Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Of Myanmar Hacked and Database Leaked By Afghan Cyber Army

Through their official Facebook page,Afghan Cyber Army published that they hacked the website of Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Of Myanmar.Along with this,they posted a message which goes as follow:
"MESSAGE :To Burma Government
Dear Government of Burma and all Terrorist Buddhists of Burma! Stop killing,Raping,Butchering Muslims. The world and media may not stop you from your terrorism, but we will definitely stop you.
Islam is one home for all muslim brothers and sisters, it doesn't matter what color they are, what ethnicity they are, where they live....... We can feel the pain of every muslim that is tortured in anywhere of this world, and we will not stay silent for it. we will revenge their blood, and take back everything that was taken from them.
Today all of Muslims have gathered to help the Muslims in Burma, everyone is using their power that god have given them. We will send your Cyber Space to hell, and we will continue our attacks until you stop your terrorism against Muslims of Rohingya.
We(Afghan Cyber Army) are always alive, awake and ready to stand for the rights of Muslims and help them to get their rights. We do not forget, We do not forgive, We are legion, Expect us.
At the end of this post,they provided a pastebin link where the whole database of the websites was published.In the same document,the login information of the administrator was included.
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