Trick,TeamPoison Member Jailed for Six Months

Junaid Hussain, a member of Teampoison hacking crew has been jailed for six months by the British Court. He pleaded guilty for illegally accessing the Gmail account of an advisor of Tony Blair.

Junaid is known online as Trick and was one active member and leader of this hacking group.He was arrested in April this year and pleaded guilty in July.He has been posting email addresses and information about people related to Tony Blair,his wife,sister-in-law and Lords and Members Of Parliament.
Moreover, he has been charged for carrying attacks on T-Mobile in January and as well as on the United Nations Development Programme.
Junaid recently completed his A-Level and was given a seat in two Universities to study Computer Forensic.His lawyer said that Junaid now "realises the stupidity of what he has done." 


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