Computer Technician Jailed For Hacking Females' Webcam For Sexual Satisfaction

Trevor Timothy Harwell, a 21 year old computer science student has been convicted for spying females through their webcams which he hacked.

How he did this?
As a computer technician in a shop,he illegally accessed the victims computers and install a software which enable him to record and take still images from a remote computer.He also installed false error messages on these computer to increase his chances of capturing the victims nude.

The false message displayed :
"You should fix your internal sensor soon. If unsure what to do, try putting your laptop near hot steam for several minutes to clean the sensor."
And following this advise,some of the victims were bringing their laptop along with them in the bathroom.

How was his trick discovered?
Among the victims were two sisters.They noticed that their computer webcam was behaving strangely by blinking and they decided to take it for repair.Once there, they were told that this strange behaviour was due to the presence of the software which was installed.They reported this to the Fullerton Police Department who investigated into this matter.The police discovered other victims of Trevor,a total of six including the two sisters.

Conviction of the 'Technician':
One year in jail.
Five years of formal probation.
Ordered to complete a Sex Offender Treatement.


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