Beware of Facebook Scam “RIP – Singer Rihanna found dead after being raped! 2014”

Facebook users are being tricked into spamming a scam which is at the moment making the round. The scam is title as “RIP – Singer Rihanna found dead after being raped! 2014” . When Facebook users click on the link, they are send to a video hosting website. Once there, after clicking on the 'Play' button, users are asked to share this on their timeline so that they can get access to the content.
After sharing this,that is spamming the scam, they are directed to another page where they are asked to complete a verification process and complete some endless online surveys.They will have to provide their mobile numbers and other personal information during this process. By giving their mobile numbers, they are subscribing themselves to expensive services that charged loads per minutes.
We advise our readers to ignore these Facebook scam and never provide your personal information to untrusted surveys.
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