Trojan Now Travels Via Mobile Botnets

Researcher from Kaspersky Lab has identify a new trojan which is being distributed via Android mobiles.Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a was first reported in late May this year and has been identified as the most sophisticated mobile trojan.After examining the trojan,researchers discovered that the malware owners have developed a totally new technique.The trojan spreads itself through sms or hacked apps websites.Kaspersky also identified more that a million installer of Opfake.a,another trojan with which,the makers of obad.a have teamed up with.Once opfake.a is installed,it uses GCM to send out a message of an update and install obad.a trojan using the name of mms.apk or mmska.apk.The malware gains Administrative privileges in the device and hides itself from file searches.It afterwards contact C&C server and start spamming itself.More can be read from the original article on Securelist, [Click Here!]


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