Members of Marathi Cyber Army Are Concerned About Cyber Security

With the increase of cyber security threat,members of the Marathi Cyber Army decided to help the general public by publishing a power point presentation on their official website.This presentation talks about the different techniques used by hackers to take control of accounts or to put online services down.Different areas relating to cyber security are defined in this document.By going through these slides,people without any IT Security knowledge will be able to understand the major and most used techniques and partly secure themselves online.Talking to rootcodefire,he told us that after seeing so many threats around,he and his team decided to take such a step,that is sharing their knowledge for the welfare of people who use the internet or the computer,so that they can be safer by knowing the danger which exists.
Subject covered in the document goes as follows: Cyber Crime, Hacking, Denial of Service, Virus, Phishing, RAT, Scams, Software Privacy, Spoofing and Security Tips.
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