Amateur Filmmakers From Hong Kong Realeases First Edward Snowden Movie

Two days after Snowden was identified as the person who leaked credentials document of the NSA,Edwin Lee, a freelance filmmaker contacted some of his friends for a shooting of a short film. The movie released is a 5 minutes film and was shot in four days. Edwin said that the script was written a day before the shooting and the actors did not have time for rehearsal.
Published on YouTube, the publisher added why this movie was made and also added the name of all the crew who participated in the making of this short movie.
YouTube Trailer
"This is a short film based on the events of Edward Joseph Snowden/斯諾登, a former CIA and NSA employee who leaked a top secret mass surveillance programme from the US and UK.
We have never met or been in contact with Edward Joseph Snowden.
We are a band of independent and amateur filmmakers in Hong Kong who were both excited and puzzled as to why Snowden chose to come to Hong Kong. "...


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