Mauritius Job Portal Website Hacked

With a global ranking of 145000 worldwide and 37 in Mauritius, is among the most visited website in Mauritius. This website is visited by school and university leavers who seek a job. They hence usually create their profile whereby personal details such as qualifications, emails ,personal phone numbers and full name are required. This is then viewed by recruiters,who are big companies, registered on the sites and looking for employees. What if this so important website gets hacked?

Well,yes guys, has been hacked!!! According to what we can see on the defaced page(link provided below),we can clearly read that the hacker team was from 2007-2011..This means that the website has been penetrated last year,or maybe well before..We are in 2012 and until now,
nothing as such has been done to remove that defaced page.Many questions arise concerning this issue.
Is there any security measure or step taken by the website administrator to regulate,maintain and safeguard personal information so that it does not end up in the hands of undesired persons?We would say,the answer is just in front of you.
The reason behind this act by the hackers?
All security experts and even hackers will agree with us, data,that is,information, is among the most important 'thing' that hackers look for..Information provided by registered users,including the companies, has some value..Persons without any knowledge about hacking and security will not even bother about the fact
that this website has been hacked..But people who care about their privacy will somehow think much about this..and even companies..
Have these information been downloaded?
What's the use of penetrating into a website without making a copy of the database?

Defaced Urls:


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