Pakistani Government Websites Under Attack

Indian Hacker going by the name of Godzilla has been after Pakistani government website since last week.Several websites have been rendered unavailable by the Indian hacker.He contacted us on Saturday and provided us with a screenshot he made,where its showing he was logged in as the 'administrator' of one of the Pakistani government website.He told us: 'They had upgraded the security so want to show them that the updation is of no use we still penetrated into it'. Today the hacker sent us another message,where he listed a series of Pakistani Government websites,and titled it as 'all ministers taken down'. When we tried to access the websites,they were unavailable by the time of publishing.

List Of Website Attacked:
Ministry of Information Technology of Pakistan
Ministry of Railways of Pakistan
Ministry of Economic Affairs & Statistics of Pakistan
Ministry of Interior of Pakistan
Ministry of Inter Provincial Coordination of Pakistan
Ministry of Religious Affairs Pakistan
Establishment Division of Pakistan
Ministry of Housing & Works of Pakistan
Ministry of Science and Technology of Pakistan
Planning Commission of Pakistan
Ministry of Minorites Affair of Pakistan
Local Government Division of Pakistan
Ministry of Environment of Pakistan
Below is the screenshot where Godzilla was logged in as the Administrator in the Pakistani Army website.


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