Afghan Cyber Army Leaked Several Pakistani Facebook Accounts

Members of Afghan Cyber Army are not over yet.Since a Pakistani hacker defaced their website( some time back,the hackers of this group has been after Pakistani cyber space.On two occasions they have been defacing websites but this time they did something different,by leaking 100,000 Pakistani Facebook account passwords.In the pastebin document,they gave the reason for this leak.Below is an extract of the document.
" 100k emails and facebook accounts Hacked
Target     Pakistan Facebook
Message     this is Just Start wait for More now we are in your social websites.
             Payback To who Hacked http// Hey Noob just Stay Away From Afghanistan Cyber space and Try To Respect your Papa Otherwise your All Life
             will Be going to Hell.

By the time of publishing,this document already had a hits of 692 on pastebin.It was published on march 13th 2013.We are not providing the link to this document for security reasons.

Our Advise: If you feel your account is in this leak document,change your password as soon as possible.


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