Nigeria Govt Website Hacked By Mauritian Hackers as Payback

Some weeks back we published an article about how customers of The Mauritius Commercial Bank were trapped by Nigerian Hackers through phishing.They succeeded in stealing money from the customers bank account(link to article provided below). It seems that some Mauritian Hackers didn't like this at all and
decided to reply back to Nigerians by defacing one of their Government website..

Message Posted On The Website:

Lame Security Admin ,make it harder Next Time
Owned by MauritiaN Hackers
A message to All Nigerians
This is a payback for the Mauritian population
Some days back , some n00b nigeria attacked Customers of Mauritius Commercial Bank and t00k away thousands of rupees
We won't stay silent and the result in infront of You
We will NEVER Fear , ALWAYS Persevere, Expect US

Nigeria Government Website:
Defaced Page Of The Govt Website:
Link to Article:


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