacked By SOG --

-- Message --
A Message To Indian Script kiddies
This is A Pay back From Our Side of Hacking Pakistani Sites.
Stay Away from PAKISTANI CYBER SPACE oOherwise We Can Drag You cyber space into Hell!!!
Backoff Lamers from our cyber Space..
Everybody Knows whose Cyber space is More Vulnerable
You will Hack 1 We will Hack Thousands..
Bloody Lamers..
./Signing Out
Mess With The Best Die Like The Rest.
We Are
Mr.Coder Hax |5h4h 5h3rry 5!d||AJ H4X| Gr33n 3ff3c7 | G!rl R!d3R h3x0r | Sameer | NZ HaX0R| SoldieR 0f GoD|MuHammaD AlI |d3m0n c0d3r|d3c3n7 b410ch|Zee Smartoo
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