More Pakistani Websites Hacked By Indian Cyber Hunters

Message Posted On Each Website:
"Our Jackets are not Bullet proof Our Spirit Is :)
Indian Cyber Hunters arrived
Hacked By Pivot Antraxt_Codei Root
To the Bangladesh and Pakistan government stop the atrocities on Hindu nd Sikh population and protect their basic human rights. .....

pakistani nd bangladeshi Hindus are being massacred after they rejected the Muslims pressure to convert to Islam
the brutalities being perpetrated on them must stop now the world community.. the media and the so-called human rights bodies are completely silent..

How many embassies, ships, buses, planes, schools and businesses
have been bombed on the name of Allah & Jihad in the last fifty years ?
How many innocent girls have been raped killed converted on the name of Allah & Jihad ?
One Person gives u bayaan on Jihaad and encourages you to kill people
and says "ye sawaab ka kaam hai", "rizzak ka kaam hai" and you do sins even
without thinking the consequences !!
You can just kill innocent people .. Women & Childrens..
But There is no Future for you.. We are coming with huge speed..
Then there will be no one to Save you..
You are dirty stamp on the name of Humanity.. Try to Understand & Respect it..
This is payback to porkistani hackers for hacking indian sites..

Jai Hind - Vande Mataram
Love & Hugs To : TEAM INDISHELL ,T|RA ,ICP ,TEAM DESTROYER ARMY ,FFE bhai Atul bhai , Rahul bhai :)
List of Websites Hacked:


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