The Mauritius Commercial Bank's Customers Victim Of Phishing

The Mauritius Commercial Bank,one among the most prestigious bank in Mauritius, clients have been victim of phishing..Up to now,a total number of 5 cases has been reported to the police.
What we've read from some newspapers,there has been around Rs 1 million which has been stolen from the clients accounts..
How it all started? Well, the clients received a mail stating that their accounts has been blocked and that they needed to follow a link provided in the mail in order to unblock their account..The link redirected the users to a webpage,according to us,which look alike as the official bank webpage to log in or where a 'fill in the blank' form about their username and password was seen..They entered all the necessary information..and..BINGO!(for the hacker) The hacker received their username,passwords,etc..The hacker logged in the accounts,as the legitimate user,transferred the money and logged out..
The Cybercrime Crime Unit and the IT Unit of the Mauritius Police Force are investigating into the matter and by now,with the help of the Interpol, they were able to identify that this was a work of a Nigerian.. The Nigerian has set up a scam to obtain the cooperation of at least six Mauritians so that their accounts are used to recover the embezzled money. From their,the money was then sent to an African country via MoneyGram.
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