FBI Raided Anonymous Hacker House

A 26 year old man stated that his home was raided last month by a group of FBI.This was due to the publication of information related to the Steubenville rape case.Using the codename of 'KYAnonymous', Deric Lostutter said that on the 15th of April,FBI agents raided his house,which he shares with his brother and girlfriend.
"They seized my laptop, my girlfriend's laptop, flash drives, music CDs, an external hard-drive, two cell phones and my brother's xbox 360 for some reason," Deric told The HuffPost. In the rape case,a 16 year old girl was rape by Steubenville football players and Deric said that he was the one who published the photographs,videos and messages that the players had been posting which ridiculed the victim.
On his official blog,he posted his story concerning the raid in much details which can be read [Click Here!]
Source: [Click Here!]


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