250 Brazilian Websites Defaced By Indian Hacker

Indian hacker going by the name of Sen Haxor has defaced 250 Brazilian websites.The same defaced page was uploaded on each website attacked by him.The host provider of these websites itself was owned by the hacker as it is the '/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi' of each websites which was defaced.Below is the list of all the defaced websites,mirrors for these websites are unavailable.
Message Posted On Each Website:
"Brazalian Hosting 0wn3D and Fucked up like a Low Paid BitcH !
Your Security Was Good But Not Good enough to keep me out
Sen Haxor was here For More Security . Indian Hacker Fucked You !
Greetz : LuCkY, Striker , Ethicaln00b , Ashell , Darkw0lf ,CyberAce Legion , Jaguar Haxor , YaSH , r0ot_d3vil, Manish Tanwar, Ebin ,Xtreme Killer , Ion , Cool Toad, Atul , ShortY420 , Resister , Mautrinia Attacker , Lethal Code , Pivot Antrax and All Indian Hackers"

Pastebin Link To List Of Defaced Websites:


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