Dana Wilkey's Facebook and Twitter Accounts Hacked

Some days back, Dana Wilkey stated in a press release that her Facebook and Twitter account was hacked.Her hacked account are being controlled by the hacker and the latter is making many defamatory statement about the cast member of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Due to these statement which the hacker posted, Dana Wilkey had to apologized to all her followers and fans.
In her own word:
"I profusely apologize to all my Facebook and Twitter followers for the abuse they have suffered at the hands of this vindictive stalker. I have instructed my attorney, W. Gary Kurtz, to vigorously pursue this matter through all appropriate means. We will be filing an action against this individual shortly. I am devastated to say the least at this violation of my identity, my privacy and that of all my incredibly loyal fans."   
She also added that this matter has been reported to the FBI so that an investigation may start. From her twitter account, she stated on 16th of July "My Twitter Account was hacked and my identity stolen since July 13 - until right now. I will be releasing a statement shortly. #rhobh #SOS" and more recently,that she is still not having control to her Facebook account.


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