Hackers Hit English Defence League, Site Offline

The official website of the extremist group known as the English Defence League (EDL) has been taken offline as a result of a massive denial-of-service (DOS) attack launched by hackers.

 In February 2011, TriCk, the leader of TeaMp0isoN defaced the British far-right organization’s website (englishdefenceleague.org) accusing its members of being extremists. Now, a year later, a group of unknown hackers targeted the site once again.

“As many of you will be aware our .org site is down. This is because of a massive DOS attack by hackers. The hosting company took down not only our site but many others as the attack was affecting many of their hosted sites,” reads a statement of EDL representatives.

“We are trying to get it up and running but at the moment its not possible due to the hosting company actions. We may well have to move our hosting service if the Hosting Server company request as it has really affected their business.”

While the organization’s supporters don’t seem to be discouraged by the incident, its leaders urge them to continue making donations.

“To maintain our website it takes finance, no getting away from that fact so we appeal for donations to enable us to maintain our presence. You can make payments via PayPal to us. To the hackers and their childish actions, it just proves our presence is righteous, needed and correct if we are needling you too,” the statement concludes.

The EDL is a highly controversial movement, its protests against the spread of Islamism in the UK being criticized numerous times by hacktivists. Back in December 2010, the group’s site was breached and the details of the members who made donations or purchased products from their online store were stolen.


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