Scotland Yard Arrest Anonymous BPAS Hacker

In the morning of March 9, Metropolitan Police officials apprehended a 27-year-old man, allegedly part of the Anonymous community, suspected of being responsible for the data breach that targeted the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) a day before.

 Graham Cluley brings to our attention that the official site of the BPAS, an organization that offers advice regarding abortion, pregnancy and other similar topics, was defaced for some time yesterday, being altered to display the Anonymous logo and an anti-abortion message.

While an official Met Police press release stated that no medical or personal information was obtained by the hackers, a Twitter account called @PabloEscobarSec revealed that the entire database was obtained.

“British Pregnancy Advisory Service was attacked because they kill unborn children that have no rights. It's murder,” PabloEscobar wrote. “We have their entire database and customers contact details.”

It’s uncertain if the man behind the Twitter account is the person apprehended this morning by authorities, but at press time, the last activity recorded on the social network site was 17 hours ago.

Other tweets posted by the hacker hint that he may be part of the old LulzSec gang which announced its intentions of disbanding in the summer of 2011.

In the meantime, the Police Central e-Crime Unit (PeCU) is working on mitigating the effects of this incident.

“We have taken rapid action to identify and arrest a suspect involved in hacking. This was done to prevent personal details of people who had requested information from the BPAS website being made public,” Detective Inspector Mark Raymond of the PeCU said.

“It should be stressed that the stolen data did not contain the medical details of women who had received treatment or why individuals had contacted the British Pregnancy Advisory Service.”
Source: Sofpedia


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