Pakistani Television Network Geo Tv Hacked

Members of the ZCompany Hacking Crew has been defacing Pakistani television network Geo TV. This hacking crew are composed of Pakistani hackers and this seems to be quite weird that they have attacked their own cyber space in an operation called, #OpKashmir. By the time of publishing, the sub domains were unavailable.
Message Posted On Each Page:
'Its been almost a week since Indian siege and curfew in Indian Occupied Kashmir and the Pakistani Media is busy in 'Aman' Ki Aasha. This Hack is a WakeUp Call.
Do you still need 'Aman' Ki Aasha when blood of your brothers and sisters is being spilled on the streets of Kashmir?
Do you still desire 'Aman' Ka Tamasha when your brethren are caged in their homes and army troopers patrolling their streets, eager to shot down even an 8 year old who comes out?
Do you still desire 'Aman' Ka Tamasha when your sisters are being raped by the Indian occupational forces?
Will you still speak Aman Ki Bhasha while internet, mobiles, newspapers, news channels are blocked and children and even pregnant women are being brutally murdered in Kashmir Valley?
While our brother Shaheed Afzal Guru was hanged in Tihar Jail-India, you were busy showing Horoscope on your channel, and same with other media, who were showing non-sense things at that time in the morning.
Will you continue your treacherous silence over Kashmir Siege or you stand up for your Kashmiri brothers and sisters?? This is a WakeUp Call. If you continue your silence we'll attack more media websites of Pakistan.
Can you hear what we are saying? Can you?
>> If you don't cover Kashmiri Freedom Struggle, We will do it ourselves on each of your websites <<"

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