#op India Engaged Anonymous Hitting on Indian Govt Websites

After an injunction by an Indian Court in a copyright infringement case, several government websites has been victims of DDOS attack by Anonymous Hackers. The Court ordered internet provider in India to block access to video sharing websites like DailyMotion, Bittorrent-tracker, etc.. The Indian Supreme Court websites and the Indian National Congress political party were the major target.There has been several videos posted on YouTube about op India.

Citizens of India.
We are Anonymous.
We have been noticing the actions of Indian government from past many years. We have come to a conclusion that the indian government has failed. It is time that we all rise and stand against the corrupt government.
Department of telecommunication has ordered internet service providers to block file sharing sites in india. We cannot let this happen.
In June 2000 the Indian Parliament created the Information Technology Act to provide a legal framework to regulate Internet use and commerce, including digital signatures, security, and hacking.The act criminalizes the publishing of obscene information electronically and grants police powers to search any premises without a warrant and arrest individuals in violation of the act.
But in actual the government is trying to take over your freedom of speech over the internet in the name of cyber security.
We must fight against internet censorship.
Join the movement.
The main targets will be department of telecommunication and Ministry of information technology.
We are legion.
We will not forget,
We will not forgive censorship.
Expect us!
#OpIndia Engaged!
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